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Since season 8 went live textures seem to have been lost or jsut aren't being loaded on the gameplay maps for characters and some items/furniture.

Characters, ALL of them, Player and NPC are hypersmooth, they look like they're made of silly putty.

Scars are just dark lines, Ridges (Nose, forehead, neck, etc.) are as well.

The newest patch fixed the player character eyes.

In the character select and tailor.

I'm the first to admit that my laptop isn't an amazing machine but it has ALWAYS played this game at about 75% max settings with NO problem.

Now with season 8 characters look like trash. If there was a minimum graphic card/power increase it would have been nice to know but I doubt that's the case.

Since when I put on my MACO or OMEGA gear it looks just as shiny and detailed as it did prior to season 8.

WHat was the point in spending all the time I (And many, MANY others) did making our characters AND Bridge officers look the way we wanted if the character skins are going to get borked and then the issue is ignored as it's not a "Priority".

I was willing to accept that it wasn't an issue that required taking the game down for an emergency patch but FFS why wasn't this fixed when you went in and added depth and twinkle to the eyes in the most recent patch?
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12-06-2013, 10:41 PM
I agree with you on the observation and have said it myself.

Close examination it almost looks like the skin tones are being rasterized or masked or something. I dunno maybe they are trying to flatten the palette or something. It looks bad though.
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12-06-2013, 11:13 PM
Yes, it's true. While I am appreciative that the artists rolled back the textures somewhat, it is only really around the eyes. And much shadowing is still missing.

This isn't what we had before texture depth-wise....

It's better than what happened at S8 launch mind you, but really anything would be better than that. I miss pre-S8 facial textures so much.

The detail was exquisite. It all happened on LOR launch and I thought it was the most amazing thing since sliced bread. I wish they would roll it back entirely or give us the option, but this is all we can do: ask on the forum. I certainly appreciate the way the artists are working on the character bodies even though it's proven to be very hit and miss and buggy in the process. At least they seem to care somewhat.

I really hope Joejing and the other artists see this, though, and this may need to be moved to the Art subforum so the artists can see it better.

I believe you posted on my thread before, Foundrelic, do post on there concerning this as well as it will get more views on the general thread I think.


I am not as bitter as I was about the character ruining, as the artists do seem to listen, but when our characters have literal butter-faces, it really makes me mad that I spent all that time customizing just to get a generic, smooth, plastic face... No pores or anything, ugh.

It seems like a certain part of the texture tintmask isn't reflecting light the same way it was post-LOR, which means the features aren't showing up, which makes the characters look like they are made of clay rather than having real skin.

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