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# 1 Duty Officer question
08-11-2012, 03:00 AM
Can you trade DO's with other players or between alts?

EDIT:What are assignment points?

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08-11-2012, 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by mobulis View Post
Can you trade DO's with other players or between alts?

EDIT:What are assignment points?
Yes, unless they are bound you can - go to a mail terminal and open it up, at the bottom of the mail you will have 5 slots - open up your duty officer tab and slide them over to the slots in the mail and send them to yourself so you alt can get them - by going to a mail terminal

Assignment points - excluding sickbay you can only have 20 assignments on the go at any 1 time.
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08-14-2012, 03:10 AM
And here's a tip for managing DOFFs you donate to fleet projects...

I've been using email as a staging area for the various varieties of common (white quality) DOFFs, naming an email message DOFF - Tac ; DOFF - Sec ; DOFF - Med ; etc and dragging / dropping all of the common doff's from my alts onto email messages for fast future reference when they're needed for some large fleet project.

As you go further into the fleet project wasteland, you'll start seeing projects for SPECIFIC kinds of DOFFs (still common / white quality) that you may regret using -- ie: NEVER use an "astrometric" sci officer to fulfill a generic sci officer requirement because you'll need 20x of those suckers for the Transwarp tier 1 project ;; and never use a Doctor to fulfill a generic "Medical" officer requirement, because some of the tier 1 Science provisioning requires 30x of the doctors to complete.

So, use email, alt, drag/drop and creative naming to sort through your common DOFFs for upcoming fleet project.

Oh, and a pro-tip -- if you have an extra character slot (or buy a couple from C-Store) you can easily grind an alt up to Lt7 to get DOFF system and they get "free" compliment of 18 white quality DOFFs (these are bound but can still be used for projects if you invite your alt to your fleet). At that time, head to Star Fleet Academy and take the 8 missions to recruit new common DOFFs on a 1-2 day rotation - vulcan, tellarite, andorian, general (5 pack) plus the tac, sci, eng and civ (latter 4 are 2-packs). If you critical on the three racials or any of the department 2 packs, you will get THREE DOFFs.

After the initial compliment of bound (lock icon) 20 DOFFs ; all of the recruited DOFFs are sellable, tradeable or mailable. A couple of ALTs designed specifically for recruit missions can provide a lot of fodder for your fleet projects.

Edit: oh and at level 9, this DOFF factory character gets access to the "Officer Reports" daily mission -- 1440 dilithium ever 20 hours for doing three foundry missions. Search around and you'll find some very easy to complete missions that can be done in under 5 minutes (I suggest dropping down the arrow on foundry window and searching for "easy peasy" which brings up 3 x missions from Draxxari (sp?) -- take all three, go to the tailor on ESD, mission complete).

Combine "Officer Reports" (1440 dilith) and the SFA trivia daily (480 dilith) and this DOFF officer mule you created can pump almost 2000 dil. into a fleet project a day, and a nice handful of DOFFs for projects.

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