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Originally Posted by possumlips View Post
Under ships status,movement, my Atrox carrier says turn rate 3.0 deg/sec. I got a RCS console for it level XI in rare that says +35% flight turn rate but the stats stay the same and i can't tell that it turns any shaper with it equiped.I was wondering what i did wrong? As you may know, its one of the worse ships for turning which is why i went with beams and turrets. Seems like i remember a warp theorist duty officer added to space duty will add a turn rate debuff but that was only if i used Tachyon beam and i might try that. thanks in advance....jesse
i sell turn consoles as soon as i get them. they are a total waste of space. i have tried a variety of set ups on my atrox and currently use all beams (disruptors) with one dual beam bank. works pretty well for me. i also recommend using danube runabouts. let them do the running around and work on keeping yourself strategically placed.
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Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
I see no advantage other than more DPS in a 45' arc

When you're turnrate is so low, how often does this happen during Fleet Events? If you're only dong STFs, not so as bad considering you mainly fight Borg structures. I see a DHC hurting the atrox in any other instance...

I mean its possible if you run mainly runabouts and tractor beams.. still tho..
I agree wholeheartedly. DHCs on an Atrox, though possible, aren't really efficient outside an STF. Outside an STF, there's alot more moving targets. Sure, if you sport tractor beams and Danubes, it's possible, but you still need to maneuver the ship into firing position.

On top of that, Cannons need to be at close range to really shine, particularly 5km or less. So, you need to be close to a target and maneuver to properly fire your DHCs. The poor maneuverability of a ship like the Atrox and Vo'Quv carriers makes it not a good platform for DHCs. I can maybe see regular 180 degree arc Cannons and turrets being better, but not DCs/DHCs.
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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
RCS Console do help, but you need to layer more turn buffs to make them really effective. Add 3-6 Ranks in Starship Thrusters. One big multiplier is Engine Subsystem power. More engine power means faster turning. Invest in Starship Warp Core Potential, Starship Warp Core Efficiency and Starship Engine Performance. And if like most you using the Offense power profile with Engine Power set to 25, well you are going to have to evaluate things. You'll need to give up some DPS to turn faster. For a carrier, I've found that the Balanced profile is generally best for generate operation. You have too many competing needs to favor one over the other.

In my Carrier Captains, I generally use the Balanced power profile with heavy investment in Captain power skills (some mentioned above). I don't really focus on trying to do a lot of DPS with my ship, I focus on support of my pets and teammates any DPS I do is just supplemental. Now on my Tactical Captain in a Recluse Carrier, I do tending to focus on DPS from the ship, but I don't sacrifice movement to do so. I bounce between power settings a lot during missions. That captain have 6 ranks in Starship Electro-Plasma Systems and has an EPS Flow Regulator Engineering console to speed up power level transfers. And FYI, I do have RCS consoles in the carriers.
Well, fuzun, I bypass the power requirements of my weapons by using torpedoes, a relatively viable option if you can manage the turn rate, which I believe I can. Ironically, most ship captains in PvP (not that I played against a lot) seem to like following my tail around, getting rewarded by the occasional bird of prey dropping in on them and more torpedoes Those guys just don't know when to stay at the sides.
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Unless you intend to PvP, you've got all the time in the world to turn - if you bother to turn at all, that is. STFs and missions are enough ezmode to learn the ropes so that you don't need to rely on speed of doing -anything- whatsoever in time critical fashion.
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Originally Posted by crusty8mac View Post
Okay, I have to say it, been holding back for weeks.... am I the only one that thinks the Atrox is a Lego carrier?
It does remind me of one I saw in a store once, but in all honesty it reminds me more of a Covenant Escort Cruiser from Halo XD
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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
It does remind me of one I saw in a store once, but in all honesty it reminds me more of a Covenant Escort Cruiser from Halo XD
HAHA, nice to know im not the only one who thinks this all we need is an interior to match and we have Covenant in the STU lol...the mission in Halo where you have to get Keys back comes to mind for an interior.

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