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# 1 Been working on my TOS Crew.
08-17-2012, 04:53 AM
I've been working away at crafting an TOS type of a crew together here's how I'm doing so far! Only got for 4 Bridge Officers as I'm on a F2P account. Hoping to get my other 2 slots later to replace the 2 current Starfleet NPC's on my Bridge.

BO's I've chosen so far:
1 Science {Female Vulcan}
1 Tactical Officer [Female Andorian} For Operations
2 Engineers {Human Females} for Helm.

So needing 1 Science {Medical attire} as you also got have a Doctor around & 1 Tactical {Red Ops attire} To fill Bridge slots.

Trying to keep it as realistic as possible so only having 2 Aliens. In order to get the 2 people to wear gold. I had stick gold attire on Engineers Bridge Officers as seems there only ones who sit on them chairs on the STO TOS Bridge.

Decided on a female non blacked haired Vulcan she maybe got her coloured hair from Human Genes.

Andorians were in TOS but not part of Starfleet as far as I can remember so I pretending she's the first 1st Andorian Starfleet Officer. I'm setting this just around end of Kirks 5 year mission when more aliens were starting to join starfleet. Not decided if she dyed her hair to fit in or she is an hybrid first with coloured hair.

Did this picture for fun: I'm pretending he got his rifle out ordering them to set course for Talos IV Warp 6. "Engage"

In orbit Andoria system.

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