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# 1 What about a ship like:
08-17-2012, 09:44 PM
Hull: 35000
Weapons: 4 fore, 4 aft
Shield Mod: 1.0
Impulse: 1.5
Turn Rate: 12 degrees per sec.

Eng: 3
Sci: 4
Tac: 3

Comm: Eng
Lt. Comm.: Tac
Lt.: Sci
Lt: Sci
Ens: Tac

What would this ship be like? (I honestly don't know, I just wondered if I just messed around on ship stats to make them as confusing as possible)
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# 2
08-17-2012, 10:59 PM
You're right, those are rather confusing stats.

Well, let's break it down:

Based on the hull, shields, and weapons, it's clearly a cruiser. Lower than most tier 5 ships in hull because it has 35k base.

A very good mixture of consoles, less engineering than science, but it's a fleet-level ship of course. since it has 10 consoles.

A turn rate of 12 on a cruiser-type ship...*whistle*...maaan, that would be something.

The BOFF layout is really interesting.

Cmdr. Engineering, pretty standard there of course.
Lt. Cmdr tac and Ensign tac, not bad of course, much like the new Regent class we have.
Two Lt. Sci, that would be awesome. Four sci ability on a non-Odyssey cruiser would be great.

Really, it's kind of a jack of all trades, without specializing in anything at all. It just gives up extra engineering abilities to do it.
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