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# 1 Un-assignable DOFFs
08-16-2012, 01:12 PM
I submitted an in game support ticket but I can't remember the ticket number and it does not show under tickets.

I bought three blue quality energy officer DOFFs off the exchange. When I tried to assign them to active duty a message popped up that this would bind them. This is normal and I want them anyways so I clicked OK. And nothing happened. I waited for about three minutes and still nothing happened. I beamed up to my ship and tried again but nothing happened.

Then being a smarty pants I stepped out of the game and reopened the launcher, clicked on options and selected Force Verify. The launcher when to patch and I went and did something else for about five minutes and when I came back nothing else had happened.

So there you have it. DOFFs that you can't use on your ship and a launcher that locks up when you try to force verify the game files.

Umm Cryptic, could you please fix?

Edited to add:Oh crap. I'm playing a KDF. ROFL I'll just send them to Creel my feddie bear tac.

Never mind the DOFF issue but could you still look into that Force Verify thingy?

Edited Again to Add: Yup they activated on Creel just fine. LOL

Then again there are two things you really could fix about how the exchange handles DOFFs.

First and easiest would be to create a tag that would make it easier to spot Starfleet and KDF Doffs when you are shopping. As it stands now the only real thing that differentiates the two is the lettering on a curved background. I mean really? Even the color of the background is the same. You are just asking for some degree of, "I threw away my ECs!" rage.

Second, and a bit more challenging, is to add the ability to filter KDF from Starfleet DOFFs so players can cut down on their search time.

Cryptic, Ih now yew ken dew eet!
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