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I'll preface this with the fact that, overall, I enjoy what I've experienced of the Fleet Starbase System thus far. But I do have a bone to pick.

There's a tactical assignment that requires 27 Peregrine Fighters. This seems like a fairly low number in comparison to something like the 1000 Shield Generators the same assignment requires, just from a pure, face-value number point of view. However, and here's my bone, the cost analysis makes the 27 Peregrine Fighters absolutely ridiculous to obtain.

Let's break it down.

1000 Shield Generators at 150 EC each costs 150,000 EC to obtain and can be done by touring any combination of three territories. It takes roughly six to seven minutes to get through Federation, Romulan, and Klingon space and about 16 or 17 to get through all the sector blocks that count for your particular faction.

A single Peregrine Fighter costs 500 Zen. That is the monthly allotment for those of us who pay to play. So, 27 people who pay to play would have to donate their monthly allotment to the Starbase in order to get this particular assignment done. In theory, this is the lesser of the problems with this particular algorithm. But it assumes that there are at least 27 people in a fleet who pay to play the game AND are simultaneously willing to give over 500 Zen to the Fleet for the advancement of our shared property. I would be willing to bet that most people tend to see something they want in the store and proceed to save up Zen in order to get it, therefore making it a hell or high water situation that they'd ever actually give up any of their Zen. Either because they're paying for it or because they're putting a substantial amount of time into it and exchanging Dilithium.

Which leads me to the other part of this particular problem. The current exchange rate is around 185 Dilithium for one Zen. A player can only refine 8000 Dilithium per day, making the maximum amount of Zen you can purchase (at this exchange rate) in a single day 43 Zen. It goes up to 48 if you have been playing long enough to get the additional 1000 bonus. So, from there we've got this math:

1 Peregrine Fighter = 500 Zen = 92,500 Dilithium x 27 Fighters needed = 2,497,500 Dilithium

At the current exchange rate, that's 312.1875 days of man hours.

So, you've either got to have 312 people in your fleet who all agree to grind one day's worth of Dilithium and turn the Zen over (which wouldn't work anyway because there's no way for multiple people to "go in" on something from the store) OR one guy in the fleet has to grind Dilithium for a year OR some number of people have to grind for many days each in order to make it happen.

There are about 130 people in the fleet that I'm a part of, last I checked. Twelve of us have actually contributed to the Starbase. We can probably do more as a team to get more people to contribute, it's true. But we also can't assume that anyone else will. Given our current rate, it would take all of us grinding Dilithium into Zen into Peregrine Fighters for 26 days to make this assignment happen.

This is prohibitive. Especially when we're talking about the advancement and functionality of the Starbase and not the aesthetics of the Starbase (I'm talking to you, 200,000 Dilithium Interior Designer...).
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08-16-2012, 10:39 PM
PS - This is a Tier I project. I shudder to think what the higher tiers require.
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I thought those peregrine fighters were the green quality hangar craft you can purchase for energy credits in the fleetyard vendor where you buy white odd level quality ship equipment

Shalah on ESD in the fleetyard, Requisition Ship Equipment, hangar. They are there for 3,325 energy credits a piece.

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08-16-2012, 10:42 PM
My take on what that actually means, and I could be wrong, but I'm thinking it doesn't mean 27 Peregine Fighters from the C-Store

I think it means the hanger pets version. Which you get green versions for EC, or the rarer type for Dil from the Dilithilum Store.

Like I said, I could be wrong, but 27 C-Store ships is definitely not realistic, even with the effort considered by putting together a Starbase.
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08-16-2012, 10:55 PM
It doesn't take the zen Peregrines; it takes the green ones you can get from the Ship Requisition area of the shipyard. On ESD, you go down the ramp and then go to the far left. Don't buy the advanced ones for dilithium; just buy the ones that cost EC.

My fleet was running this one when I left, and I was able to easily obtain 27 of the fighters. You just have to know where to go.
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08-17-2012, 12:02 AM
You just go to ESD and buy the Peregrines in Ship Requisitions, as above-posted. These are the Hangar Pets for Fed carriers that have a modest EC cost.

You do not need to purchase the actual flyable ship.
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08-17-2012, 01:12 AM
No matter how greedy you think they'd get I don't think they'd actually ask you to "donate" actual player ships to your Starbase grind. Until they start asking for Fleet Ship Modules~

And even if they did do something that craven, currently the C-store Peregrine is an account-level unlock. You can discharge and re-requisition one as many times as you like, all 27 times if need be.
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# 8 Good tip for ya
08-17-2012, 01:52 AM
Peregrine fighters are not c-store ships, they are green quality purchasable items from the shipyard, useable on Atrox and Escort Carrier vessels. Again cheaper to buy using a ferengi toon.

Tips from a solo sb owner (t2 shipyard in construction, t1 industrial fab soon t2, t1 science array and starbase):

Tip 1 - Ferengi's are you friends:

If you have a spare character slot, or are able to create another free pwe account, create a Ferengi character - they have an ability to buy ec items at a reduced cost i.e. Shield Generators:

Fhoss on ESD 75 (non ferengi), 60 (Ferengi) per unit.
Ship Replicator 150, 120 (Ferengi).

Buying 3000 from ESD without an alt/main Ferengi costs: 225000ec, with: 180000ec

Tip 2 - as many lt7 or kdf cmdr 32 alts as possible - boff recruiters.

With enough effort, and its not that much effort either, you can get a nice little chain of recruiting characters going, leveling these is more of a chore on the fed side, but if you organize your characters creation it can be a much more efficient process.
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08-17-2012, 02:46 AM
Yea dude, should've asked for clarification on exactly what the base was asking for. You get 'em from starship equipment req officers at ESD/K-7/etc. theyre something silly like 3000 ec each
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08-17-2012, 04:22 AM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
My take on what that actually means, and I could be wrong, but I'm thinking it doesn't mean 27 Peregine Fighters from the C-Store

I think it means the hanger pets version. Which you get green versions for EC, or the rarer type for Dil from the Dilithilum Store.

Like I said, I could be wrong, but 27 C-Store ships is definitely not realistic, even with the effort considered by putting together a Starbase.
This is absoloutely correct. It's the fighter hangers bay pets, not the C-Store. Nothing in there requires C-Store input (unless you want to buy Doff Packs for doff inputs I guess)

Just go to starship equipment in the shipyard.

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