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Hey All,

A few threads have popped up in recent days with people either returning after some time out, people new to PvP or people who are thinking of joining PvP.

I thought it be kinda nice if we have thread where all the PvP regulars and even new folk were to post a quick dit (story.. sry my navy slang) of the best and worst matches they played so to give readers an idea of what happens and maybe what to expect.

Plus it be good to see what people consider a good match or poor match.

(please just reply with genuine memorys of matches you personaly thought were good and bad and the reasons)

Thanks opvp and co
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08-16-2012, 05:07 PM
There are many matches I can recall that were both EPIC and awesome. In my capture folder i have almost 2000 matches screened. Sadly not all were fun, but there is plenty to keep me interested. Some matches I've pulled from my dir for a video I'm working on.


Some old school fights from early 2011.

We lost one in this match so we only had one tact. The tact wasn't on voice, but it was fun timing heals with That one to try and stay alive/keep each/others alive. Tilly was a sci-brel so he was cloaked most the match just doing torp damage. Clearly effective but not enough to turn the tide. The match went on forever after That one, tilly and I started communicating our heals. It ended in a draw. While not the ideal match, it was a nice feeler for good healing anyway.

(5hrs earlier) Puggy on fed, don't remember too many details on this match but it was a drawn out match with The other one and I communicating our heals. So a good match that kept us on our toes.

A really fun fight against pandas with 1AQ (now critz.) A crazy fun fight! We really need to organize more of these!

A fight against Pandas with Minimaxs fleet (Death before dishonor) and Ryan ;p. Too many heals, clearly, but a fun fight no less. It's interesting trying to keep a couple of brels alive without giving away their positions.

Hei Qin and I pugging fed side. Ran into this match. We were on TS so OP but the kdf team ran a very clear setup and it was a really fun match. It took some effort timing our alphas and double teaming the targets. This match reminded me a lot of how PVP used to be. No p2w crap. Just a clean battle. Awesome.

Ran into a TSI premade. Of course there was some QQ but Hilbert happened away from the pact. Managed a lucky Alpha while he was on Qin. Not a notable battle but still fun.

On my critz fed and we ran against this team. A nice long drawn out fight. Good to see sportsmanship out there and good the fights cheers guys!

First time I've flown my fed in ages but ended up teaming with Critz. We ran into Shut up wesley. Don't mind the comment at the end. They had lots of scrambles and orbs. However it was still a very fun fight, albeit, long. Both tacts play kdf more than fed so dated equipment ect. Awesome healing and a long grind with lots of scramble FTW.

We were all mostly on TS so both sides were trying to catch each other in queue. Finally got one. Both had one pug not on TS. Long fight, very fun, all fights should be awesome and clean like this.

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08-16-2012, 10:50 PM
I've been in some classics, and in some disappointments. But mainly it was from the 15-0 losses I learned the most from. Any who some of the most entertaining matches I had the chance to record:

TSI vs RP Heroes *(Thales never ended up joining)

A mix between some ISC, TIF, Critz vs a Critz Premade

There's a few others on my youtube channel. I host an international PvP fleet now (Turkish RP Heroes), but once was an ethnic Turkish pvp fleet. Their history a long one, but briefly, they were an awesome group of people (still are) who learned the game despite not knowing English. But now, its become a fleet/group of players from a few fleets who come to learn new things and level the playing ground as well as be good friends.

None of the videos are for gloating purposes, but a good venue to learn a few new things to level the playing ground.

For more info contact/send mail to @paxottomana

PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes (we RP during pvp.... jk)

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