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It has not been long, but about a week, maybe more that we have not have any projects and have not seen the "leader" that has permissions. What steps do we take before the next person in line can take the reigns? Really we just want projects to start. May just have to go to another fleet, but was wondering what happens.
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08-17-2012, 03:30 PM
Wait 30 days for the leadership to automatically pass to the next top rank. (If I recall correctly). Then kick the previous leader or create a new janitorial rank just for him. If they do come back within the time period, it would be a good idea to have a lenthy discussion with them about the importance of delineating some authority.

Originally Posted by # 1 TRIBBLE Maintenance and Release Notes - May 23, 2012
Fleets can now transfer leadership from their Leader if their Leader has not logged in within 30 days.

This is done through a "Claim Leadership" button that will appear on the bottom of the Fleet Roster for the highest ranking members of the Fleet that have been active within 30 days.
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I am not sure if there is anything you can do.

There are fleets in the game who have been missing their leaders for months...
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You could join Federation Reborn. We would be happy to have a few more members.

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