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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the twenty-sixth Literary Challenge: Senior Officers
Every Captain has their own Senior Officers. Now is your chance to flesh out the biographies and backstories of your First Officer and Chief Officers while sharing them with the community. Feel free to do so below in any fashion (e.g. Log Entries, PADD entries, etc.).
This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
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Inquiry about the senior staff of USS Cardassia Prime ... Approved

Kar'ukan Amara'Atar - First Officer, Chief Security Officer

Jem'Hadar, Male

Originally a clone of Kar'ukan of the Dominion who was responsible for the second occupation of DS9. After the last battle he was discovered by Gul Rokar as an infant and instead of going back with the rest of the Dominion forces and the Founder he remain in the Alpha Quadrant and was fond of Gul Rokar and become hes personal guard first and later after he was fully mature by the genetic modifications of all Jem'Hadar he joined the Senior Staff of Cardassia Prime.

K'Gamong of the house of Kanohos - Chief Engineering Officer

Klingon, Male

After a terible fight with hes father Kanohos the Builder he rejected all that is Klingon and joined Starfleet after hes training was complete he joined the USS Cardassia Prime as Engineer but after the Chief Engineer of the ship was killed by the Borg he assume his role. Hes father was one of the main Klingon inventors and engineers of the Empire tho he does not approve the current councilor policy.

Rolok - Chief Operations Officer

Andorian, Male

He is the only Starfleet officer from the original staff before Gul Rokar take command he isn't very comfortable among the rest of the senior staff because they are not trained Starfleet Officers hes most likely to ask for a transfer to another ship anytime soon.

T'kerat - Chief Science Officer

Vulcan, Male

T'kerat was a member of Vulcan Science Academy and its temporary aboard the ship for the officer exchange program among the federation members. Hes cold logic often help the ship to deal with many problems and threats.

Six of Ten Primary Processor of Unimatrix 251 - Chief Medical Officer

Human/Borg, Male

First he was assimilated during the Vega Colony invasion by the Borg from one of the ships. Rescued after a battle with a borg cube and after a lot of work he regain hes humanity and joined the crew that rescue him. Problem remain with identity he no longer is part of the borg collective but hes not and individual also. As a Medical officer he has make many breakthrough in various cases because of his former borg nature. Most notable is the Nanite Health Probes who act as good as any field medic.

Nebara Zyal - Chief Tactical Officer

Bajoran, Female

A former freedom fighter who was a seasoned warrior during the bajoran occupation but after the fall of Central Command of the Cardassian Union a lot of files where uncovered and it was stated the only military cardassian who oppose the occupation and its brutality was Gul Rokar Rain the leader of the 5th Order. New Bajoran Goverment decided to honor Gul Rokar and after a symposium about the ocupation a officer was send aboard Gul Rokar's ship. Zyal recognize the good in Gul Rokar and yet she often argue with him and his decisions but he does value her opinion and often she act as his voice of reason.

Inquiry finished, LCARS - Offline

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Bridge officers of the U.S.S. Renegade

Francesca - First Officer, Chief Tactical Officer
(Human Female)

She's smart but when it comes to a situation....Her preference is shooting more than diplomacy.

Ramirez - Chief Security Officer
(Caitian Male)

Prankster that was attempting a prank, he used a Starfleet uniform for 1 prank....ended up stuck on the U.S.S. Renegade. He is all serious on duty he pranks everybody.

Kelsey - Chief Science Officer
(Alien Female)

From System 8235 - "Rybrillloth" in the Delta Volnais Cluster, Kelsey wanted to explore the galaxy. See what's out there. Being on an ice planet the rest of your life gets pretty boring. So she found a functional ship in a cave..convient right?...and just took off. Going wherever she wanted.Well, Kelsey was just flying in her ship through the Delta Volanis Cluster. and heard about Starfleet in here travels. She immediately wanted to join.But they don't accept just anybody, especially not some random person who hasn't been to Earth. The U.S.S. Renegade was doing a routine search through the Delta Volanis Cluster.
Kelsey hailed them and told them "I can do science." That was good enough for Renegade Steve, captain of the U.S.S. Renegade. He shipped her to Starfleet Academy with his recommendation and well, here she is. Kelsey immediately requested to work with the U.S.S. Renegade since its the first ship she ever saw.


K'Ehlawr - Chief Engineer
(Klingon Female)

Cute most of the time but if you dishonor her, she'll rip your arm off like she did the last guy.

Catta - Shuttle Pilot
(Saurian Female)

Really skilled shuttle pilot. No matter what the situation, she'll manage to get you out. Also, she's a great listener and offers great advice.

Ebasin - Shuttle Pilot
(Betazoid Male)

Got drunk one night and enlisted in Starfleet. He hasn't regretted that decision.

Carl - Chief Operations
(Ferengi Male)

Nobody know why his name is Carl. He rarely speaks at all. The only thing we know about him is that he sometime sells himself to Orion Slavers for a quick profit.

Cherut - Chief Medical Officer
(Bajorian Male)

A whacko Bajorian medic who defiantly needs a psychological evaluation. Some of his medical methods aren't exactly "Starfleet regulation", but it works. He is also completely obsessed with shoes, believing "They can fix anything"

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Its an unseasonably warm, balmy evening on the Scottish coast, and Captain Amuro Ray is preparing for a romantic evening when he gets to thinking about how he went from his first assignment as a lowly ensign, through the ranks to command his own taskforce. Most of his thought was about the family he had created aboard his ships, as they had been through too much to be considered merely crew.

'Damn, its been a busy few years.' I thought to myself, trying to adjust this frickin' tie.

'The attack on Vega colony, Devidians, Romulans, Tholians , Undine, Cardassians, Terrans, Dominion, Breen, Iconians, time travel and the Borg. How the heck did I survive?

Oh yeah, if it wasn't for my friends I'd have died so many times over, heh.'

I thought of my officers. Many had sought me out after assignments, but a few, who are my most senior staff, I personally encountered or requested they be assigned to me.

My thoughts first turned to my helm, Supuk. We went to the academy together. She was not fond of Vulcan traditions around emotions, so she opted to enlist in Starfleet. We took shuttle lessons at the same time, and I found her style to be almost suicidal: Supuk went for the riskiest maneuvers possible. We were even assigned to the Freedom before the attack on Vega colony. Amazingly, she survived the attack on the Freedom and proved invaluable in locating escape pods from lost ships. There is not a single pilot in Starfleet I would trust with my life more than her.

I finally fixed that tie, now I had to find my spats, it's been so long since I last wore them. 2 years, 6 months, and 9 days. The day of my graduation.

That made me think about my Chief Medical officer, Jelun Montoya. He had graduated the same day as I did, and he took assignment to Starbase 39-Sierra as a 3rd-watch doctor. We used to spend so many nights getting drunk and seeing who could swim across San Francisco bay unassisted. We never made it more than half a mile before secrurity had us beamed back ashore.
We were roommates for the latter half of our Academy days, and he always cooked. His cooking was amazing! I hated having to settle for replicated food while we were prepping for our exams.
Naturally, when I found that he was looking for a change of pace, I jumped at the chance to get him assigned to my ship.

Ahh, there's my spats, now where did I put that watch?

Ahh technology, reminds me of my Chief engineer, Six. I still don't know much about her, though I do know she sought me out after my encounter with Iconian tech. She is fascinated by any form of exotic technology, I suppose thats due to her borg implants.
Its funny how we're always at odds, since I tend to tinker around with the warp core.

Almost like my Chief Science officer, Pi.
I rescued him during a little temporal incident where I almost blew my own mind. So I was surprised to find he asked to be assigned to me not 5 minutes after I returned to spacedock from that misadventure. He always wants to analyse every anomaly we pass, so he notes his indignation when we can't stop.

I am snapped out of my introspective by a knock at the door. It must be Zazhid!

I quickly spray some aftershave, double check my suit is all prim and proper, then I open the door.

Before me stands my First officer, Zazhid Phax. Her long, flowing auburn hair frames her beautiful face, her make-up accentuating her deep, ocean blue eyes. Her spots seemed to shimmer. She wore an amazing azure ballgown, which cinched in to show off her taught figure, which was honed after many, many away mission hauling my own backside out of the fire. I had a crush on her since our first day at the academy. I was taken aback when she asked to be my medical officer, but had to ask her to double hat as no.1 for some time before Jelun came aboard. By that time Zazhid was better suited to the role of First officer.

"Shall we go, once you pick your jaw off the floor?" Zazhid asked me, knowing full well her beauty stunned me every time.

"Of course, milady" I said, raising my arm.

We headed off to the italian on the shore and shared a divine evening. This next moment could be the best, or worst moment of my life.

I turned and stared into those impossibly deep eyes, and mustered up the courage to open my mouth for what seemed to be the hardest thing I've done, and I've led people to their deaths!

"Zazhid, there's something I've been wanting to say since the first day I met you."

Zazhid looked a little puzzled, "What is it?"

"Since I first laid eyes on you that day at the academy, I've felt a feeling that has had no equal when we have been apart. I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I'd follow you to the ends of time, beyond the final frontier into the infinite beyond..." I got up from my seat, approached her... down on one knee, reached into my pocket and pulled out a gold ring with a diamond the size of a marble.

Everyone in the restaurant had noticed what I was doing, and we both blushed more than the tomatoes.

"Zazhid Phax, will you marry me and make me the jammiest guy this side of the wormhole?"

... Zazhid looked stunned, but she opened her mouth to answer, tears welling up in her eyes...
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- Sir,

- I have obtained the data you requested on the Federation Excelsior-class starship Dawnstar, Vice Admiral Kelro Verne's current flagship.

- While at first I could not understand why a Vice Admiral would use a Heavy Cruiser to command his task force, I believe I now understand that there is considerable distrust among the Admiralty within this Starfleet towards the former Imperial commander and his staff, and this has blocked him from commanding anything but a ship many would consider a museum relic. Even so, there is considerable evidence the ship has been upgraded significantly, and the transwarp drives of this class of ship remain among the most advanced in space. I must urge caution in any encounter with this ship.

- I still do not understand why I was denied permission to sanction the traitors during my investigation but...


- ...Understood.

- In addition to the technical data, I have obtained a Starfleet data file containing background information on the current senior officers aboard, apparently some sort of research file being compiled by the commanding officer of a ship within the Dawnstar's squadron. Perhaps he hopes to write a book? I will send this data in this transmission along with my own observations as part of the Dawnstar's crew, as it may provide insight on what orders I receive next, and the technical data is too large for this method of communication to be used without drawing suspicion.

>>>PROCEED <<<




August Nine Wings is one of several war leaders from the planet Amerind who joined Starfleet as part of a plan to prevent the Empire from devestating the planet with prison industry. That plan involved taking over an Imperial starship and setting it in orbit to defend against any Imperial aggression. However, the ship that actually arrived was the I.S.S. Conquest. It was only after the Amerind attack parties had boarded the Conquest that they realized it was not a standard Imperial ship, but one with a commander and crew who were in disfavor with the High Command for their lack of aggressiveness in enforcing Imperial rule. When the Conquest stopped an Imperial dreadnaught from bombarding Amerind after the planet revolted, August and many of the war party members joined the crew in a debt of honor and remained aboard the Conquest when it fled to the Federation.

Since that time, August has found himself appointed First Officer aboard the Dawnstar, and become a close friend to Admiral Kelro Verne. Stern but fair, he manages the crew with care as well as discipline, knowing that in an emergency, the dedication of people is as important as their skill at their task.

-This man does not miss a single mistake! I once fudged a single number on a report I was doing in the Mess Deck, and it was this man who came down to check on it personally within an hour of my filing it. I don't doubt that he would have made a deadly Imperial commander, if he hadn't been born on that backwards planet.



Chai Takashi was born the child of a military father and the American translater he married, in the late 20th century. Always feeling the outsider in the closed society around her, Chai learned at an early age to hold her own ground and to outthink those around her who sought to use her. When her father disappeared, her mother seemed to accept that Chai would be fated to be a lonely and embattled young woman in a country where conformity was expected.

That all changed when she was abducted and mistakenly inducted into the ranks of Humans tasked by the Preservers in their war against the extra-galactic hegemony known only as The Darkening. There, her tactical abilities made her a valuable warrior among others who shared her fears and truimphs, and she quickly formed several strong friendships with her teamates. Chai also became a unique candidate for linking with and safeguarding one of the greatest treasures of that time...sentient crystals that were the core of the proto-Preserver civilization. During the War, she and Kelro Verne were forced together and shared both trials and a close friendship that turned to a committed relationship. When the War ended, they were seperated and returned to their own time and places. This lasted until her abduction by the same damaged recovery ship that took Kelro and others into a centuries-long stasis sleep, and which was discovered adrift by an Imperial cruiser on deep patrol.

Joining Starfleet after recovering from the long hybernation, Chai quickly found the skills she had honed in the War served her well in the 25th Century, and it was not long before she found herself a newly-minted Starfleet Officer once again serving alongside Captain Verne. Since the flight of the Conquest to Federation space and the transfer of the survivors of that ship to the Dawnstar, she has also become the adopted sister to another officer aboard. The attempts to learn from Lt. Commander Teirsa Odmrid how to function in Betazoid culture have provided some of the most interesting tactical decisions of Chai's life.

- I once had a chance to talk to Takashi and asked her about how she first met Admiral Verne. The mental scarring and images I experienced convince me there is deep trauma involved with that memory, and possibly healed insanity. The techniques used to cover these are unfamiliar to me, but they are advanced. I noted the same with the Admiral when I managed to drop the same question on him. A weakness we can exploit?



Teirsa Odmrid is the daughter of Vice Admiral Dor Odmrid, who commanded one of the Reserve Squadrons at Wolf 359. Being raised in the traditions of Starfleet did not soften the blow that his death at the battle there struck, but it did reinforce the direction her life would take. Contrary to her mother's wishes, Teirsa enlisted in Starfleet's Engineering branch and put her mind entirely to learning about warp engines and power systems. Some have wondered if her determination to succeed was a disguise to fuel some plan to exact revenge on the Borg, and this no doubt was a factor in her assignment by the Federation to a ship crewed by former Imperial officers who were, themselves, not entirely trusted.

Regardless of these fears, Commander Odmrid has consistently performed her duties as Chief Engineer aboard the Dawnstar with quiet professionalism, running Engineering with a firm but even hand and coming up with several innovations in Warp Field application. Her empathic abilities often seem to extend to the ship, though she denies any sort of psychic link.

Teirsa is especially close to Lt. Commander Chai Takashi. During an away mission that marooned the two on a barren world, she declared to the local tribes that Takashi was her sister, and the friendship that continued between the two afterwards motivated Teirsa to make that relationship an actual one when she asked her family to officially adopt Takashi into their Betazoid community. The two are now sisters in all but blood.

- This one, I didn't want to get too close to. Of all the senior staff, she seemed to sense something wrong with me. Maybe the Betazoid here can sense their opposite numbers? I didn't want to find out, and it's quite possible I may have to eliminate her to maintain...




Ted Galloway had joined Starfleet to make a name for himself with his family on Betazed, and felt certain the assignment to the new Odyssey-class U.S.S. Bullet was the chance he had waited for. Going so far as to switch assignment designations with another crewman, he quickly found himself in the Astrophysics Department and awaiting the day he would save the ship.

That day did not come as he expected. Just before the maiden voyage of the Bullet, Ted was asked to return to Betazed by a subspace message from his family. The transport carrying him was intercepted by a Borg Probe and most of the passengers assimilated. Ted held back the oncoming drones long enough for a single shuttle to escape the doomed ship, but was himself captured.

Designated Ten of Sixty Two, he found the price for glory was steep indeed. Lost in the Collective, he had no real individuality until the Dawnstar retrieved him a month later. Even then, it would be another two weeks before he began to be anything like the young crewman the ship had risked their lives to recover. Although the cybernetics employed on him proved far too extensive to remove and much of his memory remains elusive, it is clear his time within the Collective has sharpened his previous lackluster scientific skills and given him the enhancements to analyze a situation much faster than most within the Science Department aboard ship.

Feeling more comfortable with the name Ten, he is now entirely dedicated to opposing the beings who took away his former life.

- This one is scary! I didn't know where to begin to guess at what he could detect, and the light probes I did hit a mental block that was like a brick wall. I don't think I ever saw him smile, and the fact that he analyzes everything around him like a computer made me avoid any meeting between us. That the Federation would even allow a Borg on their ship, let alone as a senior officer, is all the proof we need of how flawed their reasoning abilities must be! Do they -want- to die?



Page Walks Far is a native of the planet known as Amerind. A world where the Preservers had transplanted various tribes of Native Americans from Terra, the Empire had decided to use it as a prison world for undesirables who were too valuable for immediate execution. It was not long before the native tribes and prisoner camps joined forces to plan their survival.

A natural healer, Page also knows that even healers must fight to survive. When she was made part of the attempt by the Amerind war chiefs to take over a Starfleet ship to defend their world, Page went willing to give her life to earn success. It was only after the Conquest saved her world that Page accepted that the ship was not a loyalist Imperial ship, and that her spirit path had always led to her joining the crew.

When the Conquest fled to the Federation universe, Page remained aboard as Chief Medical Officer. She has since become a valued and trusted member of the Dawnstar's company, though Page's stern upbringing has not left many of her patients impressed with her bedside manner. Indeed, many of the crew regard the annual physical exam as a refresher course in combat readiness, and the Honor Blade all crew from Amerind are allowed to wear with their uniforms makes many question if she does as well.

- I liked this woman! She didn't have the soft attitude of most of the females aboard this ship. Again, would have made a fine Imperial officer if she hadn't such low heritage.




Emanuel Long Fist is a native of Amerind, and one of the most cunning warriors to have come from that planet. Like most of the planet's inhabitants, he gained his first name from the Imperial personnel that he interacted with as a guide. When the war chiefs of the planet decided to capture a Starfleet vessel to protect themselves, Long Fist became their primary agent in the orbital factories due to his placement within the occupation organization.

After the attack party discovered it was aboard an Imperial cruiser with a crew who respected the people of Amerind instead of the aggressor ship they had expected, it was Long Fist who stood by August Nine Wings to convince the warriors to cease the planned attack and join with the Conquest's crew in fighting off the second Imperial ship that had been dispatched to lay waste to their world. Impressed with the crew of the starship, Long Fist elected to join those who chose to remain aboard in the Conquest's flight to the Federation's universe.

It was inevitable that Long Fist would seek to become the highest-ranking warrior aboard the Dawnstar, and few can doubt that the duties of Chief Security Officer are perfectly suited to this man. Even though he has a great interest and appreciation for music and dance, Long Fist's combat skills are what most outsiders remember.

- Long Fist is the kind of warrior you hear in the tales of old Terra's Samurai, a kind of artist/fighter. He loves a challenge, both in battle and in his attempts to play musical instruments. Depressingly, he is excellent at both, and takes that same talent to his Security duties. Luckily, there are others in his Department that are not so capable, and he cannot stay awake all day and night.


Jeremiah Sangrey was raised in a reclusive commune on Alpha Centauri that believed only those who applied all of their attention to what they did could achieve Mankind's ultimate destiny. This tended to produce an atmosphere that encouraged the development of odd patterns of behavior and customs other members of the Federation would be hard-pressed to understand.

Jeremiah was considered an odd child by the commune because he yearned to learn things such as starship engineering and gravitic theory, disciplines far beyond the allowed technology of the commune's teachings. No amount of correction or confiscation of the technical manuals he managed to hide within the commune changed this, and the elders were hard-pressed to keep other children from following in his herasy. When he was of age, it was with great relief they drew up the application for Starfleet that sent him where he wanted to go.

Always wearing gloves to prevent 'unclean materials' from touching his hands, Jeremiah has earned his place in Starfleet and aboard the Dawnstar despite a tendency to rattle off long streams of definitions during conversations. None can fault his navigation skills, however, and Jeremiah is credited with no less than five citations for exemplary performance under adverse spacial conditions, one of which resulted in an ongoing investigation by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to determine if Jeremiah has discovered a previously-unknown utilization of transwarp theory.

- I didn't spend any time with this one. If anyone could kill an enemy by talking their head off, Sangrey might be a master assassin. Oddly enough, when he is at the ship's plotting station or operating the shields, he doesn't speak beyond the minimum required for duty....must be that concentration thing.



Rem Zut has always been known as a gambler and risk-taker. During his youth, he attempted every dare and stunt presented to him, sometimes with very bad results. This resulted in a series of fines and damage expenses that eventually threatened to cast him out of his family's Circle. In desperation, he decided to join Starfleet. It wasn't until he was in the Academy that Rem realized Starfleet didn't pay nearly as well as his recruiter had claimed, and he suspects his family arranged behind the scenes to have him enlist one way or the other. Regardless, he soon surprised both his instructors and himself with a talent for Scientific inquiry that was at odds with his gambler mannerisms.

Since reporting aboard ship, Rem has found all the challenge he could have wished for as Helmsman for the Dawnstar. The ship's missions continue to fulfill his desire to challenge fate, and he has moderated his risk-taking to a large extent as he learns to value the safety and well-being of his crewmates. In particular, Rem has come to be attracted to Chief Engineer Odmrid, and his attempts to gain her affection have been the subject of many of the crew's tales at dock. In addition, Rem maintains a network of associates at many of the ports the Dawnstar visits, and it is not unheard of for him to obtain 'additional resources' when Starfleet's supply chain fails to extend far enough for the ship's needs.

- Oh, the fun I had with Rem! His mind was such a jangle of conflicting motivations every time I met him that I doubt he could have noticed my probes if I posted subspace notices for him! Unfortunately, I couldn't get past that mess to see what was in that tiny brain of his, but he doesn't seem to have the typical Betazoid ability to keep his emotions from his face. I will have to take him out for a night on our next port call and see just how much he....


- ???

- You....NO!



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Hi Mum.

I know it's been a while since I last wrote to you. Sorry about that. We have been busy transferring alot of new crew members to the Sentinel following a transfer to Serenity Station. Xui Li has been working overtime, organising the new people. Most people would hate such a large scale task, but she thoroughly enjoys it. Part of her chinese upbringing, I guess. She was brought up to be very considerate of others first and is always polite with a smile. She once showed me her pet Tribbles. I was surprised to see them, even more surprised when I heard the Captain knew about them as well. But as long as she doesn't feed them, the Captain seems fine with them. I must admit, there's soemthing about those little fluffballs that is just too cute. I'm tempted to get one myself, but I would forget and feed it. And that isn't a subtle hint for a birthday present. Don't get Tribbles. Some planets consider them an ecological menace. I don't think they are that bad, but we do have to be careful, some here think like that. I would hate to think what Roderick would do if he got his hands on one of Xui Li's pets.

Thank you for the care package you sent. We are heading towards a star cluster to survey an ice world soon, that scarf will be very useful. Talaina thinks it wont be cold. But being from Andor, she's used to the really cold temperatures. So is Bosip. You remember them from your visit? Bosip is as secretive as ever, but Talaina really seems to be warming up, pardon the pun. When I first met her, she was so militaristic. Comes from her growing up I guess. Did I tell you she comes from a long line of servicemen in the Andorian Imperial Guard? She's very proud of her family heritage, but it can take a while to get her to start talking. I remember when we first met, I thought she was the coldest person I'd ever met. Always so serious, always the prim and proper soldier. But over the years, she has definately become friendlier. I don't think I would call her my best friend on the ship, Jenna would most likely take that role, but Talaina is a good friend, even if she is always on duty as the First Officer.

Oh, speaking of care packages, how is Dad doing? I mentioned his symptoms to Luwara and she suggested the Frykloza Root from Horst III, ground up and served in some Ginger Ale, with a dash of Bajoran spiney basil, some Muktok plant and plenty of Zyruko herbs. Only a little of the root though, she says it's potent stuff, but easy to get. So is the Ginger Ale. I'm not sure what Ginger Ale is, it's some kind of human drink, but Luawra said that should help ease his pain. She is always making random recipies like that, we barely ever have to resupply our medical supplies except for when we have been offering relief aid. All tricks she learnt from her mother. She seems to really enjoy her work. Alot of my fellow shipmates do. So do I, but you know I'll come right back home to Trill on the first transport if you need me. All you have to do is ask, don't be stubborn like you were when you tried to get me joined. At least Dad wont be getting into any more bar fights. Not that there haven't been fun of that kind on board.

Roderick, you didn't meet him when you visited, but he was born on the old Maquis colonies right before the outbreak of the Dominion War. He has had something of a troubled past, never seems to be calm. I don't blame him, he saw some horrors in that war, and at such a young age, but the Captain seems to have taken him under hsi wing, trying to focus him. Luawra and Ernie Hauser have also been helping, but Ernie always gets scared easily. The sad part is, it was working. Roderick was getting better at controlling his anger. Then the whole debacle with the Jem'Hadar fleet returning through the wormhole and retaking DS9 ruined all that work. Seeing the Jem'Hadar, literally teh people from his nightmares, return in such force, he snapped. At least he kept things in check until the mission was over, but it took some time and alot of broken furniture to get him resembling some form of calm again. Like before though, just as he was starting to make some real progress, Starfleet assigned us a Jem'Hadar bridge officer as part of an Officer Exchange program between Starfleet and the Dominion, in an effort to cement peace between us following that 2800 incident. Oh boy. The instant Roderick saw Mirat, I thought his head was going to explode. Mirat does not help matters with his traditional 'I'm a Jem'Hadar, I'm better than you' attitude, but the two are always antagonising each other. They never sit near each other on the bridge, and more than once, Security has been forced to break up their fights. I remember one particularly bad time, just after we had taken on a Breen refugee, Ernie, Jenna and I were in The Bar, that place at the front of the ship with that bartender you thought was cute if you remember?, and suddenly we heard this loud commotion. People scattered and Roderick was punching Mirat hard in the face. Mirat responded by throwing Roderick around the room, smashing the ships on teh wall, breaking tables, even putting a couple of guys in Sickbway when they tried to break it up. It wasn't helped when Gar, that Breen I mentioned, decided to throw an ice grenade at the pair. Mirat and Gar seem to have become friends, ganging up on Roderick. I feel sorry for him, he just wants to have a calm life, but the ghosts of his past keep getting dragged up, no matter how much the Captain, or the rest of us try to help him.

Anyway, it's getting late and I have to recalibrate the sensors in the morning for the ice survey. Although I must tell you about a new friend. Well, he's more like a pet. The captain and I beamed down to a Romulan Mine a few months ago to investigate, and in the tunnels, we find a Horta. A genuine, living Horta. He followed us out of the mine and snuggled up against my foot. He was so cute. We were going to leave him, but he wouldn't go back into the tunnels. He just kept sitting on my foot everytime we stopped to beam up, so we brought him back up with us. He's become the ship's mascot, and my unofficial pet. He's always running around somewhere, or hugging my leg. He's really cute, and very faithful. We had a contest to name him, basically the crew gathered in The Bar and we shouted out random names. Someone shouted out Jeff and he burnt into the deck that he liked it, so we named him Jeff. I've included some pics of Jeff, as well as some shots of my adventures, including one of a collapsing Trinary star. We were very lucky to come across that, we only had a few hours to study it before all three collapsed at once. I knew you would appreciate those images.

Give my best to Dad. I truly hope he feels better. Let me know if you try Luawra's remedy, she has loads more she's eager to suggest.

Love you guys and miss you loads.

Lots of love.


A Romulan Strike Team, Missing Farmers and an ancient base on a Klingon Border world. But what connects them? Find out in my First Foundary mission: 'The Jeroan Farmer Escapade'

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# 7 A week with Counselor sh'Raul
08-27-2012, 08:04 AM
Monday, 0827 hours

Commander sh'Raul replied calmly, without a trace of emotion in his voice. "Do you at least understand the dilemma here? Clearly not. Starfleet is a military organization, yes, but our goal is not the utter and complete annihilation of anyone and everyone who opposes our values."

Ensign Smith visibly shuddered. "But the Tholians ambushed us while we were in Federation space. They deserved to die. Our Captain is weak."

"I think it's safe to say that everyone on the ship agrees that the Tholians were in the wrong, and the Captain did the right thing defending us and disabling their ships. Do you remember how we left them? Both ships had main propulsion and weapons systems disabled. One ship had multiple hull breaches and was being evacuated. You honestly believe the Captain was wrong in offering our assistance? You would rather have us slaughter them while they were defenseless?"

"How else will we teach them a lesson?"

"Alright, let's talk about lessons. What is your background in, Ensign?"

"I have a doctorate in reptilian anatomy, sir."

Checkmate. "And I have a doctorate in clinical psychology, and a second one in pantheistic religions. So let me explain this to you. Leaving the Tholians alive was an act of mercy. We don't want to make them extinct - we just want to have a peaceful coexistence. There is no rational reason to destroy ships full of sentient beings just because you are mad at them. I think you must have suffered an injustice from another race as a child, perhaps from the Borg or Klingons?"

"Well, actually..."


Wednesday, 1449 hours

"Lieutenant, Pahkwa-thanh traditions have intrinsic value, but you also have to respect your shipmates. Asking someone to surrender their arm because you are starving and the staff meeting is running late is taking things too far. Do you agree?"

Mehn shifted his weight and wagged his tail around. "I don't see the problem. It was just a joke."

"So here's a joke for you. I like eating lizards. You look like one. Do you want to be barbecued or roasted?"


Thursday, 2317 hours

A low chime on his padd alerted sh'Raul to a new message. This one is marked personal with a copy sent to the Captain. Great, another late-night complaint! With a shake of his head, he tried to push cynicism aside and give Lieutenant Beckett a chance. After all, he'd only spoken to Beckett twice.


I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your grief management session two nights ago. Yes, I was under the Captain's orders to talk to you, but I had no orders to like what you had to offer.

I was ashamed to show up, but the brief introductory remarks calmed me down. I thought we were in the holodeck because of the mood lighting, so I was completely shocked when you announced that the rest of our night was to be spent playing an old Earth game called bowling. Did you know that my fiance liked that, or was it just a lucky guess? Either way, I now have a support group. You have earned my trust.



Saturday, 1805 hours

The senior staff poker game had just started. sh'Raul was anxious to get things underway - it was his birthday, and he never really liked celebrating himself. His life was dedicated to helping people, but for some reason, self-esteem was hard to come by personally.

Chief Engineer Raul Jarvis stopped shuffling and reached under the table. "It's only fitting that we take a minute to celebrate the work that sh'Raul is doing on our lovely ship. Yes, we know it's your birthday, and we know that you appreciate written correspondence more than the 'electronic garbage' you are bombarded with." Jarvis dumped a stack of papers on the table, right where the bets go. "These are from the crew. You are appreciated more than you know. Take your time in reading them when you get back to your quarters. Happy birthday!"

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# 8 Goshen A'nar's Crew Request
08-27-2012, 01:35 PM
The newly minted Andorian captain of the USS Olympic, Goshen A'nar, handed Admiral Demetri Macciocca a PADD. The Admiral took it from him and thumbed it on. He glanced at its contents, before asking, "What's this?"

Goshen smiled as he replied, "These are the officers that I have selected for my bridge crew."

Admiral Macciocca looked began to scroll through them.

First Officer / Chief Engineer

Name: Marok
Species: Vulcan
Homeworld: Vulcanis Lunar Colony.
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Rank: Commander
Division: Engineering
Speciality: Warp Theory & Application
Status: Married to T'Prell
SI Background Check: During his marriage ritual to T'Prell, the Vulcan Priest that bound them together stole a portion of their emotional control to help him deal with his undiagnosed Bendii Syndrome. As a result, Marok's emotions are much closer to the surface. He is known to exhibit occasional emotional outbursts that are dramatic by Vulcan standards. Marok joined Starfleet to seek out a solution to his ailment, while his wife seeks a solution on Vulcan. He?s a longtime friend of Goshen A'nar and they communicate with each other often.

Operations Officer
Name: Noebellor
Species: Denobulan
Homeworld: Denobulus
Sex: Male
Age: 44
Rank: Lieutenant
Division: Engineering / Operations
Speciality: Environmental Control Specialist
Status: Married to Zahtyr. Formerly married to Lyranex
SI Background Check: He is a competent engineer. He is confrontational for a Denobulan, and therefore prefers the company of aliens to that of his own people. He was undecided about a career choice and jumped from one job to another for many years. It was only after he left Denobulus and took a position on a Denobulan freighter, where he met his wife, Zahtyr (a Denobulan/Deltan) that he discovered happiness, self-control, and his competency for operations.

Science Officer
Name: Chell Brotha
Species: Bolian
Homeworld: Bolius
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Rank: Lt. Commander
Division: Science
Specialty: Degrees in multiple disciplines.
Status: Married with a wife and co-husband both are Starfleet Officers. They have one child, a daughter.
SI Background Check: Chell was a customer service representative for a telecomm company on Bolius, until he suffered from a mental breakdown after dealing with disgruntled customers day in and day out. He returned to vocational college, where he studied make-up and tattoo arts, but his artistic skills were not in demand. He joined Starfleet where he met his wife and co-husband. They had a child at the Academy, where he ended up taking night courses. He excelled at his studies and earned multiple degrees. Several Starfleet Captains entered into a bidding war to get him on their crew.

Helm Officer
Name: Lydia MacArthur
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Rank: Ensign
Division: Tactical
Speciality: Combat Flight Tactics & Shuttle Operations
Status: Single / Never Married
SI Background Check: She is adventurous and fearless and is a proficient pilot. She grew up on a ranch in Texas and grew up around animals. She maintains a very close relationship with her father. She is known to keep pets. She enjoys large animals that she can ride, and will attempt to ride anything that she is able to mount. She is qualified to fly a wide range of Federation craft and has been is a quick study learning the controls for any craft that she has not experienced before.

Admiral Macciocca closed the Padd and handed it back to Goshen. "It looks good, but I have some questions."

Goshen smiled, "What do you want to know?"

The Admiral's expression turned serious. "How did you manage to convince Chell to join your crew?"

Goshen laughed before explaining. "I offered him a promotion to Lt. Commander, made him my Chief Science Officer, and gave his wife and co-husband positions onboard the Olympic."

Admiral Macciocca leaned back in his chair. "Do you think he's ready for that responsibility?"

"Have you seen his transcripts from the Academy? He can teach there. Besides, I'm not a complete slouch when it comes to the sciences."

"I'm impressed." The Admiral thought for a moment, before he asked, "However, your crew is a little light. I don't see a Tactical Officer, Security Chief, or a Doctor on that list."

"I'm still looking for the Tactical Officer and Security Chief. It?s down to a handful of candidates, but I haven't gotten them down yet."

"Alright. You need to make your decision before you leave on Friday, and I don?t need to remind you that it's already, late Tuesday afternoon."

"I know. I'll have my decision made soon enough,? Goshen replied confidently.

"But what about your doctor," Admiral Macciocca asked again.

Goshen's smile grew larger. "That?s what I wanted to talk to you about."

The Admiral grew suspicious and the expression on his face showed his concern in its wrinkles. "What is it?"

"You still owe me one from this weekend's poker game."

Admiral Macciocca didn't like where this was heading.

"I want Dr. Boocht," Goshen replied, knowing full well that he had the Admiral by the short hairs.

"That's out of the question. Starfleet Intelligence assigned him to Starbase 36 under my command," Demetri responded, shaking his head in disapproval.

"According to Boocht, he's due for ship duty in a few weeks. You could accelerate his reassignment and grant him permission to come aboard the Olympic."

The Admiral scowled. "You spoke to him?" He grunted and mumbled under his breath. "Of course you did." He sighed heavily and dreaded the paperwork that he now had to fill out in triplicate explaining to Starfleet Intelligence, why he had reassigned the Yattho doctor. He better come up with a convincing lie fast. "I'll put in the transfer request this afternoon. But, my debt to you is paid, and we won?t speak of that poker game ever again. Is that understood?"

Beaming, Goshen replied, "Yes, sir!" He turned and walked out of the Admiral's office content that he had gotten everything he wanted. This was turning out to be a great day.
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08-27-2012, 03:58 PM
Captain's Log: Stardate 88639.4

I'm still having trouble sleeping. I suppose that's to be expected after having a large shard of Console removed from your chest. Luckily for me it missed anything vital and I'll only be in sickbay another day. While on a routine systems check I was down in engineering visiting with Chief Devon Fine and her "new assistant" Wraith. The Boy had been spending enough helping out down there that I figured we might as well make it official. At least this way he has an "official" reason to be on board. Everything was getting along fine until we had a plasma relay blow. There were a few burns and some minor cuts, but I'd managed to take the worst of it. It's funny that they say life flashes before you in times like this, but I've found it's just given me time to think. Thoughts about my ships, my life, and mostly my crew. The brave souls that have made me proud time and time again. It's not the first time I've been injured but I had to admit it was the first time I'd been so sentimental after. I'm sure E'Saul would find this "most intriguing".

A majority of the crew had been put together by Admiral Aviess, an old friend I used to serve under on the Icarus. She needed a crew that she could trust and with Section 31, trust was everything. She insisted on at least 3 Vulcans on the senior staff. Dr. E'Saul was first choice. She's both the ships chief medical officer as well as the councilor. She could have had her pick of assignments and she choose the frontlines as it were. She's a funny woman, in both senses of the word. She has a dry wit to her, not an out right sense of humor, but a definite sarcasm that makes her stand out from the usual Vulcan. She's in her late eighties but being Vulcan looks much younger. Her husband of 40 years resides on Vulcan as a priest. Both of them are the religious sort as it were, believing in the power of logic. Personally I don't get it but she's proven herself as more than capable. Her bedside manner though is as cold and logical as to be expected though. Her Nurse Pruz, or "Fizi" as everyone calls her, at least has been making up for that during my stay. Fizi herself is a Betazoid. She started off her medical career as E'Saul's assistant, both medically and psychologically. I suppose getting her was a bit of a package deal as well as a win/win. She's enthusiastic as much as she is empathic, so she was the perfect or "logical" choice as the doctor put it. E'Saul says it would be illogical to have to train a new assistant, but deep down I'm sure she wouldn't want any one else.

Mr. Sabin and Commander T'Pal are both top of their class at the Vulcan academy. More of the typical Vulcan mentality. T'Pal is My first officer, she's of the tactical mind much as myself. We tend to compliment each other in terms of planning away missions as well as any combat situation. Sabin himself is the ship science officer. While a little dull, even by Vulcan standards he's got a grasp of things I myself will never fully understand. Give me a phaser and I can turn the tide of battle, give that man a tricorder and there isn't an anomaly he can't explain. Well, at least to any body other than myself. Each have their own interests, Sabin spends his time with botany. He keeps several small plants in his quarters that require precision and careful maintenance. T'Pal is actually a remarkable cook. She's fascinated by the various forms of cuisine from various cultures. They both claim that instead of being a hobby as most crew would, it is a form of meditation. If I didn't know any better I'd almost think that there were a little more human the longer they're on board.

It's nice to see that even the famous attitude of Vulcans can be broken for a little personal down time. I wish the same could be said about two of my other officers. The Borg. More specifically my chief engineer Devon Fine and one Simon Edison. It's hard to drag them away from their work, even when ordered. Both were liberated from the collective years after assimilation. Both stand as two sides of the Liberation coin. Devon is in her late twenties and was only in the collective for 2 years. She was a maintenance drone, retaining all knowledge from her time on a Tac Cube which is how I was able to get her position as chief. She's a cute one, and the younger crew take notice. Both smart and friendly it took her little time to earn her position as well as the respect of her coworkers. She's even taken Wraith under her wing in terms of giving him purpose on the ship as well as integrating him into the crew. She's got a pale tone with a few minor implants showing on her face and over the length of her left arm. Poor Edison on the other hand had been assimilated roughly 9 years ago. He was a drone specialized for scientific research. His "modifications" were far more extensive. So much so that his implants were irreversible. He's a full drone and constant reminder of the horrors of the Borg. He's a quiet man who enjoys music and it pains me to see the way he walks the halls alone. He's a good crew man, but he keeps his distance. E'Saul says it's almost like he feels guilty for being a reminder of what he was instead of letting people see him for who he is. In time though, he will be just as much a part of this crew as any one.

Commander David Keating is my tactical officer. A military man through and through. I'd pulled him from his service in the MACO's. He's loyal to Starfleet and to this ship, but at times can come off a little rough. He works closely with head of security, an Andorian Zhen named Lelha Erhab. It's funny watching them work together. One is a hot headed Andorian and the other is a by the book man of regulations. David is my team leader on away team Alpha. His training ranges from general ground incursions to covert recon, and every thing else in between. We may not see eye to eye at times, but he will follow orders out of a mutual trust and respect, even on the few occasions it was for a cause he didn't agree too. A soldier like that is essential to the line of work the Geist finds herself in every now and then. Lelha on the other hand is a bit of a wild card. She's a hot head but tempered to match. No matter how mad she gets, she's fair. She handles ship wide security as well as can drink a Klingon under the table. A feat I'd seen here accomplish on numerous occasions. She's a piece of work, but the ships is always safe in her hands. Often times she'll make the punishment fit the crime. "A little added irony is all it takes to keep the crew in line" she'll tell me.

I shudder to think of the day that I'm no longer captain, but when it comes I know I'll be leaving it in good hands. Until then I know that I'm surrounded with people that I can count on. I trust each of them with my life as well as them trusting me with theirs. Given that each of these people have earned their place I can't really see this ship operating as well as it does with out them. They've pulled this ship and her crew through a lot of rough spots and frankly I'm proud of each and every one of them. Once I'm out of the medical bay maybe I'll see to it they all get some R&R or some time off to visit home. They've earned it.

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(I could literally take up an entire thread page with these, so I'll just put my first officers full one and footnotes for the others)

Name: Tenea Igriliv Lyryia
Species: Andorian (Thalish)
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer/Executive Officer

Personality: Remarkably light-hearted for an Andorian, spending 9 years in mixed company has caused her normally stoic and serious nature to soften slightly. Fellow Andorian crew-members view her with a level of disdain, considering her willingness to laugh or jest as a weakness. Her temper, however, is as short as ever. She finds herself in front of the Admiral regularly for striking crew-members or damaging equipment, her defense usually being summed up as a variation of "he/she/it" deserved it.


Born on Andoria to an extremely traditional family, Tenea hid herself on a Federation transport two days before her Remali'y to escape the inevitable arranged marriage that would have immediately followed. Discovered by an ensign upon arrival at Earth, she joined Starfleet to avoid being sent home (she lied about having completed her turning age ritual, and by the time they learned otherwise, the date had passed making her ?technically? an adult and eligible to complete her training)

Her Academy career was mostly uneventful, she was comfortably middle of her class and had avoided any serious altercation with the Klingon or Vulcan cadets, who angered her to no end. Her first assignment was the USS Thermopylae as a security member.

Following the Vega System encounter, she was serving as the temporary first officer, expected to last only until reaching space-dock, at which point she expected to return to being a regular security team member. She has been Mal'Doran's first officer ever since. Although offered commands of her own, she continually turns them down. She's made it clear she'd rather place her loyalty to her captain above personal career advancement.

Relations With Crewmembers:

Tenea and Nyerti are as close as friends can get at this point. They were roommates in the Academy and haven't separated since, an oddity considering Starfleet's policy of placing individuals in new situations in order to grow and develop them. She wears a simple platinum ring on her right antenna, a gift from Nyerti on graduation, a sign that their friendship is deeper than some courtships even. This is made even more apparent when you consider the fact that Val'Doran is the only person who regularly calms Tenea's temper before injuries occur and hasn't been struck herself since the Academy.

Her relations with the other crew-members varies, although she generally has a positive view of them, as evidenced by only sending one or two to sickbay per quarter.


T'Ryssa (yes, that T'Ryssa): Vulcan(-ish). Science Officer. Second Officer. (First-contact specialist, unofficially). With the Enterprise crew going their separate ways, Chen accepted a position onboard the Adrianople, incorrectly assuming it would be quieter and less dangerous than her previous assignments. She does find the oddity of the other crew members comforting. Much to her delight, then-Captain Mal'Doran's first action was to award her a small plaque commemorating her clotheless space flight from NGC 6281 to Maravel.

Noimo: Unjoined Trill. Chief Medical Officer. Knew she'd probably never be selected for a joining, she focused her efforts on joining Starfleet with the unspoken goal of besting the joined Trill (especially Dax). Cheerful, upbeat and almost childish behavior, the ships unofficial moral officer and usually the first questioned after an elaborate prank is discovered.

Sekketh: Vulcan. Chief Engineering Officer. Third Officer. A fast-paced officer, Sekketh has moved through the ranks at an alarmingly fast rate. The odds are very high that he will be offered his own command in the near future, and it is equally likely he will accept.

Five of Six: Borg (formerly human). Operations Manager. Found in the wreckage of a Borg probe, Noimo and the EMH were able to successfully remove most of her Borg implants. Her transition back to humanity was easier than Seven of Nine's since she was assimilated in her twenties and was only a drone for six years. She's expected to step into the Chief Engineer if and when Sekketh is offered his own command.

Kizdah: Klingon. Chief Security Officer. Joined the Federation when it became clear the KDF put honor above everything else to a foolish degree. His view is that honor without logic is as offensive as cowardice, as it results in meaningless deaths. Choosing the time and place of one's battles is more desirable than the archaic fighting to the death, damn the odds that prevails in Klingon thinking. During his first week, he and Tenea duelled in the holodeck, resulting in both of them spending a month in sickbay recovering from their injuries. The result is a mutual respect that manifests itself in barbed insults and harsh shoulder punches between the two.
Nyerti "Gadget" Val-Doran. Vice Admiral.
U.S.S Spellbound, Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer. NCC-92008.

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