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Delta Task Force is a Federation fleet, which also allowes all Romulans alligned with the Federation to join. I will give some basic information in this thread.

The most important aspect for our fleet is to play the game to have fun. We are trying to enhance the gameplay in any way we can. Whether you want to run a couple of STF's or to do races around our dilithium mine for high prizes, you can all suggest it in our fleet, and we will make it happen.

We try to focuss a lot on our community. First of all, there is the fleet chat, ofcourse. We have our own ingame channel, Deltas, to communicate with fleet members when they are playing on KDF or on characters in different fleets. (It is not a problem to have multiple fed characters in different fleets, nor will you be forced to play mostly on a Delta character if you don't want to). And last but not least: we have our own TeamSpeak server, for which the details can be found in our fleet Information tab. We usually have a lot of fun when talking to each other.

We are a pretty young fleet for STO these days. We were founded the 29th of June this year, which places us at 2 and a half months old. Despite this, many of our members have been playing the game much longer (I myself have begun playing in February 2012) and have a lot of knowledge, experience and excellent build suggestions to offer.

As for our fleet holdings, if you remember our young age, I don't think we are doing badly with working on T2 mine, T3 starbase and being a project away from T2 embassy. A complete breakdown on the moment of typing is:
Starbase - T2, Shipyard - T2, T3 upgrade is currently in progress, Industrial Fabricator - T2, Communications Array - T2. For all the categories we are only a few days away from triggering the upgrades.
Embassy - All T1, Tier 2 upgrades can begin after the next experience projects are done.
Dilithium mine - T1, ready to begin the T2 upgrade, Trade - T2, Development - T1, T2 upgrade is in progress.

Ofcourse I can only tell as much in a single forum thread. Therefore if you are interested, you can click this link to go to our fleet website.

If you want to join, you can PM any online member, since everybody has the permission to invite. Optionally, if you want more information, mail me ingame: Rahm Kota@rahmkota19. I will also check this thread regularly to keep up with any questions asked in this forum.
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