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Hello everyone, I've been playing for only a couple of weeks and I'm at lvl 45.
I get asked all the time to join a fleet, I always refused because I wanted to learn how to play the game before I got into that part of it. (was that rude?)

Is joining a fleet important? Also, I sometimes get called away at a moments notice and I don't want to leave anyone hanging, so I'd like to know if there any responsibilities in fleet memberships.

And what would be better, join a small fleet or a large fleet?
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09-01-2012, 02:43 PM
First, welcome to Star Trek Online!

To answer your questions, it really depends on the fleet. Probably the best thing to do is to look at the fleets in the social option area and read the recruiting information.

Mine and many other fleets are always willing to help others to learn the game. The best advice I can give is to give a fleet a try and see how you both fit.

A small fleet like mine would have members on less often than larger fleets and not have many members in specialized roles (ie STFs, PvP, Foundry, etc). However, small fleets may not have a rigid structure that requires you to X before you can do Y and would be willing to run misisons with you. Just to toss the coin on the other side, you can get into a small fleet that are complete dictatorships and large fleets that give you plenty of "good old southern hospitality" feeling. Again, try them out and see is the best advice I can give.

Look forward to seeing you more ingame.
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No, it is not rude to refuse a fleet invite. Everyone is spamming invites thanks to the starbase that has been introduced. You will most likely keep getting random invites as long as you stay solo.

You do not need to join a fleet to play the missions/stf/pvp etc. The only thing it will prevent you from doing is contributing to the fleet starbase project, where each fleet puts in resources and gradually builds up their own base. There are also fleet actions you will not be able to do until you join a fleet. But these are only a small section of the game.

As for fleet responsibilities, that entirely depends on the fleet. Some fleets have organised stuctures, regularly scheduled meetings, aactivities together and want you to wear the fleet uniform, whereas other fleets just exist to chat with each other, get to know each other, play random missions and let you wear what you want.

Larger fleets will be able to get their starbases up and running faster, and have more people to talk to, but sometimes you can get lost in the crowd with larger fleets. It's entirely depends on what kind of play style you do.

My suggestion is to do some reading up on the fleet before you join them, see what kind of fleet they are and if it is something that suits you or not.

Welcome to the game. And I would not be a very good fleet member if I didn't advertise the Firefly fleet at least once. Here is our homepage. http://serenitystation.forumotion.com/forum

I hope I've been helpful.

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As of now, joining a fleet is important because it allows you to unlock higher level gear and ships through the starbase system. It is also a social aspect of the game. It allows you to band together with other players around the world and create something for yourselves. You can also help each other out in PVP, PVE queues, builds, or just talking about the importants of depolarizing your warp coils every once in a while

However, it is by no means necessary nor required.There are lots of players out there who are lone wolves and do just fine.

Each fleet is governed individual and will have different requirements as far as time and participation. However, if you are in a half decent fleet, they will understand if you have to leave all of the sudden. Just finish your battle first and then leave IF you have questions about such things, talk to the recruiter, ask questions. If the recruiter sounds cheesy, over dramatic, or like s/he does not know what they are talking about, don't bother. Try to find someone who will be honest about their fleet, their requirements and how awesome they are.

Small vs Large? personal preference. I prefer a large fleet so we can have lots of players to pool together and do PVE queues and events 24/7. However, that is just me.
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09-01-2012, 09:45 PM
Thanks everyone, you have been helpful. I think I'll stay solo for a little while yet, then in a week or so, I'll go looking for a small friendly fleet
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09-02-2012, 03:47 PM
- fleet membership by far is not a requirement, but IMO it opens a lot of avenues. However, take "random invites" with a bit of grain of salt, as there's a lot of wannabe fleets that just try to hoard folks to contribute on something, just to give them a swift kick later in the ass with a "don't let the door hit ye rear on your way out". Haven't so much met those at KDF side tho (as a matter of fact none), but Fed's wholly different beast of a faction... in average I see KDF more mature.
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The most important thing about joining a fleet is that the people in it be people that you can get along with. If you find that you are not getting along with them, then it is time to find another fleet.
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Thanks! Hope you all enjoyed the voyage!
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Please feel free to visit the forums for the Federation Reborn fleet when you get a chance:


There's no obligation to join, you can be a guest or a registered "Visiting Diplomat". We're a small fleet and even if you don't join us we'd love to expand our circle of friends.

Also, as a moderator I should point out that there is a section on the boards for both Federation and Klingon fleets. It'll be awhile before you can start a Klingon character, but the option is there.

Federation - Starbase One

Klingon - Qo'noS

Lots of fleets of all sizes and kinds use the forums for recruiting and you should be able to find a good fit. Above all, I'd advise you to look for a fleet where the leadership is active and shares resources wisely and fairly.
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