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10-16-2012, 02:01 PM
I'd like to thank you guys for your contributions, and I have fixed the thread to reflect those changes, as well as thank my friend Kim for pointing out that I'd have to juggle all three teams with the way it was.

Also, with the new patch, cooldown for RSP and EPtS is shared, so, I'll see what I can do to fix that.
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10-16-2012, 02:52 PM
Great builds, and I am glad I could help.

Here's a preliminary idea for a Voyager build. This can be used with either VA versions. I haven't sat down with the Captain level Intrepid as of yet.

Long Range Science Vessel (Retrofit)

Fore Weapons: 2 Phaser Beam arrays, 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher
Aft Weapons: 2 phaser beam arrays, 1 tricobalt torpedo launcher (Nod to "Endgame".)

Lieutenant Tac: Tactical Team, HYT (A nod to the never ending supply of torpedoes)
Lt Eng: Emergency Power to Shields, Aux to SIF
Ensign Sci: Tachyon Beam
Lieutenant Commander Sci: Science Team/Transfer Shield Strength, Polarize Hull, Hazard Emitters
Commander Sci: Tractor Beam, Mask Energy Signature, Photonic Shockwave, Photonic Officer

(I know Photonic Officer 3 is hard to come by. Photonic Officer can be had as a Lieutenant Commander ability, so you could swap it out for say PSW3 or GW3 which are trainable.)

Specialty Consoles: Ablative Generator, Photonic Displacer (as a nod to "Deadlock".)

I know Hazard Emitters doesn't really go, but I can't build a ship without Hazard Emitters. You could substitute it for Gravity Well 1, but I have a thing where no ship of mine leaves spacedock without Hazard Emitters.

If you want to fight in this thing, I really am not a fan of MES personally. I would sub that for Tachyon Beam, or Transfer Shield Strength

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