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# 1 Gold Membership Question
08-13-2012, 03:12 PM
I have been playing STO for almost 2 months now. I am thinking about going gold. I understand if you already have a character that is a VA that you won't get any respec tokens. Which I guess I can live with. I made a few mistakes on my character I would eventually like to respec somewhere down the road. I also understand you get a new character spot and an extra bridge officer. My question is "Will my already formed character get the extra bridge officer?"

I did the F2P route to kind of try before i buy. I absolutely enjoy the heck out of this game and have played it everyday. That is why I want to go gold, but I don't want to feel punished because I started out F2P (not getting respec tokens on an existing character). They kind of leave out the fact of not getting the respec tokens if you already have a VA character (glad I did some checking). I am just wondering if the bridge officer falls into the same deal.
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08-14-2012, 05:39 AM
Just to clear something up, you don't get an extra bridge officer, you get an extra bridge officer slot. In any case, I do believe you get it but I'm not 100% sure since I've never been silver then went gold.

As for respec, I'm pretty sure you can pay for it with in-game currency. If not, you can just trade dilithium for z-points then purchase a respec from the z-store.
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08-14-2012, 06:06 AM
You will be getting extra inventory slots, BO Slots, EC Cap raised, as well as start the countdown for veteran rewards... And I think (but dont hold me to it) more char slots, as well as shared account bank.

You wont be getting alot more, but you wont get punished either.
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08-14-2012, 06:13 AM
If the only thing you want from the sub is the bridge officer and character slots, you might want to consider just buying them from the C-store. It's cheaper in the end.

Also, you should know that if you stop subbing for any reason, you will lose the character slot. you don't lose the character, but you lose the slot.
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