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So ive been playing around in the foundry and I've watched some YouTube vids read forums but i can't find a go-to detailed Animation guide like what all the idle times and wieght and all options do etc.. im looking for how to set them up mostly is there anything out there? or is it just kind of trial and error?
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08-22-2012, 12:05 AM
There is a youtube Video called the Wonders and Blunders of Wander.

While this is specifically about Wander the duration, Idle duration, weight etc which are shared across different segments are the same.

I'll give a brief overview of each 'action' here.

Idle - This is considered the 'default' action when the character is not doing anything else it 'idles'.

Chat - This allows the NPC to have 'ambient chat' a line of text that is repeated every time the chat action starts. This may or may not involve a character animation. If it doesn't normal idle animation is run.

Wander - This NPC just blindly wanders about the map according to the Wander properties explained in the video. Wander does not let an NPC move along a preset path.

Jobs - There may be objects or consoles that have jobs markers hooked up. NPCs on jobs will automatically find a nearby job activated console and type away at it.
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08-22-2012, 03:33 AM
Jobs, in my experience, is largely worthless. First of all it only works with a select few consoles, but that is not the major issue with it. The problem is that the NPC don't always seem to get very close to the console before going into jobs mode, and also they don't seem to stop their "job" when changing over to wander.

Both of these result in the NPC standing around typing the air (or walking around typing in the air), which looks ridiculous. Unless something has changed recently, my advice is to just ignore the jobs state. If you want an NPC typing at a console, just place them next to it with a typing animation. If you want them to wander then have them do something else with their idle animation or chat animation.

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08-22-2012, 06:00 AM
There is also Hav's older Animations with Helna tutorial...I don't believe its entirely out of date now. And I need to check because I think the new update to the foundry might have 'broken' our way of telling which consoles are the interactable ones...
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08-22-2012, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
You need to publish before NPCs will wander. Publishing creates the pathing nodes. Patrolling is not implemented yet.
That explains alot I was starting to think the wander was broken.

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