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# 1 Looping back
08-15-2012, 05:37 PM
Hi All sorry new to game so not shore if this is in the right spot to post

I seem to be stuck in a loop back hell

I load game up and start at starfleet academy but as soon as I walk away from where I start from with in 2min's I back place back where I start from.

I have try uninstalling and reinstall game first time this happen I was on the star base so so I delete my person and made new one and same thing is happen at starfleet academy now

how can I fix this so I can play if I can't get it fix soon then there is going to be much point me try to play built a new system to play it

I try putting a bug report in about it but it would not work

please any help you can give to get this fix would be a great hellp.

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