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08-22-2012, 12:21 PM
On the contrary, people are quite entitled to their opinions. You are free to defend lockboxes and posters in this thread have in fact posted some useful information about them (shame not all want to read it eh....?) Prime example, I now know how to remove the pop-up messages about Orb Weaver ships thanks to replies on here.

But, whilst you are correct in areas of the lockbox scheme being improved such as providing a constant reward in the form of Lobi Crystals, it still doesn't look like an honest enough scheme and my distrust of them is not confined only to STO. There are some downright awful lockbox schemes out there and companies really can't be trusted to run them, especially without regulation.

I also want to see efforts placed into new content. Again, I mentioned I am willing to pay money towards the game, but there is nothing worth paying for right now! Virtual keys are not on my shopping list.
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08-23-2012, 06:56 AM
have you ever played a card game? like magic.. or pokemon. if yes ithe lock boxs are the same thing. you can get something realy cool or some thing usefall.
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Originally Posted by shaanithegreen View Post
Plus, the law specifies gambling as a game which awards money, or "money's worth".

It doesn't pay out in real world money, so, I guess it depends on how much the Crown of the United Kingdom values imaginary spaceships.
Actually, there IS a real world value to every item in the game.

Since there are C-Store items available on the exchange, a few simple equations shows the exchange rate of Zen to EC per item.

The average of 8 C-store items comes to 7,562.5 EC per Zen.
I looked at Caitian BOffs, Ferasan Boffs, Fluidic Space Tribbles, Polytrinic and Eisilum Hortas, Sehlat Cubs, Targs, and Keys. Keys was the ONLY item to have an emense sampling of prices. Leaving me to believe the price of Keys gives the more accurate number.

Based on Keys alone, the exchange rate varies between 10,000 and 11,000 EC per Zen.

Zen in the C-Store sells at $5.00 for 500z, $10.00 for 1,000z, $20.00 for 2,000.
Thus the Exchange rate of dollars to Zen is $0.01 for 1z.

So, with an exchange rate of 10,500 EC per Zen, simple math shows that Temporal Science Vessels (at the time of this post) selling for 78,000,000 EC is worth $74.29.

There's your real world value!
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09-29-2012, 02:04 PM
The last post on this thread was over 30 days ago and as such it's being closed.

Don't necro zombie posts over 30 days
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