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Can you make Space maps With only and only allowing Small craft? Much like the Vault Event.

Also are carriers Spawnable?
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08-11-2012, 05:34 AM
I don't think you can gate space maps, you can "strongly suggest" in your mission info that small craft be used however.

Carriers I'm not sure about, the Vo'Quv is a drednaught, and to my knowledge can't spawn vs a single opponent. It appears when space mobs scale up for teamed players. The Orions may have carriers that aren't dreadnaughts however, and if the Kar'Fi is a battleship as opposed to a Dreadnaught, that'd also work. The problem is, you're locked into using those races, or you'd have the fighters mis-matched with their mother ship since you can't control their appearance, they're spawned by the mothership as an ability rather than an NPC that you place.

One thing you could do is put pre-deployed fighter mobs in and dress something else up as a carrier, but that could get quite difficult for a small craft to handle in most cases. It'd allow you absolute freedom in what you picked for your mothership and fighters though.

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