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Sometimes players might want to buy a certain item which is not yet on the exchange.

Therefore the exchange could be turned into a sort of "dilithium exchange".

Where players can offer a certain price for an item that they desire.

Also to make the exchange work faster for people with larger screens, perhaps a dual split screen could be presented which would work as follows:

The screen is divided in two columns.

On the left side the "sell offers" are displayed.

On the right side the "buy offers" are displayed.

This way players get more of an insight into how much demand there is for certain items at a certain price point.

Could be interesting.

The adventage of this idea is quicker insight into selling prices, and being able to immediatly sell it...

The buy/sell divisions currently is somewhat of a time waster. Perhaps a different solution is possible I think so... will post that in a new thread.

(Sales charts would be awesome by the way, but might be a bit too revealing )

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