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Why is it only in the space part of the Dyson Sphere where the graphics are so poor on my Mac? Like a flat grey fog where it's almost impossible to know which direction to go in (and I have my STO graphics set to higher than 1024x768) until you just pick a direction and then if you travel far enough in one direction, you think: oh, good, there's the supply base finally. Wish it didn't seem to be hidden from view on the Mac. Once you get close enough, all of a sudden everything's nice and clear ... like trying to read a book without my glasses on.

Also, the arrows that are supposed to point to which locations you need to go to in supply missions aren't there at all (and they definitely are when seen on my Win7 desktop). You have to zoom out on the map and/or move the map around and then you can find where the different locations are. Like traveling in pea-soup fog with the windows rolled down and looking down at the ground because it's the only part that's clear enough.

Sector space isn't this bad graphically on my Mac, nor is Qo'noS (both Academy and First City) or Defera Invasion Zone for that matter. How high do I have to set my STO graphics before the Sphere defogs itself?

Please help.

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