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I'm playing the game in a 3x1 Eyefinity setup and have been for quite some time without issue.

But, over the past two sessions (since a recent patch) the game tends to want to start in a Windowed mode. I have to go to the Options and reset it to Full Screen.

Then, somewhere along the line, the mouse cursor gets misaligned and I have to move the physical cursor around until I see the option I want to click on become highlighted. Usually, this puts the cursor a bit to the right and up from the click point.

In order to correct this, I have to log out and back in. And, in some cases, it also resets to Windowed mode again. Rinse and repeat.

Annoying? Yes, to both.

I'll throw in a third one for good measure: The server has been very flaky lately, too. Getting disconnects constantly.

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