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The frame rate is about 15 to 20 fps.

I click the buttons on the tray icons/special powers/bridge officers.

I hear the "beep" that goes along with it...

But the power icon is not activated... it's like I am fokking blind.

It makes me twitch like crazy in my eyes....

It makes me psychologically wonder if I didn't click the button properly.

But I have done it like a billion times already and 50% it doesn't registers... and it's fokking annoying, cause it makes me twitch in my eyes.

I try to surpress the twitching but it's hard not to do it.

Here is a tip for implementators with access to gui controls:

1. Register the click.

2. Execute it at appriorate times.

Very strange really, since the beep does play.

If it's not a lag issue... then try to resolve it differently... maybe that's actually the problem....

Maybe the click/command must first go to the server ? I am in europe... it can take 1 second or longer before it activates...

Usually I end up double clicking or tripple clicking... it's starting to get to me you know....

This is basically the only game which has this problem.

And it don't make much sense... 15 to 20 fps that is 1000 milliseconds per second divded by 20 = 50 milliseconds.

The lag is 1 second... so it's way offf... seems a big bug to me !

Hopefully it gets fixed !


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