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Here's how.

This isn't for STO. But an something similar but different.

I would design it in this way. If someone like Cryptic are wishing make it & to make money.

The game comes in 2 parts.

1. The Main Game {OFFLINE Story} It be on a Disc to justify the price. Same price as general PS3 games on high street.

{Also useful when MMO server is down so keep on playing}

2. the MMO Part it's an option in the option Menu {It's Free To Play} You'll be able to download this seperately if you don't wish to purchase the game part. You'll have to pay for a couple of exclusives {Free Unique ship including Bridge + 1 Uniform pack of your choice. This would be ENT, TOS, WOK, TNG of your choice Bundled to those who buy the game} if you don't buy the game.

MMO would be similar to STO but improved slightly different I'd focus on the Revamped Timeline that new film rebooted. Also giving chance to revisit old episodes in a new alternative way. Some of which will had a different outcomes since it's the new timeline.

I'd have all enemy BO's available to purchased unlike STO's enemy BO's. With ability have them in Federation uniform. More focused on in ship than just tactical view. Can't see why all the aliens races can't be available to you no matter which side you choice. There bound to defectors to any Faction.

Still keep MMO side update with fresh content. Same STO.

Difference between the Storymode & MMO:
The Main Story Mode will be that Storymode is specific Missions for the character.

They can always keep the MMO server always ongoing but release an new Disc with fresh storymode gameplay every 2-3 years.

How it would work:
You will load up your disc. Then Menu would come up. Storymode or MMO Mode. You choose which one you wish to start with. If you choose Storymode you still be able to carry the skills points over to MMO to make it rewarding. If they allow you to create your own toon as Storyline's main Character. Then use it for your MMO as well.

Anyway specifics of my idea of the storymode. I not sure if this possible but pitch my idea. If not they can just create an specific High Res Character for the storymode. If you can. I suggest this instead of 1 Character slot. I would give the Federation 3-4. There's a reason for this.

When you start out you on Storymode. You will given a choice of Era: Enterprise, TOS, WOK, TNG-DS9-Voyager, Era. Hence reason for Xtra slots 1 for each Era. {You will only be able to have 1 Specific slot for each Era.}

Setting specifics for this if it's MMO Character being use for the storymode. In this mode you will be assigned a ship. You'll be given a ship but this isn't your ship this is storymode's ship. With Story designers pre-made Crew.

Imagining an Saints Row: The Third set up where story tailored & designed for a created a character where supporting cast will refer to character by either nick name or a rank

My Idea for the Storymode:
Once you launch it.

You'll asked be which Era you wish to play as. ENT, TOS, WOK, TNG on wards. Then you would created your character. Reason to add this is the Stories will be driven by era so if you select the TOS era you be dealting with classic Klingons etc. you get the idea.

Clarification on above {Say you pick TOS Era. Then it will be TOS Starfleet given you orders. It will be TOS NPC's you be dealing with. You won't see any future NPC Starfeet Uniformed officers. Also I would make sure your using the equipment for that Era so if in TOS era you be using communicators instead of Com Badges & old fashion tos equipment.}

First time you character appears. He's or she's beaming aboard an some generic ship "USS Mars" That created by developers you can't rename this ship as it's on loan only for the storymode. Once you get past first assignment {The Storymode will then load from you're Captain's quarters. As like GTA you save by sleeping}

Imagining a higher res Bridge & Interior no load screens between the 2 & The NPC's will be seem more real maybe having some V/O's with people chatting or something. A busy Starbase feel to the ship.

So basically imaginating story driven 50-100 offline set Missions. Basic Idea of starting of every game shift from your quarters like a real captain you make you way to bridge to begin your day. The change in Story ship you have be on actually on Bridge to select tactical. Also as your using the Joypad you be sit on any seat with no clipping. Maybe as a shortcut. On computer there's "Take Me Directly to the Bridge" Option. {also have an Computer Encyclopaedia with information of every race and Trek things based on era selected.}

To make the storymode different from the MMO:
I'd clear clutter from the screen. Instead of being on screen all the information you need will be in your ready room or TOS equilvant on the computer.

Most of the ship part of the missions will be in the interior of the ship. With Difference from Bridge Commander. You should be call any of the Specific Bridge Members to you'll quarters, or Ready room. Even call them all to meeting in observation room. Also you still regain the same Freedom to roam in the storymode ship as STO.

Bridge commander type feel where you got choice to rely on your Officers or you can take it to the ships yourself by switching to tactical view.

Anyway reason why I had to say in the storymode you won't use your own crew that you be using on the MMO side is because it's only way that developers can write crew specific missions on the ship that make you interact with the crew. Specific missions where you have go find & speak to a different crew member on your storymode's ship to resolve & solve objectives. Like you do on Space Dock & DS9 in sto. But except on different parts of your ships like Bridge - Sickbay - Transporter room, etc..

{Only way round this for storymode would be for developers design every station with Male & Female V/O's & Text reference to either gender. Then it could be User content friendly to overlay the BO's you want on to the storymode bridge from your MMO. this should optional if you just keep your BOFF's seperate away from the main storyline.}

When you interact. It will come with a cutscene & maybe some V/O's

Storymode missions will be Ground Combat, Ship - Ship, Diplomatic Missions [Including hosting aliens & protecting them on board interior of the ship], Unexplored Space.

If your decided on a future Era. Maybe ability to use a couple of Holodeck Missions.

Film like visuals cutscenes.

My idea of the final mission of a future TNG-Onward ERA that would test you metal. "The Return to Talos IV the Forbidden Planet". The ship has received an distress call from from Talos IV The Forbidden planet. A unspecificed hostile race have beamed down to the new look planet. Maybe the Undine.

Do you heed the distress call even though Starfleet has forbidden you to complete this rescue mission. As Starfleet issued General Order 7, forbidding any travel to Talos IV, under penalty of death. Is still in effect.

Do you head to Talos even thou it's certain death to any captain who goes to Talos? & what will you find there now after all these years? Are you facing another Cage trap or what's happened to the Talosian's powers of illusion? What other surprise could be waiting for you on Talos.

The Choice is only your's captain. too Talos or not too Talos?

{Just side point on the Graphics for a console verison:

I'm glad STO keeping it's minimum specs my computer just runs it & no more.

But for a future console Version I would expect high res Detailed character like you see in the PS3 Games. Kind like the quality I saw in Star Trek: Infinite Space but even better. Less of a toon more a Trekkie.}

Star Trek New Movies:
The New AFT {Alternative Federation Timeline} Era Not got name for reboot thing so naming it that till someone comes up with a better abbr name. That needs to implemented to reflect new timeline to with new look Enterprise in too. To keep things uptodate.

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