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08-15-2012, 10:46 PM
just noticed recently there is no animation happening when your mining dilithium on the asteroid...
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08-16-2012, 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by switchngc View Post
Tell me again how it is a C-Store not a Z-Store...
It's in the URL dude not to mention the title banner of the page.

You spend zen in the cryptic store.
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08-16-2012, 02:25 AM
Photonic Shockwave was updated to receive the correct bonus from Particle Generators.
Tell me more. Is this a buff or a nerf?
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08-16-2012, 02:42 AM
Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
It's in the URL dude not to mention the title banner of the page.

You spend zen in the cryptic store.
You even look at the link? In game it CLEARLY shows Z Store. If you are buying things in Europe with Euros is it a Dollar Store? The only reason it says cryptic store in the banner is because they didn't redo it with the Zen conversion. They used the same website layout for STO and CO that was used before the Perfect World transition so players would still be able to find things (and so that they didn't have to change any more than possible). Find a store page for ANY of their other games (including Neverwinter, a Cryptic game). It isn't there and the only reason it is for STO and CO is because the playerbase is used to it.

Anyway, that is from my signature, not my post, so now back to the topic...

I wish I could test the stuff that got added to Tribble yesterday and will be added to Holodeck today, but every time I try to log in to Tribble I get "Star Trek Online is closed for maintenance at this time" and can't figure out why (Holodeck logs in fine and it seems others are able to check Holodeck). I still think less than 24 hours is not a good "test". Why even put it on Tribble? What possibe level of testing can you get done in such a short time. Do I expect it to break other things? No, absolutely not, not with the extensive testing being done (sarcasm if you couldn't tell).
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08-16-2012, 02:52 AM
Is really good to see another update. But I wonder if the Dev's make any other change. After some updates, the game changed some points, in a good and positive way, but nothing are related in the patch notes directly.
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Originally Posted by chicochavez View Post
Check your Fleet Starbase. In Ops by the entrance there is a console that will allow you to run Doff missions to trade 10k CXP for 75 Fleet Marks. If you cant find it walk towards the Duty Officer then turn around, you should see it glowing.
Pray-tell, where is this alleged console supposed to be again?! No such console in Ops at all.
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08-16-2012, 05:29 AM
Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
Pray-tell, where is this alleged console supposed to be again?! No such console in Ops at all.
Go where you gat the Daily FM mission for 5 FM. On your way out of there, the console on your left, next to the doorway. These become available after you reach 110,000 commendation points in say, Engineering, etc.
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08-16-2012, 06:09 AM
Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Tell me more. Is this a buff or a nerf?
They've been discussing this on the PVP side:

Sigh, and I'm afraid the general consensus is, it's yet another nerf for science....

Originally Posted by cerritourug View Post
You guys need to review all the offensive science powers! Near the hole community agrees that they are useless! Please, consider a review to them!
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
For the record, I agree, too. Finding time in the schedule to do so is ... non-trivial.
PLEASE fix the Dauntless. See suggestion below
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
how to make it too good (10/10)- if the LT tac was uni, it would probably be a 9/10, an extra LT eng or sci would have wonderful usefulness. this actually sorta, kinda, NEEDS to happen. 10/10 would make the LTC universal instead.
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08-16-2012, 06:39 AM
Funny, I haven't been able to log into Tribble since the Tribble patch yesterday (the one they are making live today). Hopefully it won't break my login ability for the actual game...
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08-16-2012, 06:47 AM
Photonic Shockwave was updated to receive the correct bonus from Particle Generators.

The Cleanse portion of Hazard Emitters will now properly work on the Target of the power, instead of always applying to Self.

Stealth values provided by ground abilities and items will no longer stack their values with one another.

This applies to all of the following items and abilities:
- Ambush
- Stealth Module
- Distortion Field, from Omega 2pc Bonus
- Jem'Hadar Triggered Shroud, from Jem'Hadar 2pc Bonus

Consumable Portable Shroud Generator -- This device is an exception: It will still boost existing stealth values by +50 even when used in tandem with any of the above, but will not receive its full benefit.

This change did not affect Stealth modifiers such as those provided by certain Traits or the Gamma Quadrant Tribble.

Lengthened the duration of the mining laser FX to match its animation duration.
When will they stop messing with their officer types? Out of all the officer types that were interesting and fun, the science officer provided the best experience. Approximately one to two months ago, Cryptic tweaked with the science officer's remodulation settings. Instead of just needing to remodulate when firing a weapon, you now have to remodulate after using kits. I swear Perfect World does not like their players.

It also looks like they nerfed the tactical officers. Cryptic nerfed the stealth buffs to prevent people from making more fleet marks in the new missions. I guess too many teams were making progress.

Does Cryptic/Perfect World want people to play this game, or are they trying to get people to walk away? I don't understand their mentality. When they make these drastic nerfing changes, Cryptic comes off as the adult who interrupts a well established party. As they walk into the festivities, Cryptic/Perfect World's sudden arrival creates a buzz kill. I swear these guys have never had fun in their lives.

Too much grinding for resources.
Too much nerfing game elements.
Too expensive store items.
Too many repetitive tasks.

Do you guys actually give a damn?

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