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I ran into a somewhat awkward problem trying to tweak my latest mission a bit. In a nutshell, I can't seem to predict what the mission tracker is going to show once published.

Immediately after the grant mission dialog, the player is expected to go to a particular map entry point. Now the according mission text is "Missing Survey Vessel Investigation" - when I test the mission in the Foundry editor, this particular mission text is properly followed by the bulletin point "Go to Scarlet Eye (near Kei System)". That's because I called my map "Scarlet Eye (near Kei System)". Nifty, I thought. However, it doesn't show up this way in-game. The player only gets to see "Missing Survey Vessel Investigation" and is left to recall or look up the starting location from the grant mission text. Needless to say, some don't bother and feel they're left with no directions.

Consequently, I tried to change the mission text to "Missing Survey Vessel Investigation in Scarlet Eye (near Kei system)" and got rid of the awkward map name. I republished, and to my very surprise, the mission tracker read the new mission text followed by the bulletin point: "Go to Scarlet Eye". Now I really felt somewhat crypticed, but it gets worse:

Fine then, I thought, maybe some glitch they got rid of. I changed my mission text and map name back to original, as it just looked smoother and less awkward that way, republished, and promptly, I was left with only the "Missing Survey Vessel Investigation" mission text, no additional "Go to XY" directions this time.

Am I blatantly missing something here? On test-runs in the Foundry, I always get to read "Go to XY" in the mission tracker. But once published, the mission tracker appears to show or hide the "Go to" text at random. Is there a way I can reliably force it to appear? If not, is there a way I can reliably force it not to appear, so I can at least flesh out my actual mission text accordingly? I must admit I'm somewhat confused.


It was the brackets, as in "(near Kei system)". The mission tracker hates brackets - which sort of makes sense, as they're used for counting kills and similiar objectives. So in a nutshell, you may want to avoid them in your map names, unless you feel like forcing the mission tracker not to show the according objective.

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