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Aug 14 2012

I am having an issue after the latest patch.
Everything was working BEFORE the patch ST.20.20120729.12.

I have downloaded the the full install and patch 2x and am
getting the SAME Error

Corrupt pig file detected\nRead failed for file:

Its a fatal Error. I NEVER got this error BEFORE.

Cryptic did something to bork my ability to even get PAST
the black cryptic load screen ... It stalls before 50%
and times out after 3 minutes or so .... with the modal popup
window stating that a fatal error has occured and that
the Shadercache.Hogg is corrupt.

This file is downloaded and or created each time the
game starts to load and the video mode is changed.

I dont know what is causing the error ... its NOT the
Game Hogg images ... I have redownloaded ALL the
files 2x and am getting the SAME error.

Something was done to BORK the LOAD process for the latest
Patch ST.20.20120729.12 .... Now I NEVER get past the Load
screen and CANT ever play the game.

THIS is BS !!!

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