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# 1 Best ground setup
08-11-2012, 02:01 PM
Right im getting fed up of dying so easy when i do ground missions so after a decent setup so i wont die within 3-5 shots

my character is a alien male

Shield - crystalline Personal Shield

Body - [Physical Augmentation Armor Mk X [Pla] [HP] [Phys]

Kit - [Tactical Kit - Grenade Satchel Mk X]

Weapons - [Sonic Antiproton Blast Assault Mk XII [CritD] [DoT3] [Sonic] - [Sonic Antiproton Split Beam Rifle Mk XII [CritD] [KB3] [Sonic]
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# 2
08-11-2012, 02:18 PM
Well you don't say what faction or level, but as you list a Mark XII weapon then you must be a vice admiral, so - Get a new shield and armour - the MACO or OMEGA mark XI to begin with but work towards the mark XII. The Jem'Hadar set is also pretty decent and easy enough to get. But at vice admiral you need to be using blue or purple mark XI items (while working at getting the MACO or OMEGA set) and make sure you carry plenty of hypo's and sheild batteries in your device slots. A remodulator and a stack of the immunosupressents that stop borg nanites as well if you are doing ground STF.

Also I was taught Pulsewave assault and Sniper riffles for ground STF and make sure they are different energy types IE the MACO assault and a antipolaron sniper or whatever - just ensure that they are different to each other.

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# 3
08-11-2012, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by jaffa666 View Post
Right im getting fed up of dying so easy when i do ground missions so after a decent setup so i wont die within 3-5 shots

my character is a alien male

Shield - crystalline Personal Shield (Personal Mobility Shield or any shield with [Cap] in it)

Body - [Physical Augmentation Armor Mk X [Pla] [HP] [Phys] (Energy Dampening Armor for the vast majority of missions. Polyalloy when facing strong melee enemies (Swordmasters, for example))

Kit - [Tactical Kit - Grenade Satchel Mk X] (Fire Team or Squad Leader)

Weapons - [Sonic Antiproton Blast Assault Mk XII [CritD] [DoT3] [Sonic] - [Sonic Antiproton Split Beam Rifle Mk XII [CritD] [KB3] [Sonic] (Ditch the Blast Assault and replace with Pulsewave Assault with [KB3] on it. Maybe swap the Split Beam for a Sniper or Assault Minigun without [Sonic] as that only applies to Tholians)
Suggested changes are above. Note that you'll probably have to adjust depending on enemy (phase-shifted shields vs Undine, for example).

The fleet ground missions aren't typical of normal PvE ground combat (they're significantly harder). Dying in them once and a while isn't a big deal.

For normal missions, make sure you have a dedicated healer sci Boff and an engi Boff with Shield Recharge. When your shields drop is when you're in trouble. Carry shield charges.

Hope that helps.
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# 4
08-11-2012, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by jaffa666 View Post
Right im getting fed up of dying so easy when i do ground missions so after a decent setup so i wont die within 3-5 shots
That is your shield and armor.

my character is a alien male

Shield - crystalline Personal Shield
Find a shield with Cap bonus's. You can find one in the Romulan story Mission, Minefield with a Capx2.

Body - [Physic
al Augmentation Armor Mk X [Pla] [HP] [Phys]
Energy Damening is the "best" general purpose armor. Get a set that has a Phys bonus to get a little more Physical damage resistence if you want, but Physical damage dealing opponents are not too common and is generally weak, with the exception of Klingon Swordmasters.

Kit - [Tactical Kit - Grenade Satchel Mk X]
The grenade kit isn't really good due to all the shared cooldowns. If you do want to use grenades try the Squad Leader Kit for a couple of Damage Resitance buffs 9for that survivability problem)and 2 Grenade options. Just remember that grenades are best used against unshilded enemies.
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# 5
08-11-2012, 11:05 PM
Hey yeah sorry my guy is a federation

yeah thats great help just sick of dieing so easily when my mates dont i know they got maco i think so that will help i just never paid attention but want to get it sorted cheers

i never thought of that having a dedicated healer i always end up calling anybody to help

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# 6
08-12-2012, 03:31 AM
trust me dude, poly alloy weave armor is the best protection out there and pulsewave rifle does the best DPS, as for shields, maco or omega MK XI or XII
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08-12-2012, 06:36 AM
Most of these responses/ideas will pertain directly to survival, as this seems to be your greatest concern.

1. Get a set. If you're looking for endurance, the MACO ground set is great. Even if you have to swap to an environmental suit for Nukura, the remaining two pieces will give you a shield recharge that's awesome. The anti-Borg sets are also all-around great sets - my MACO phaser rifle is my main weapon.

2. If you don't use a set, for armor, always use energy dampening (preferably with a physical damage resistance mod) or polyalloy weave (preferably with an energy damage resist mod), Mk XI or XII. Always with the [HP] modifier.

3. For kit - I believe it was already said, but Fire Team and Squad Leader. I would also suggest you consider Operative. Grenade Satchel is largely a one-trick pony with several permutations of the same trick.

4. Always carry large hypos and shields. I personally make sure that the character's device slots are full to the brim with one of each, and then I keep a stack of each in the inventory (the game will draw off the inventory stack first), which means that you ought to have 40 of each when entering any ground mission. Rapid application of shield charges, hypos and the shield recharge from the MACO set can keep you going for a long time, especially when used with Tactical Initiative.

5. You did not include your character's traits. While I would not suggest that you necessarily start over, in the future, I would suggest you consider Peak Health. Of all of the various types of resistance bonuses, it is, at least according to my rough calculations, probably the most reliable damage resistance trait at least at level 50. In fact, I daresay that coupled with a high Willpower stat it out-Mental Disciplines Mental Discipline. Soldier is also an excellent, all-around attack boost for your energy weapons.

6. Pets and Security Escort. Never underestimate their combined ability to both add DPS and draw fire. They're not a miracle in a can, but they definitely help out. IMO they're far more effective on the ground than their counterparts in space are.

7. Make sure you have at least a 6 in PS Generator and a 3 in Combat Armor for your ground stats.

8. What kinds of weapons do you favor? Unless you really know what you're doing, it's not a good idea to tangle head-to-head with melee as a matter of course, although with the right kit a Tac is definitely the only really good melee combatant possible in the game.
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# 8
08-12-2012, 04:00 PM
I can't offer much help for your captain, beyond what the previous posters have suggested, but you can improve your survivability a lot by skilling and equipping your ground Bridge Officers properly.

First off, you need to realize that the Bridge Officer AI is obnoxiously stupid. They can only react to certain triggers - it attacks when it is attacked, it heals when you drop below a certain % of health. They have no concept of tactics and are only meager help even when they aren't getting stuck on a random boulder or dirt pile because they don't know how to jump.

They cannot buff properly and will spam all buffs you give them the moment they enter combat. This means they can't chain buffs together so don't even bother. Abilities intended to be used before combat like Nanite Health Monitor they won't use until you are already half dead, and at that point Medical Tricorder or Vascular Regenerator would work better since they also give a damage resistance buff.

Because of this behavior, it is best to give them "one-shot" skills only. Photon Grenade, Medical Tricorder, and Shield Recharge are all examples of skills they use effectively, because they will only use skills in response to an event, and will not use skills pre-emptively as a player would.

When choosing weapons also realize that no matter what weapon you give your Bridge Officers, they will only fire one shot approximately every two seconds. This appears to be standard AI behavior for any ground NPC. Giving them a stun pistol that has a re-fire rate of 0.35 seconds reduces their effective DPS because it hits for less damage per shot. Giving your Bridge Officers a Blast Assault weapon that has a re-fire rate of 1.25 seconds increases their effective DPS because it hits for more damage per shot. I would recommend giving either a Sniper Rifle or Blast Assault to each of your Bridge Officers. It helps if they have the [KB3] modifier on them, since a knockdown will disable the target for a couple seconds.

You can effectively equip your Bridge Officers just doing episode re-plays. The following episodes have gear I would recommend for your officers:

Romulan Front - Preemptive Strike - Personal Covariant Shield (more shield hitpoints)

Cardassian Front - War Games - Energy Dampening Armor [HP] [whatever] (more hitpoints and better damage resistance)

Cardassian Front - The Tribble with Kingons - Plasma Blast Assault [CrtH] [KB3] (damage and knockback)

I have found that this works for me. It has been a lot of trial and error to figure out how to get a working Bridge Officer ground team. I hope this helps you out!
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One other thing.

If you have device slots to spare, consider a tribble. Seriously. A lot of their perks can help, at least if you have the more advanced ones, and the most basic ones can rapid-heal you once the fight's over. Don't count on rapid-switching between them though - I think there's an automatic 8 minute cooldown when you equip one. Nevertheless, a solid tribble can do you a world of good.
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08-24-2013, 09:04 AM
Personally, I use;

Polyalloy Weave Armor Mk XI [PhaDis] [PolAp] (Rare)

Personal Shield Mk XI [Cap]x2 [Rev] (Very Rare)

Phaser Split Beam Rifle Mk XI [Dmg]x2 [KB3] (Very Rare)

Phaser Wide Beam Pistol Mk XI [CrtH] [Dmg] [DoT3] (Very Rare)


Frequency Remodulator, Tribble (sus) and 20 Lrg Hypo's

As long as I do my part and don't stand still waiting to be shot, I rarely die. Full setup details in sig link.
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