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as a small fleet our group has worked and played diligently to aquire what we have thius far with the build of our starbase..

as we all know the starbase experience is achieved byt completing the upgrade projects..

so why is it we should have already achieved an additional 1000 starbase xp for completing the science project to build the tier 1 transwarp gate and we did not get the 1000 starbase experience...

as a leader in my fleet i am pointing this out as our players put in alot of work on this on the premise that additional 1000xp from that project would finally bring our starbase xp to 4000 to unlock tier 2..

the mission took nearly a day and a half to run and complete and we got our transwarp gate but we did not get the starbase experience...

after earning over 600,000+ fleet credits working on a starbase and now because of stupid bugs like this we dont gain the rewards we have earned im am effectively done with this POS game.

unless (wich i know you wont) star fixing the stuff that is broken instead of churning out crud gimmicks i can see a clear decline happening in ppl playing this game. as im tired of explaining to my fleet members that it hasnt occured because the dammed DEVS and publisher (i.e. PWE..) have screwed up YET AGAIN!

not happy guys NOT happy at all!
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08-19-2012, 11:31 AM
I have to agree with my fleet mate. This game has become a grindfest. I find myself stuck playing 1 toon every time I log on, because I have to collect a ridiculous amount of dilithium and fleet marks in order to get enough of anything to contribute to my fleet.

You developers really need to learn to make sure that your releases are bug free. Rather than releasing something quick because people are losing interest in this game. If people are leaving, it's because you people have done your least amount of effort to make this game enjoyable, playable, and above all, interesting.

I have sunk a lot of time and money into this game because I am a HUGE star trek fan. I have been disappointed with all of the Cryptic starship designs and refits. The canon ships that you did manage to include, are inaccurate. And to add further insult to injury, you make all the ships worth having, Zen-Store items, which either costs more money, or we have to fill out stupid surveys, cramming our emails with spam, junk mail, and god knows what else, or download stuff to our mobile phones that we don't need.

If you want money for this game, you should never have gone F2P after a year. World Of ********, one of the standards by which MMOs are set, only recently went F2P, and only up to a certain level. And that game is nearly 10 years old.

Before you release anymore craptic content, fix the bugs in the game. Get rid of the Foundry (you devs should be making mission content, not us), and add voice acting to the game (including player avatars). Otherwise, you're going to lose more players like Mindwipe.
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08-19-2012, 11:48 AM
that is really screwed up, Crytpic aka PWE needs to give you that XP honestly, I'd hate to see this happen with my fleet as small as we are. Unfortunately they have have been screwing up and around since day one of launch of this game. I would say anymore visual and C-Store items need to be on hold so they can really focus on FIXING the game. Missions and all.

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08-19-2012, 12:20 PM
this is complete crap, somthing needs to be done before more people loose intrest in this game and we loose all the people,

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