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This may sound stupid , but i am just getting startred ,i don't play these games , but im a startrek fan,,,,,so i'm creating a human tactical officer , and would like advice on where to put my points ,, and how to build,, can someone please help me out ,, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There you go you can play around there to your hearts content so you don't waste points.

TIP: Go to system space for space abilities. Be on ground for ground abilities. Open up your powers. Read the tool tips. See what skills affect the powers.

TIP: Put points into abilities that you may actually use. Plan on EVER firing a weapon? Put points there.

TIP: For starting out, don't go over 6 in any skill. You can always go back and add more later. 6 gives a good benefit. Going to 9 adds not much more. Using the points elsewhere on base abilities first is wiser.

TIP: Along that thought line, progress evenly where possible. It helps you remember what your plan was if you don't save it on the skill planner at the very least.

Enjoy making your own mistakes. They're the only thing the forums won't try to take away from you.


I left that there as its a good bit on how some ensign and lt abilities work together. You'll need that.


And that's a sample tactical build. Just a sample you will want your own of course but maybe it will give you some ideas on the thoughts involved.

Cheers and happy flying!!

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