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# 1 Oddy and Bortasque Pets
08-19-2012, 08:00 AM
After using the Oddy and Bortasque since they came out with the console set bonus and using the pets, I would like to make one little suggestion, please let me set a focus on this target command (this does not mean exact carrier commands, just the maintain its target one) so that my Aquarius / Ho'SuS will engage said target until called back.

As it stands having to constantly re-target the target I want it to continually fire at is starting to get on my nerves. i.e. I want it to attack a generator that's more than 10km out but my cruiser is parked to target incoming probes, I let it head to the gen, it start's to fire then I use target nearest to target a probe, first one it does not return since its an manual target selection but with the second target once auto acquired as next it starts to return then I gotta deselect then re-target the generator for it to stay on it.
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