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# 1 Atrox or Armitage?
08-17-2012, 12:32 PM
So, I'm days (at most, probably closer to hours) away from hitting Vice Admiral, and when I get there I want to try a carrier. I can't even dream of affording a Recluse at this point (though I'd love it, the Tholian ships look awesome) so that leaves me selecting between the Atrox and the Armitage. I'm a Tactical officer.

I like the appearance of the Armitage, and the idea of the Photon defense console, alot more than the Atrox, but I've never had much success with Escorts. I'm kinda interested in the idea of going with no Torpedoes, just 3 DHCs 1 DBB fore, and 2 Turrets and a Beam Array aft.

My bad experiences with escorts do lead me to consider the Atrox though. With it's... lets go with "sub-par" turn rate It's been suggested I could go all turret and let my fighters do most of the heavy lifting. As a tac officer I can get some relief from its sluggishness with Attack Pattern Alpha.

I don't know, can anyone offer me advice? Reasoning fore/against either of them?
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08-17-2012, 12:36 PM
If you want a Fed carrier then you have 2 chocies. The Armatige is an escort, not a carrier. You fight in it as an escort.

I would go with the Atrox anyway, but since you don't like escorts how about the best tanker if you set it up that way?
I use the Atrox over everything else. You looking for a full build for one?

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# 3
08-17-2012, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by kondular View Post
My bad experiences with escorts do lead me to consider the Atrox though. With it's... lets go with "sub-par" turn rate It's been suggested I could go all turret and let my fighters do most of the heavy lifting. As a tac officer I can get some relief from its sluggishness with Attack Pattern Alpha.
The Atrox has a lower Tac slot than a Vo'Quv, which means that you can only have one cannon power which lowers the usefulness of the turrets. Also, you miss out on subsystem targeting that the Atrox has built in. I'd go all beam arrays personally, preferably Tetryon (Phased or Polarized a plus) or Disruptor to help your fighters and team kill the things you're shooting.

APA's speed boost applies against the base turn, and while every bit helps the slower carriers, it's not going to be a huge help, especially with the cooldown time. You should learn to do 'extreme backing' in a carrier, put it in reverse and hit Evasive Maneuvers or Deuterium Surplus to line up things.
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08-17-2012, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by kondular View Post
My bad experiences with escorts do lead me to consider the Atrox though. With it's... lets go with "sub-par" turn rate It's been suggested I could go all turret and let my fighters do most of the heavy lifting. As a tac officer I can get some relief from its sluggishness with Attack Pattern Alpha.
If you don't like escorts then definitely go with the Atrox. She's only a little bit slower than the oddy. and when set up right is an amazing ship...

The armitage is an escort, and needs to be flown like one.
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08-18-2012, 08:07 AM
The Atrox is a Science Carrier so you want to buff your Aux Power (http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=180912) as much as possible.

As others have mentioned, I would go with all Beam Arrays, Tetryon/Phased Tetryon or Phased Polaron or Disruptors.

You're Fighters are your DPS and you want to keep a steady stream of those things coming off the line. Your primary weapons are just for Shield Stripping and Debuffing.

To boost your Fighters' dps even more, Gravity Well III is a must, imo. I also use Energy Siphon II.

As to what fighters to use, it's really up to you. They all have their own advantages. With my setup, I primarily use 2 Advanced Peregrine Fighter Hangars. Sometimes 1 Adv. Stalker and 1 Adv. Peregrine.

For Tac abilities, I use TTI and FAWII. There's also a Tropedo build you can reference if you sift through the forums.

As for the Armitage, yes, it's an Escort with a Hangar. Typically, you'd set it up like any other Escort, or at least like the Fleet Escort, given it has a similar layout and stats, save for the secondary Tac Boff.

I have both and like them equally for different reasons. I'm currently using the Atrox, anxiously awaiting the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier.

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08-18-2012, 09:50 AM
Both ships are good, the Armitage is a tougher than usual escort with a hanger bay instead of a lt. commander tac skill and a Lt. Commander engineer for good PVE tanking abilities. It flies like most escorts and can leverage multiple AOE's (The point defense system, Cannon Scatter Volley, T:spread) and fighter's set to intercept to be a "one ship solution" to carrier spam. The ship can excel at a play-style that is inherently different to your typical escort captains, "kill them all, one at a time" philosophy. Embracing this playstyle will cost serious single target DPS and may not work well in high end PVP but will defiantly flourish in PVE where the target's aren't nearly as tough.

The Atrox is a tough and slow sci ship, not optimized for PVP because of the nerfs to sci skills but still enjoyable and a welcome addition to most teams. It makes an excellent "anchor/tank" and is one of the few ships that "almost anything BUT anti-proton" is the correct weapon energy type. Disruptors and phased-XXX seem to be the best pick with their team focused procs. The proper combination of crowd control and heals will be determined by your PVP(CC heavy) and PVE(support heavy) tendencies. As long as you can get 80% or better up time on EPTS and a MACO, Aegis or Jem'Hadar shield you're own survivability should be pretty good for PVE.


doomicile gives good advice about keeping your AUX power high and using gravity well 3 for CC while flying a sci ship, especially the Atrox.

If it was my Atrox I'd avoid all turret based builds like the plague, they have a good proc rate but the damage drop off over distance doesn't seem worth it. Beam array builds do more damage at a range of 4 KM or better and with the Atrox's slow moving ass chasing down targets is an option of last resort.

If you set your weapon power to 25 or so having a 5 or more beam broadside or BFAW will probably be more than your ship can support well. After some quick checking with the Starship Weapons calculator power levels of 50-75 prefer 2 or 1 dual beam banks respectively for DPS maximizing. It actually predicts losing DPS on your broadside from having to much energy drain at those power levels, that said the increased proc rate might be worth the lost damage to you. The Jem'Hadar shield and engine would boost your weapon power and polaron energy damage, with phased polaron weapons that could make a nice difference in your personal DPS and leave you tough enough for Elite STF's, possibly even PVP.

If this is your first carrier some personal advice for you is to adjust your HUD so that you can always see the health of your ships and how many are alive, healing them is pointless just spawn more when they get too damaged or too many die. Get the Dil store versions A.S.A.P. and don't be afraid to change out which fighter's you're using based on what you are doing and your play-style.

Twelve A. Peregrines shooting quantum torpedoes and dual phaser cannons at borg nodes will make short work of them, set to intercept mode they will wreck opposing fighters.

Eight A. Runabouts will tractor beam 2 and choronite torpedo spam anything into a negative defense score eventually.
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08-19-2012, 07:02 AM
razellis, what do you have against a turret and cannon build? IN PVE it is one of the best for this ship.

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08-19-2012, 08:17 AM
I'm assuming by cannon build you mean 3xCannons and 3x Turrets.

I have a couple of reasons, bad personal experience with cannon builds on other slow turning cruisers, the loss of subsystem targeting, the thought of only having three turrets in the back 180 degrees of the ship, and the extreme damage drop off over range cannons suffer from.

A beam array build like I spec'd tends to put out more DPS at the 5-10KM range then a cannon build. At about 6 KM the 2x beam arrays and 1x DBB actually start to out DPS all 6 cannons when the power levels are in the 50-75 range, the lower your weapon power the shorter the range when beams are better. The beam arrays always out DPS three turrets in the back 180 and that only get's worse with range.

Now at close range and low power, 0-5 KM and 50-75 energy for this discussion, the cannons do more damage but until you have a target within 4 KM it's pretty negligible. The higher your weapon power levels the better cannons do, but even at 125 weapon power the three beams on the front end are doing more damage then all 6 cannons at 7 KM or so. The five beam array broadside pulls ahead at 2 KM range under those conditions, that's pretty damn close.

P.S. All the above math is based on the Starship Weapons Calculator and considers no BOFF skills so it may be a little off.
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08-19-2012, 10:51 AM

Escorts are frankly the best ships in the game, since damage is king.
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08-19-2012, 12:03 PM
I have 125 weapons power and have around 90 shield power. I also stay right at 4-5 KM. So I am still sticking with at that range cannons and turrets are better. And yes that is what I use, 3 each of DHCs and turrets.

orondis, kind of hard to do DPS when you are dead. If you have not tank then you take a lot of extra fire. If escorts were really the best then everyone would use them am I right? Then why are there a lot of Eng. and Sci. ships?

Yes DPS is king, but escorts are not the only DPS ships. Carriers are the others. Hence this thread.

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