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08-11-2012, 06:56 PM

Looking at this recruitment page you just made one of the best decisions of your life. Your Star Trek life anyway.

What are you looking for in STO? A fleet that knows what it's doing and is actually able to kick ass, who isn't. What we can offer is a fleet that enjoys the forcing of tasks, 404 times. No task is too big, no fee is too big. Their is no task that we wont force.

STF's We roll in plans and tactics for the TASK at hand. We use FORCE to get the job done and we do it well. Elite? pfft we are the elite.

Fleet Actions We do em, we have a pretty little station we have named Jonathon and it is just improving as each day passes. Do you want a fleet ship? So do we so lets hold hands and work together to get it done.

Teamwork Oh were all about the team work, get something right we'll all celebrate together head back to DS9 and share some drinks and talk about what manly men (or women) we are. Fail and find the fleet turning against you in a second to unleash an unforgiving torrent of fiery abuse! Is the latter part of that true, finding out is half the fun.

I know what you're thinking this all sounds good but there are other fleets that offer this, what's the pull to join your fleet apart from the catchy motto and your sexy name. Well, this fleets the only one with the judgement. Yeah you heard me. So if you're looking to fly along side some of the toughest most battle hardened pilots and ships the federation got drunk enough to hire? Then feel free to reply and we'll find you.

All my ships are run on bravado

Vice Admiral Judan The Trillian ladies man

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