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After saving ec for months I finally brought a galor. But after using escorts only before with dc or dhc I'm really struggling with a beam build. Either trying to get the best out of spirals or changing to a mx11 weapon type . I making do pve and elite stf. By help would be appreciated .
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08-14-2012, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by kittichailuk View Post
After saving ec for months I finally brought a galor. But after using escorts only before with dc or dhc I'm really struggling with a beam build. Either trying to get the best out of spirals or changing to a mx11 weapon type . I making do pve and elite stf. By help would be appreciated .
So, hey there. I have built a pretty effective Galor Beam Attack Ship. I also keep a cannon load out ready for it because I kind of really enjoy the classic cannon heavy escort build.
So, I was very impressed with the spiral wave beams when I got them. Excepting the bonus vs. Borg procs the STF store weaponry has, I saw the Spiral Waves as just as good as any beam array weapons I could get there (the StF store), so i decided to keep them, and build around that.

You could go to the D Store and get more. (Not what I did)

I put a high quality disruptor dual beam bank , Mk XI and Very Rare with Acc bonus(es), plus a Mk XI rare (acc*2) Photon Torp on the front along with two spiral waves.

On the back i got creative (ish) , 2 Spiral waves , an identical photon torp to the front, and a Shield Buster of a very rare Mk XII tricobalt Mine dropper.

I keep all weapons on auto fire except that mine dropper and I leave that in strategic shield buster locations as I zip around combat.

I grabbed the highest quality disruptor induction coils (tac Console) as I could find and put 3 of them in the tac slots,

3 Mk XI Field generators in the Sci Slots.

And I use the Eng Slots for my Borg Module and a variety of armors I can switch dependent on the circumstance. But usually always Monotanium Alloy for the kinetic resistance.


Lcdr Tac TT1 , Torp Spread 2, AP Omega 1
Cdr End EPTS 1, EngTeam 2, RSP 2, Boarding Party 3
Ltnt Eng ET1, EPTS 2
Ens SCI (use whatever you like) I keep Haz Emitters 1 slotted here most times
Universal LTNT I slot a Tac in here. TT 1, FAW 2 or beam Overload 2

I could see replacing APO 1 with a beam skill at 3.

I keep weapons batts , my field modulator and a bunch of dueterium surplus in my device slots. The Dueterium and Evasive manuvers makes the ship handle close to what i am used to from my old escorts. I can line the DBB up more often than not.

I am a Tac Captain with a focus on Energy Weapons.

Like I said I also keep a cannon load out ready using single cannons and torps , but like the beam set up better. Just what I do. And its very fun , with evasive manuvers and deuterium the Cardassian Fish Ship swims beautifully through space.

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Thanks for the info. It just happens i purchased some disruper dbb (borg) and already had 2 x mii rare photon torps. But never really used mines. but worth giving it a shot.

I really enjoy flying the galor and have been wanting it for ages . now im totally broke in ec but it was worth it.
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08-14-2012, 02:22 AM
I have one also. I use 2 built with it, one with spiral wave and disruptor built and the other built with polaron and 2 pces Jem'Hadar set. The galor is the best attack cruiser with is bof layout. Turn on a dime compare to any other cruiser and almost just as tough. I call mine U.S.S. Porcupine because I'm using FAW as much as I can to spread some beta goodness around

With spiral wave I put 2 disruptor DB up front and 2 disruptor beam out back with spiral wave at each corners with MK XII blue disruptor console. With polaron built, I have 5 MK XII beam (borg and normal purple) and 3 Dual beam up front (all normal purple with at [Acc]x2) everything backup by MK XII blue polaron console.

With 2 pces Jem'hadar I use Maco XII shield. With spiral wave I use 3 pces borg set with same shield.

Neutronium armor, diburnium and ablative armor all MK XI blue for eng
2 field gen and particle generator in science slot (I use eject warp plasma so more damage from it)

bor lt com tac: faw1, tt2, b2
uni tac tt1, b1
eng com epts, rsp1, aux to sif, ewp3 (crowd control)
lt eng, epts, rsp1
sci, He

I have attack pattern beta going basically constantly and FAW every 30 sec, or 15 with tac power that reduce tac bof cooldown and with name that escape me, so every teammate that stay close to my weapon range can take advantage of Beta debuf and augment they're DPS.

Great ship that I like almost as much as my defiant. Hope that help
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08-14-2012, 02:40 AM
Thanks for the info.. one thing im finding about the galor is sheild strength is pretty impressive. im using ageis shields and deflector, borg engines. with borg console. Tho still trying to get all the mkII maco items.. got the shield just other 2 left. Tho seems drops on engine and deflector seem to be small. get lots sheild drops tho lol.

I think also i will do a polaron build. got lots prototype salvage so i might make a set and give it a go with the jem hadar set.
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08-14-2012, 09:25 AM
This is my build.

2 Dual Poloron Banks MKXII [Borg]
1 Phased Polaron Array
1 Photon Torpedo MKXII [Borg]
4x Phased Polaron Arrays

3 Peice Jem'hadar Set

Consoles All MKXI Rare
Eng Consoles:

Field Generator
Borg Console
Subspace Jump

3x Polaron Phase Modulator

Uni (tac) Beam Overload I, Torp HYII
Tac: TT1, Beam Overload II, APOI
Eng: EPtSI, RSP1
Sci: HEI
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08-14-2012, 12:17 PM
Its not a beam build, but here is what I used for my galor with my tactical captain.

Fore Weapons: 3 phaser single cannons MK XII accx3 1 quantum Torp
Aft: 4 phaser Turrets MK XII acc x3

Uni (tac): Tac Team 1, CSV1, CRF 2
LCT Tac: Tac team 1, THY2, APO
CMDR Eng:Emergency to Weapons1, Emergency to shields 2, DEM, Aux to Sif 3
LT Eng:Emergency to weapons 1, Emergency to shields 2
ESG Sci: transfer shield strength

This set up was very effective for me. I tried a similar one with all polarons and the Jem hadar set, but the jemmie set did not perform nearly as well.
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Spiral waves are now the best beam arrays in the game, bar none. On any ship that isn't an escort, spiral waves are the way to go (if you own a Galor to strip them from).

The only weapons that outdamage them are purple [dmg]x3 weapons on the exchange or from advanced fleet provisioning and those have the awful distinction of zero to only one accuracy bonus and only one special proc. Spiral waves on the other hand are like elite fleet weapons. Two special procs and four bonuses. I won't be trading them up unless the elite weapons have a chance to instakill a target in one shot as their second special ability.

My Galor fit:

3 Spiral wave
Quantum torpedo mk XII purple

4 spiral wave


2 Neutronium mk XII blue
2 Monotanium mk XII blue

Borg console
Ferengi console that buffs torps, power transfer and flow capacitors
Either Subspace Jump or Antimatter spread (I switch between the two depending on the situation)

3 Disruptor induction coil Mk XII purple

Maco Mk XII

Omega Mk XII

Omega Mk XII

Deflector is for weapon accuracy bonus. Both Omegas are for Tetryon Glider.


Lt. Cmdr Tac:
TS 3

Lt: Uni (Sci)
PH 1

Ensign Sci:
HE 1

Cmdr Eng:
Aux2Damps 2
Aux2Battery3 (with 2 technicians, reduces all cooldowns by 20%)
Aceton Beam 3

Lt. Eng:
ET 2

The point of my build is to tank by resistance and speed, rather than by heals. My defense rating is 75% and I rarely ever die. With all my hull resist buffs active, I'm usually over 55% resists on all damage types. My ship is meant to grab and hold aggro in fleet actions and lead all the other ships on a merry chase while the escorts do their work. I'm also good at clearing the field of fighters and mines.

As an engineer in cruiser I recognize that high dps is impossible even if I used DBBS because of the lack of rear weapons firing forward. I could use turrets, but then I'd have to have BFAW and CRF together to get the full effect and it'd be an enormous waste of boff powers to do it and it'd only make me effective against one target.

With the spiral waves, high turn rate (along with aux to damps and evasive), I fly my ship like a spinning firewheel that is extremely hard to kill. Targets still die well, and I do enough damage to be competitive (usually 900-1200 per beam hit), but I have no illusions about trying to make my ship into a dps monster with a cruiser tank. That's what the D'kora is for.

I've even tried it in a pvp duel with a friend in a Recluse who really knew what he was doing and neither of us could kill the other. His fighters always dropped like flies and he had no ship dps to speak of, but his boff powers kept me from seriously hurting him either.
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interesting builds here, current build on my engineer, though i'd love to see my tac in one of these.

fore: 2x spiral wave 1x disruptor BA 1x quantum
aft: 2x spiral wave 1x disruptor BA 1x quantum

eng con: 3x neutronium alloy 1x RCS
sci con: 1x Subspace jump. 1x point defense, 1x borg console
tac con: 2x disruptor induction 1x zero point
MACO shields, deflector, jem'hader engines.

ltC tac: tt1, BO2, ts3
lt uni (tac): tt1, bfaw2
en sci: he1
lt eng: epte, epts2
com eng: epts1, rsp1, rsp2, aceton beam 3

good at grabbing multiple ag and surviving it. 20+deg turn rate and always at full throttle (bonus def) avg 4.5k total dps (tested dps parser) when i get enough dil for 2 more spiral waves they'll replace the disruptors.
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08-15-2012, 01:12 AM
Very interesting to see all these different builds.

Im currently trying hippiejons weapon and console build and its very effective.
Also im finding that the galor is a really tough ship. talkes a lot to lose shields and even then loose all ur hull. Since ive had the galor dont think ive been destroyed yet in elite stf.

Im liking the sprials. tho still need to tweak my boffs, as im so used to cannons and having quick recharge time.

As i believe FAW Beam overload, And target sub systems use same recharge. so i need to teak some of these.

Im currently using Ageis Shield ---- Ageis Deflector --- and borg engines,

I have Maco XII shield but still tring to get the other 2 parts. Drops seem to be poor on them..


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