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Basically want to know.

1. How do I get NPC to wander about? Like I've seen in foundary missions.

2. How do I get an NPC's to follow me?

3. Is there away make an Enemy NPC's like Orion join Federation side say against Klingons?

4. Has anyone else had trouble Nopada Desert. Still small map & when I go play test there nothing on the small map in the corner? {I'm guessing if it's a dark map on test it be dark for the mission too}.

Finally what is this Tribble thing & how do I access it?

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1: it's in the properties for the NPC object.

2: ATM, you don't.

3: take a friendly faction NPC and use a "costume" that looks like the desired race.

4: what's the issue? were you expecting the map to have more decorations than it does?

5: see:

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1. put an NPC group down. In the behavior tab of the groups properties section. There is an 'enable wander' tick box. Click on that and then you should see more options about how you want your peeps to wander. Wander only works when it has been published before.

2. This is something we cannot do in the foundry. Check in a year or so.

3. There is no way to get a true group of Orions to side with the federation against the klinks. Same with other KDF factions. However you can put a federation mob down and give each actor in that group a new costume and name so it will look like they are Orions and are fighting against the Klingons. Thisi means however they fight like the Federation - not Orions.

4. I haven't had a look at Nopada Desert map yet - so I don't know.

5. Tribble is a different server. It is a testing environment for updates to go to before they hit the main live server (Holodeck). To access it you have to register for it. I think you have to be a subscriber (or at least former subscriber) to register. But once yo've registered ou have registered and ou can cop your characters over to Tribble.

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