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# 1 Recluse and orb
08-15-2012, 01:49 AM
Hello all ^^

i wanne no why the Orb and Recluse are so high price and the Mirror not

even when nobody maby a few fly that orb ore Recluse

the master key are over 1 mil o.O 1 key cost only 125 zen

so i dunno who make the prices ad star trek but in my few its totaly wrong
you can even get free master keys with out spending real cash if you have plenty of

dilitium and sell it fot ZEN

and pll say that the orb ore recluse is a better ship compare to orthers i LOL rely
you build your ship you fly it you put the skills/weapen/console/schield/and more in it what you think is good

so any ship out there is good its all up to you
but i think its more about the mony then the ship

orb and recluse go for 80 mil +
Mirror so 300k
and Cardassian Galor ship 500 mil

but rely you dont need much mony in this game for good items
most you can buy with dilitium ore do alot of STF for borg parts

ore from your star base
but maby am wrong ^^
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# 2
08-15-2012, 01:58 AM
The answer to most of your questions is simple.

The Orb and Galor and Jem'Hadar Attack vessel are popular (and expensive) because they have a much, much lower drop rate than any other Lockbox ship. The Galor and JemHadar are even more expensive now because they do not give out Cardassian Lockboxes anymore, meaning that they are getting rarer every time someone sells on the exchange.

Add to that the fact that the Mirror Cruisers are simply an Assault and Star Cruiser in different skins and slightly different layouts, and you have the makings of a cheaper ship. Everyone wants the one that looks different, even if it doesn't always play differently.

Also, a master key may "only" cost 125zen, but you can also make about 1 million EC in less than an hour, either by selling high-demand common items on the exchange (Duty Officers) or moving quickly in the Universe Tour event (you can make 3 million or more in an hour with the right route and speed-boosting gear). EC is cheap, Zen is less cheap.

And yes, you don't need to pay a lot of real money for good items (good ships is another question), but some people feel a few dollars is worth more than the time they would spend grinding dilithium.

I could spend 3 months making the 500,000 dilithium I'd need to buy enough Zen to pick up the Tactical Escort Refit (for a new skin and quad cannons), OR I could decide not to go out for lunch tomorrow and just buy it. Decisions!

*As an aside, please make the effort to spell better, I could barely read your post. It's understandable if English is not your main language, but legibility is key unless you are four years old.*

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