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Torpedo skills do not appear to be working correcty. We are seeing different damage bonus to different torpedo types. Is this a bug. Torpedo spread has a different damage boost for different torpedoes. The STO wiki says

"Fires 4 Torpedoes, each dealing 55.5% of normal damage, (total 222% of normal), for Chroniton, and Transphasic Torpedoes.

Fires 4 Torpedoes, each dealing 74.2% of normal damage, (total 296.8% of normal), for Photon Torpedoes.

Fires 4 Torpedoes, each dealing 73.7% of normal damage, (total 294.8% of normal), for Quantum Torpedoes."

Shouldn't they all be at 294%? Torpedo spread III and I assume lower versions off both skills have the same problem.

Torpedo spread has the same problem with Transphasic gaining a much lower damage modifier.

A quick test I did gave me these numbers

Transphasic base, 4690.1
Transphasic Spread III, 1976.6
Transphasic High Yield III, 2590.3

Quantum base, 4625.6
Quantum Spread III, 2521
Quantum High Yeild III, 3409

As you can see even though on my setup Transphasic and Quantum have almost the same damage Quantum gain a lot higher damage modifier from torpedo skills. Is this intended or a bug?

Also Transphasic mines are missing from the Fleet store and fleet mines have DMG which does not work with mines making fleet mines useless. Any mine with DMG does the same damage as a mine without DMG. DMG also does not work with torpedo skills with high yield and spread. If you fit one torpedo with DMG and one without then hit High Yield or torpedo spread both do the same damage. Bug or intended?
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Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 1,091
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08-20-2012, 02:53 PM
Any chance of getting dev feedback on this?

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