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Hi All

I recently started playing and have run into rather a frustrating issue . I've already logged a ticket for this but no response has been forthcoming yet so wanted to see if anyone might have encountered a similar issue.

Basically, I was able to play for about 4 hours after installing the game, and then all of a sudden while at Earthdock, my character became completely incapable of interacting with anything.

I can move, and i can see other players moving and chatting, but after maybe 30 secs to a minute i am always rubberbanded back to the exact same spot. I can't interact with any npc's, doors, menu options, anything other than the exit game option doesnt work at all.

I've tried everything I can think of :

- Repatching the game files
- Disabling the on demand patching option
- Reinstalling the game completely (twice)
- Tracert and nettest both show good ping times
- Setting up manual portforwards on my router for all the STO ports
- Creating manual firewall exceptions for STO
- Creating a new character
- Creating a new account

With a new character on a new account I was able to play for maybe five minutes and then bang, same thing happened. I'm a bit stumped on what can be causing this.

My PC Specs are i7 3770 CPU, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX560Ti Video Card, Win7 64 bit, all drivers are checked and up to date. I am a UK player and my ISP is Virgin Media, 50Mbps Cable

I'm not sure its of relevance but another anomaly is that during the time it was working, loading times were always fast (~10 secs or so). When i load in to earthdock now with this problem, it takes around 5 minutes to even load in.

Anyone have any ideas ?


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Just a quick thought but is your bandwidth suddenly scaling back after 5 mins? Its almost as if you are hitting a cap and its being ramped down. I had a similar thing happen with load times when I suddenly lost bandwidth. I rebooted the router and all was well.

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08-14-2012, 04:35 AM
Thanks for the suggestion, though I fear thats not it.

Playing other online games, streaming from Netflix and such are all working at full speed, it's only on STO that I have the issue.
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08-14-2012, 10:24 AM
Problem solved

In case of anyone stumbling upon this thread with a similar issue, this is where I found the fix


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