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First of all, i want to say that i really like the new Racing Uniform. Especially when using the TNG (series) color scheme it looks really sharp. LINK
But there are some things that bother me on it.

Color palette:
Why did the model artist use different color palettes on that uniform?
The shoulder part is clearly brighter than the rest of the uniform, making it look Black results in a dark grey but not black.
It is really hard to create a good looking uniform if some uniform parts are using different shades of a color. Maybe it looks good when using the original colors of the racing uniform (white, grey and red stripes) but all other combinations look awful IMO or could look mutch better if there would be ONE color palette being used on that uniform. Using 2 or 3 different palettes doesn't help making this uniform look better, it just disturbs when creating a good looking uniform.
This may sound not like a big thing, but it has become really annoying by now, at least for me.

The Stripes: LINK
Would it be possible to give us the option to make it look matte, just like the rest of the uniform or give us the option to remove them completely?
I find them really ugly and annyoing. Adding a option to remove them or at least making them less apparent would make this uniform really look sharp IMO.

Additionally it would be really nice if we could color the horizontal and vertical stripes individually, that would make this uniform really versatile and good looking.

A suggestion:
The following is nothing that bothers me, but more a improvement/suggestion:
Could we get some wrist Rank insignia, like the TOS/Motion Picture Uniform, additionally to the collar rank insignia. I think it would look really sharp!
TOS Rank insignia
Motion Picture wrist rank insignia

PS: I hope some friendly Dev will read this and realize some of my ideas, because i really like that uniform and it would be a shame if it would stay as it is (and because it was a lot of work to make all those pictures and edit them to make my point clear). It could look really cool and elegant but especially those bright glossy stripes and the different color palettes are ruining it completely IMO.

Someone at cryptic really must deeply hate TNG (series) designs and most things related to it, otherwise i couldn't explain why everytime a new uniform comes out the TNG (series) color scheme is made hard to reproduce.
(especially because shoulder parts are everytime made brighter than the rest.)
TNG color scheme LINK not to be confused with the TNG Movie color scheme LINK.

I hope this Post is understandable because my english has become a bit rusty so it was a lot of work to create this post.

Live long and prosper.
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