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Do you have a weapon and/or console setup that clicks for you? As a race striving to better ourselves, we would like to hear about it! Can't seem to set your ship up just right? Can't last hardly five seconds against the Borg? Don't feel as if you can contribute more of an effort to your team because you keep dying too quickly? Wish to make your escort ship more durable or your cruiser more nimble? Do you wish you were able to last longer against a Borg cube without being blown to bits by a single plasma topedo? Do you wish your were able to take health off of a borg ship in thick decisive chunks rather than chiseling it off little by little? Do you wish your ground character could last longer in a gunfight than just a few seconds? Do you wish your ground character could hit harder or move quicker? This is the place where great minds can come together and formulate the best combinations of weapons, equipment, and skills for both ground and space battles.

So let?s put our intelligent minds together! Share with us the weapon setup that works for you, tell us what type of weapons you think works best, and tell us what setbacks plague you. If there?s a will, there?s a way. And we would like to improve our ships and characters as well as helping you improve yours! After all, the chain of teamwork is only as strong as it's weakest link!

So let the brainstorming begin!!!
Join Date: Jul 2012
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Is this set up good for my Nx class escort ship?

Dual Antiproton Beam Bank (acc) (CritH) (Borg)
Rapid Reload Transphaic torpedo launcher Mk XI

Antiproton Beam Array Mk X (Acc) (CritH) (Borg)

Engineering: Parametallic hull plating Mk X
Science: Shield emmitter amplifier Mk IX
Tactical: Universal Grappler, Antiproton mag regulator Mk XI
Shields: MACO resilient Shield array Mk XII
Engines: OMEGA Force Hyper Impulse Mk X
Deflector: OMEGA force tacyon deflector Mk XII

Now, I DO have the complete borg assimilated gear, which includes the universal console, the deflector, engines, and shields. However, I didn't find it that practical on an escort ship since there isn't that many spaces on it for the parts and that I only get an assimilated tractor beam in addition to my grappler. So I just keep it in storage until I need it on my mirror class assault cruiser, or for those sticky situations where I might one day need it. By the way, what other things can the full borg gear do for my ship other than give me a tractor beam?

Now, before you ask me why am I fly an escort ship, I would just like to say that even though assault cruisers are stronger and more powerful, they are clumsy and turn like a beached whale. You just can't fight with style in those clunkers like that. All you can do is just fly in circles, shoot from the side and hope you don't get broadsided by a torpedo. I like escorts becasue I can out-manuver most ships and fly circles around borg cubes. And I like the Nx class best becasue I love the ST:E TV series. In the PVP games, escorts can get out of almost ANY sticky situation, but I want to be able to last longer in a staring competition against an assault cruiser or oddesy cruiser. Have any ideas?
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08-12-2012, 09:49 PM
My profession: Science
My Allegance: KDF
My Ship: Vo'Quv Carrier
Equiptment: Borg Console (in sci slot), rest of sci slots loaded with shield regen console, all engineering consoles are neutroniums, tac consoles are disruptor boosters. Aegis deflector, KHG engines and shield.
Weapons: All disruptor cannons in the front, all disruptor turrets in the back.
Hangars:Advanced Slavers
The weapon loadout is designed to maximize DPS without beeing hindered by the whale's meandering turn rate, and the equiptment is for optimised surviveability. the aegis deflector gives a sizeable shield boost all around, KHG engines give a good power level boost, and the KHG shield gives acess to a nice crew death/disable defence bonus. The boff layout can be provided if requested, but is designed for CC and Tanking.
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