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08-13-2012, 06:36 AM
Yeah, it seems as the players you were fighting against were not using the survivability buffs. Also the escorts had hard time staying on you back. I also think some of them were not using backpedaling to increase manipulability and stay close to your back.

I was flying free Oddie for a long time and found it was a great healer/tank ship, but a DPSer? No, never. Sovereign was much better and supposedly the Galaxy-X and Lakota (refit/retrofit whatever Excelsior) are even better. If I had my old tac character with his Fleet Escort (however it is called now) could blow you up
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08-13-2012, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by trev06 View Post
I fly an Oddy as well. Think they are awesome ships. As healers/tanks they are awesome. That said, dps will never be our strong suit. Also, since its been mentioned, Ive gone one on one with a fleetmate in a properly specced armitage, pets and all.
The Odyssey is not bad at DPS, especially in PvP; anyone who's had the pleasure of going up against the Pandas (or even those silly TSI folks) in PvP know that the Odyssey can dish out extremely respectable damage and fantastic healing; it all depends on how you build it.

I'd actually call the OP's ship layout a bit sub-par when designing for DPS since it was running dual beam banks on a ship with poor turn rate; even separated, you'll have much better time on-target with eight beam arrays. Before anyone starts pointing out what that does to your weapon power levels, take a look at this build: Link. The two copies of Emergency to Weapons keep my weapons power at 125, and I still have plenty left over for shields and aux-based heals. That build allows me to dish out very decent damage in PvP, while keeping my teammates alive. If you want something with a little more solo-tanking ability, put a copy of Tac Team on there; I don't bother with it, instead relying on Extend Shields or asking the escort nicely to give me one.

Having those 8 beams at 125 weapons power gives me a wide broadside where I can bring a lot of firepower to bear, instead of the narrow arc you get from dual beam banks and torpedoes. The OP also has a few too many universal consoles on his ship I think; I only ever bother with the saucer separation, leaving more room for a neutronium console which would help with that tanking, extra field generators and emitter arrays / SIF generators to boost healing strength.
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This is funny, I've been experimenting around with different cruisers on my tac to find a good dps cruiser and finally settled on the free oddy, and let me explain why. Please note this is for PVE, I don't know how well this works in PVP but it has worked in PVE so far.

The Free Oddy has LT Tac, CMD Eng, LT Sci, ENS Sci, and LTC Universal. Moving this universal to Tac gives it access to certain abilities that are much more powerful that only the Excelsior can use (It also only has 3 total tac boff skills, Oddy comes in at 5). In this case, HY3 (8-40k damage per torpedo x4). Using the LT and LTC Tacs, I have TT1x2, BO2x2, and HY3. What this does is serve to have TT1 up at almost all times, gives a good shield damager using BO2 every 15 seconds, and HY3 goes in for the kill.

Slotting 3 beam arrays fore and aft and quantums fore and aft, allows me to do this from the front or behind, so turn rate isn't that big of a deal. This also gives a 6 beam broad side. The free oddy goes up to 117 weapon power (Ship has no extra weapon power bonus), so having an EPTW1 helps when you're about to fire a BO.

This is all in addition to RSP1, EPTS3, and Aux2S3, TSS2, and HE1. I also use Brace for Impact for shield healing as well, similar to RSP1, but not quite as effective but still can give a good shield heal.

Provided your weapons and items are good (All weapons and items are MK XII stf, maco xii shield, etc) you can dish out good burst dps, take down an enemy and still be able to hold your own with a semi-zombie cruiser until your team mates arrive to assist. Using 3 piece borg/maco shield provides both hull and shield heal procs when being constantly bombarded in things like fleet events.

Again, this works in PVE, both elite stfs and fleet events. Not sure about pvp since I haven't tested it there yet.

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I stopped watching the video when I saw three dual beam bank and two hargh'peng torpedo

Odyssey is a good ship... If you know how to play with one see my dedication plaque
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Ody is absolutely fine. At high level play it's probably one of the most commonly seen ships in the game (the higher you go, the more escorts and squishies drop off and cruisers that can take a beating, deal out consistent pressure damage and spike heal rule the roost).

It's just a bit of a tool trap, and it kind of bothers me because the Ody is (outside of specialized tasks like a DPS Lulzscelsior) by far the best of the cruisers. You really have to be trying to fail in one.
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08-13-2012, 08:09 AM
I was not impressed with it, doesn't mean i'm bad mouthing it, just doesn't mean i'm going to praise it as a god.
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08-13-2012, 08:14 AM
Didn't look at the video (yet), but the Odyssey's only real fault for me is the turn rate (which frankly DOES suck), inertia (see turn rate, although some people seem to like using it for power slides, so it has an upside), and the number of console slots you need to sacrifice to get the full set bonuses. However, it is an EXTREMELY versatile and tough cruiser, and capable of a lot of DPS. There is a reason that there are a lot of people with them, even now amidst the hot new Fed carriers, and a reason that one was offered for each career. Although I am not the Ody's biggest fan - I picked it up for the saucer sep, and use it regularly for lack of a Sovereign refit - it has grown on me a good deal in the past several months since I purchased it.

I suspect that most of those badmouthing it, aside from wanting an Ultimate Ship, dislike cruisers in general, because the Ody, at least without saucer sep enabled, is very cruiser-y - a big, bloated floating pile of self-repair, team-repair, and pain. An escort it is not, but it's dang good at a lot of roles and has a lot of room to tweak to taste and playstyle.

That said, the Star Cruiser Ody, while definitely a respectable ship, is set up so that it's a bit difficult to love if you're trying to put it into a role other than a Star Cruiser + 1. It's unfortunate, but it IS free, and it still retains some of the Ody's fundamental goodies. There's a reason there are still a lot of THOSE around, too.
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08-13-2012, 09:16 AM
The only thing I didn't like about flying an Odyssey was being surrounded by identical ships everywhere. It could use some more customization options.
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Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
The only thing I didn't like about flying an Odyssey was being surrounded by identical ships everywhere. It could use some more customization options.
I agree with this one hundred percent. All little variey in Oddys would be so nice.
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08-13-2012, 11:40 AM
I think the Odyssey is a pretty ship, and I'm sure it works well for other people. I've seen the tactical, science, and operations ones perform really well in fleet events and the like.

But the only character I have an Odyssey on has the free one, and I didn't put many points into her driver coil ability. The thing turns like a brick. Soaks up damage like nobody's business and is perfectly capable of dishing it out... but the turn rate killed it for me.

I kind of wish it had been an account unlock so I could test it with my tactical character (who I maxed out on driver coil to make her escort even zippier). I can't imagine how long it'll take me to earn enough dilithium to test it... and I don't want to spend that much and find out it doesn't "work" for her either.
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