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# 1 nakura missions
08-18-2012, 05:57 AM
i was very disapointed when i arrived there to discover that combat consited of single avatar combat and not my boffs or player teams , i did not read up about it but these missions are headed in completely wrong direction for STO , Yes totally my personal opnion .

it was not the quality of the planet or the graphics design that is bad , its the whole aspect and concept that is introducing ground content that can get done without a group of boffs or players . i sincerely hope this isent a sign of things to come from perfect world or i will be dsapointed with the direction the game is taking ,

i know this is purely a personal opinion but my point is that every other mmorpg on the market except atlantica follows this tired old concept .
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# 2
08-18-2012, 12:18 PM
Only the "Easy" missions are intended for single players. The rest are intended for teams.

The Exterior Mediums can be soloed, but it takes longer and the Hards can't be soloed. At least not unless they bugged out on the last patch or something.
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# 3
08-20-2012, 07:15 AM
The Hard missions are about the only ones that require a team and just barely. I tried them for the heck of it with my Engineering captain and almost got through them. Medium missions are laughably easy even solo. Honestly the entire Tholian invasion thing is pretty "meh" as it goes, especially since every dropbox you can get from them gives you a stupid enviro-suit in one form or another. For all the grinding you have to do for crystals and what not, the rewards for Nukara aren't that special or game breaking. I think I stayed there for about an hour and did the easy/medium missions once through and that was it, haven't been back since as I really see no point to it.

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