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Originally Posted by supergaminggeek View Post
Dump the Dual Heavies, replace with Dual Cannons, and use Transphasic torpedoes. They're stronger than you think. Go M.A.C.O.
god not even sollex or soph gives advice this bad! everyone should literally do the opposite of this
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Originally Posted by mavairo View Post

Acc mods, increase your chances to hit, by 10 percent for each ACC Mod on a given weapon. This means flat out, on average just one acc mod on a given weapon will deal 10 percent more damage total over the course of an entire match. This is a pretty ludicrously strong boost yes. It gets better, when your Accuracy supercedes your targets defense score (lets say you have a 70 accuracy and your target has a 30) this means you will get Bonus Critical Damage, when you crit.
Um ok lets take a closer look on that acc mod. 10% more accuracy doesnt mean 10% more chance to hit.
Lets take an example and say we have an enemy ship with 70% defense. Now with 9 points in targeting systems and the accurate space trait you have 25% base accuracy. There is a 95% hit chance when no mods are involved so that would leave you with 20% accuracy against his 70% defense.
70-20 = 50 so half of your attacks will miss
Now assume you got ]acc]x3
70-50 = 20 so he has a 20% chance to evade giving you a 80% chance to hit him.

So what does that mean: if you fire 100 shots on average you would hit 50 with white weapons and 80 with [acc]x3
Now actually that means you have 60% increase in hits and therefor a 60% increase in dmg.

And that is the holy secrect of accuracy. How much it helps you always depends on the defense of your target. Now if you shoot at someone with 90% defense, like an escort with evasive you would double your dmg with [acc]x3

If you cant immobilize your enemy the benefits of acc are quite scary.

Edit: Ok after reading a bit more about Acc it turns out its more complicated that i thought and my calculations therefor dont make that much sense. But i suppose the point is still how much dmg increase you get depends on your targets defense.

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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
I find it hard to believe that gear is as unimportant as you make it out to be. Even though I'm new to PvP I'd be willing to bet I'd score higher in a PvP match and could take you out in a 1v1 against one of your blue mkX toons. Hit me up on STO and we can test it out - Entarra Adu@DevolvedOne. Although, since you know my gear, you'd probably just get all Tetryon resist consoles and lol all day :x
It's true, skill/gameplay-knowledge comes before a lot of equipment. Today I just managed to level up a new toon to VA (created primarily to train Boffs in all sci-powers). He was in an patrol escort, with all white weapons and consoles, MKVI covariant shield [cap]x2, Impulse engine MkII. Still managed to trounce a BoP and tank the rest.

Gear is important certainly, but a skilled player with rubbish gear will win verses a new player with Maco/KHG/Borg combo and purple gear (especially if that gear is badly chosen). It's one of the biggest positives about PvP in this game.

When both players skill/experience levels come close, then equipment plays a major part.

Are [ACC]x3 weapons really worth twice as much or are people buying them when they become available at lower prices and reposting them at higher prices (or just holding on to them) in order to inflate their value?
While I wouldn't say they're the be all and end all of weapons, they are immensely useful in PvP, especially when fighting an escort. Without them an escort opponent with 2x APO could tank you just as well as a tanky cruiser could. Against a slow moving cruiser though, the ACC will add to your crit chance and damage.

Originally Posted by skurf View Post
So in that regard, I'd like to discuss why my choice of [DMG]x2 modifier is a bad one.
Along with what I said about ACC above, DMG mods give such a small boost in damage that it isn't a noticeable increase when actually fighting. The only time a dmg modifier is desirable is perhaps on weapons with a high firing rate (like turrets and single cannons), but they'll keep on missing against a highly manoeuvrable escort.

Personally I'd rate them as this for dual heavy cannons:-
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I'd swap around CrtD and CrtH, CrtD appears to work off of the base crit damage rather than the buffed total (not as useful as you'd think) and as a math kind of guy CrtH just seems like it'd intuitively do more for your overall damage anyway.
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08-18-2012, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Husanak and Mav, thank you for those posts. They are quite insightful and clear up a lot of confusion I had about both issues.

I've never really messed with power settings much. I pretty much set mine to attack and forgot about it. I'm guessing this is something I need to work on. One of the problems I seem to be having is not enough shield regen in certain situations. Tactical Team and Reverse Shield Polarity can only take me so far. I'm using that Eng. shield heal now as well, but it does not seem to heal much. If I switch to a heal power setting before I use it, then the effectiveness of this heal would increase, correct? Does it also increase the healing power of batteries? Any tips for better shield healing?

Well, I suppose I should have made this thread before I went out and bought all my new shinies. I'll have to work on finding some ACCX2 or some CrtH-ACC combo weapons.

Oh, and I tried the Photon + Quantum combo up front and did not really like it. It seemed to be ok in the Arena since I could team up on a single target, which would help me to get down to the hull. In Capture and Hold it seemed almost worthless because I'm splitting off into smaller groups and sometimes even splitting off solo to capture an undefended or solo-defended base. In those instances I could never really get the the shields down low enough for the torpedoes to be effective. I think I prefer the extra DHC and trying to time a Quantum High Yield to hit their hull rather than spamming both Photons and Quantums into their shields.

P.S. I'm really bad with acronyms in this game. What does TSS mean?
TSS = Transfer Shield Strength

Aux will effect the following heals

Aux to Stuctural integrity field... Aux to Sif

Hazards Emitters

Polarized Hull... (the resist value will increase)

Aux to Dampeners... (the resists and speed and turn buffs will increase)

Transfer Shield Strength

That's pretty much it... that doesn't seem like many heals.. however as an escort you are likely going to have a hazard and for sure you should ALWAYS have a Transfer Shield Strength.

Transfer Shield and Emergency Power to shields both provide you a shield resist value that will give you a MASSIVE effective increase in shields as it will take much more dmg to drop them.

I tell most people to bind 2 keys to switch from aux to weapon power settings... and honestly try to use a key that you could add 1-2 more with out moving around after. At some point if most people really want to have all 4 settings in play. I use the last 2 keys on my Naga mouse... my nagas 11 key is Weapon power... Shift-11 is my shield .... Shift-12 is my engine... and the 12 key is my aux setting....
This gives me 2 quick buttons from heal to attack... and I hit shift to go full shield or full engine.
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I don't really think this deserves a new thread, but I was wondering how ships are constantly zooming this way and that. I've seen a lot of Defiants in PvP's and they all seem to be moving and turning 2-3 times faster than other ships and what seems like on a constant basis.

Edit: Also I have noticed sometimes there will be a person that calls a target in team chat as soon as he switches to it. I'm guessing this is some kind of macro or script? Does anyone know where to get this?

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to answer your first question......

evasive maneuvers. and the doffs that cool it down if you wish. high engine power really helps out, so engine batts or red matter capacitor will help you get there.....

and the target calling bind......ummmmmm

can't remember......someone will chime in tho..
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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
to answer your first question......

evasive maneuvers. and the doffs that cool it down if you wish. high engine power really helps out, so engine batts or red matter capacitor will help you get there.....
So just evasive maneuvers. For some reason it feels like they are able to sustain their speed longer than evasive maneuvers lasts, even with the doffs. What does the red matter capacitor do?

and the target calling bind......ummmmmm

can't remember......someone will chime in tho..
...hopefully. ::shifty eyes::
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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
So just evasive maneuvers. For some reason it feels like they are able to sustain their speed longer than evasive maneuvers lasts, even with the doffs. What does the red matter capacitor do?
That, plus engine power levels, surplus deuterium, and some players also use "auxiliary to dampeners".
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It's evasive maneuvers, but with the doffs you can get it to be up almost all the time. I believe there is also a console that lets you do practically the same thing. And as Soph pointed out deuterium will temporarily boost your speed through the roof and is obtainable via missions.

Red Matter Capacitor is a console that adds power to all your systems for a short burst. Think of if like a combo battery that is reusable. In this case an engine battery.

On macro target bind; basically you can make a macro in game that when pressed will automagically place your target's name in team chat. It's super super useful when pugging without voice comms. It's often made to say something like "Please fire on Zyphoid7. PEW PEW!". It allows a pug team to coordinate fire on a single target if they are paying attention. Which isn't all that likely to be honest, but one does try. Voice comms are the end all, be all to a good team.

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