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# 11 The Crew Pt 1
08-28-2012, 01:58 PM
In honor of our appointment as the Ship of Honor for Fleet Week on Betazed, I have been asked to submit a small blurb of this ship and her crew.

The USS Stellar Drift-A is the second ship of her name, and like her predecessor, a state-of-the-art science vessel. This time, however, of the Polaris class hull design instead of the Luna.

Gone are the experimental graviton emitter configuration, or bizarre deflector grid geometry. This new ship promises advances in sensor analysis, and deeper penetration into subspace using sensor scans. She can fly a little faster, a little longer, and her science labs are a bit more noteworthy. Also gone are the hull decorations that her predecessor sailed with proudly.

However, not gone are the faces, and tireless souls that made the first Stellar Drift the ship it became. My story tends to be told a lot in the media. These men, women, and transgendered species who have served so faithfully under my command have stories of their own, and many of them far more incredible than my own.

First Officer: Commander Sevak Sharp

Other than myself, I think the most well-known name on this vessel is that of my First Officer. She came aboard as Commander Sevak Kh?via, She is also known as Colonel Sevak Sharp of the V?Shar, though she tells me that her service with the V?Shar is finally over.

She was born in the city of Krishyyn on Vulcan and is the youngest child ,and only daughter of Professor Varek and Doctor Sumara Kh?via. Professor Varek was a philosophy professor at Starfleet Academy up until last year, and also my martial arts coach when I was a cadet. He was responsible for shaping me into the officer I am today.

Sevak and her brother Toval spent much of their youth on Earth as opposed to Vulcan. Varek and my father knew each other well from their service on the USS Cambridge, so they would come to visit at least once a year.

Varek and Sumara, wanted to explore different ways of living, and encouraged Sevak and Toval to find their own way. They also strayed so far from the Kohlinar, they felt that they would not be welcome on Vulcan.

Not that they weren?t logical, either, but they took a different approach on their view of emotion. They never completely suppressed their emotions, but used the power of meditation and self-reflection to control it. It was not uncustomary to see either of them smile, or Toval for that matter. It used to frighten people more than it would soothe them. In fact, I can remember more than one accusation from someone that they were Romulan instead of Vulcans.

Sevak was another story. She was never truly happy with her life on Earth, and despised me from the get-go. Oh, Varek and Sumara would encourage us to play together, but she would always go off by herself. She told me years later it was the clash of the two cultures that was too much for her. She was an alien on Earth, but also an alien on Vulcan because of her parents choice of not following the Kohlinar.

When she was older, she went to stay with her uncle Valan on Vulcan, and joined the V?Shar when she came of age. I saw her once my Junior year at the Academy at a Ultet match. In fact, she was the last opponent I faced before I was knocked out of the tournament, and then I saw her again after I graduated from the Academy.

We ran into each other only twice during the rest of the Dominion War, though both of us served fairly extensively on the front lines. The first time we saw each other was at Deep Space Five right before The Battle of Galla Pass. Well, and a holding cell the next night. That fight nearly ended her career, and nearly got me masted, but I think there was more on Captain Rawlings? mind than the shenanigans of two young officers.

The second time we saw each other was after the Liberation of Betazed. Sevak had been on the ground for nearly eight months with the rest of her unit trying to secure the planet. The war also took its toll on her parents, as did the death of Toval in 2378. The family moved to Vulcan shortly after and took up residence in the mountains near Krishyyn.

Her role in Starfleet, and amongst my crew has been met with controversy. She was assigned to my crew at first as a member of Starfleet and as my Chief of Security, but it was later revealed to me by Admiral Olio that she had been acting under orders by both the V?Shar and Starfleet Intelligence as an observer. Despite my loyalty to Starfleet even living on Romulus and my marriage to Ynala, Starfleet still felt suspicious enough, and wanted their spy to be someone that I would be familiar with.

Even as we had gotten older, Sevak and I always remained standoffish towards each other. The 25th Century was no different. In fact, she was colder and much more argumentative than she had been before. She took orders just fine, but there was always a twinge of sarcasm with her that made working with her extremely difficult.

Admittedly, however, I wasn't easy to get along with either. Sevak and I share the same failing in that we are both very prideful sometimes, and that pride often turns into vanity. That vanity turns into stubbornness. We will both hold onto anger, grief, sorrow, even happiness until it eats us alive. With that, it is difficult for either of us to talk when something is bothering us.

Counselor Malela, and my daughter Vaihuu, suggested that we spend more time together to try and work out our differences. Well, it wasn't really a suggestion, it was more of an order.

At first it was difficult. We argued frequently, and there were a few challenges on the Ultet mat, but in time we started to talk more, and formed more of a friendly bond.

However, it was an incident at Starbase 24 that really changed everything. I know everyone in the fleet is familiar with that godforsaken starbase, but this was a particularly nasty raid. The Klingons had gotten onto the Starbase, and had occupied most of it. We had gotten ambushed in a corridor near the cargo bay and were making a retreat when Sevak got separated from the away team.

I ordered Kala, Soral, and Thol to lay down cover fire, and made my way to her. By the time I got to her, however, she had been injured severely. I was able to kill a warrior before he got her, and did what I could to patch her wounds, but they were too severe even for the medical kit that I had on me. The ship was mired in combat around the station, so we couldn't be beamed back right away. I remember watching helplessly as she slowly started to slip away thinking how much I had come to depend on her, not just on the ship but in my private life.

It felt like an eternity before my away team got to us, but they did, and Soral helped me stabilize her. Eventually, reinforcements arrived and we were able to beam back to the Drift. After that, Sevak became a little less rough around the edges, and told me that she had begun to understand what her father had tried to teach her.

Our weekly sparring and meditiation sessions turned into dinners, or we'd take in a play that some of my junior officers would put on, or one of Ziri's concerts. Next thing you know.

There was controversy over that, too. Especially after Soral and Kala disappeared and Sevak was promoted to First Officer. Some of the junior officers tried to call favoritism, but in reality she was the next in the line of succession. Though, I had enlisted help from Admiral Retchelle Alvarez at the JAG office. I offered to step down as Commanding Officer, and transfer to another department, but Retchelle insisted that I remain aboard as a show of good faith, so long as I didn't let my personal feelings interfere with my duties.

I will admit it has been difficult sometimes to separate the two, but I feel I have done a good job, and the crew have seemed to accept the arrangement.

Sevak and I married last year on Earth, with most of my senior staff in attendance. There are no plans on anything further, and Vaihuu I think already accepted her before we became involved.

Sevak has recently returned to the crew after being on special assignment.

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# 12 The Crew 2
08-28-2012, 02:02 PM
Operations Officer: Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Thol Eglyph

My Second Officer, and beloved Operations Officer hails to us from Andoria. Prior to serving with Thol, I served with one other Andorian, but it was very briefly, so I was none too familiar with them or their customs.

Despite his seemingly surly exterior Thol can be best described as a teddy bear. He is also a whiz when it comes to manipulating force fields and dispatching damage control teams when the ship is under heavy fire. Some would say it would be because of my tendency of taking my ship into places it shouldn?t go, but I would say it actually comes from his service on the USS Firebaugh.

Captain Tavis was a name I knew even when I was a cadet, and of all the commanders I had ever met or read about, he was the one that could test the limits of a ship. Perhaps why Starfleet gave him a star cruiser.

He still managed to nearly tear his ship apart, though. In fact, as the original Stellar Drift pulled out of spacedock, Firebaugh was moored next to it undergoing extensive hull repair after he had gotten too close to what he described as a thicket of Klingon warships.

Thol?s parents never served in Starfleet, but Thol says he learned his skills as an engineer from helping out a family friend at the local shuttlepad. In addition to directing traffic, the two of them would also sometimes be asked to perform maintenance on various systems. He also took inspiration from his grandfather, who served aboard the USS Boxot as a damage control engineer, his cousin Joran who served on the Enterprise-E as a power grid engineer, and one of his ancestors had been a Lieutenant in the Andorian Guard when Andoria ratified the Federation charter.

As different ship types would come in, he would read about them, and larger ships and began to wonder what it was like to fix each of them. He tells me that's what really inspired him to join Starfleet.

In addition to ship systems, he is a brilliant mind, with an incredible grasp on subatomic physics, subspace mechanics, and he is an excellent tactician.

He also makes a wonderful Andorian Mint Souffle.

His niece, Captain Daphne Suari is an officer under my command and just took the helm of the USS Frontier.
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# 13 The Crew 3
08-28-2012, 02:10 PM
Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Zoymu:

Zoymu is another one of the teddy bears on my staff. With his reflective eyes; pale blue iridescent skin; and spikes across his face he is certainly an imposing fellow, especially for first time patients in sickbay.

However, he is perhaps the nicest man I have ever met. He is Alhalan by birth although ethnically half Alhalan and half Thraxis. He only lived a very small part of his life on Alhala Prime. Due to the fact it is a hotly contested world on the outer reaches of Romulan space, his family fled when he and his siblings were young and claimed asylum within the Federation.

He has since lived most of his life on the planet Xrixis VII, which is a low-light colony in the heart of Federation space. In fact, for species like his who are more comfortable with higher levels of violet light as opposed to yellow or orange, it is marketed as a resort colony.

Despite the frequency in which Alhala Prime is besieged, Alhalans culturally are a very worldly, upbeat, and optimistic people. Being on a Federation colony nurtured much of this aspect of Alhalan culture. His mother was a school teacher on Xrixis, and his father was a well known painter. Zoymu has inherited much of his father?s talents as well.

There aren?t many Alhalans serving within the Federation, though he is one of two on my ship, and I believe at last report the highest ranking Alhalan in Starfleet.

Zoymu likes to credit his service in Starfleet to his desire to use his hands to help others in addition to painting pictures.

Counselor: Lieutenant Commander Malela:

I mentioned one other Alhalan aboard my ship. Malela is the other. She originally came aboard as my head nurse, but two years ago asked me if she could do something more than be in sickbay, and so I placed her on the bridge as my science officer. Recently, however, she has decided to change her career path to Ship's Counselor. Since she is a valued field officer already, Starfleet Academy is allowing her study while on board, and I've allowed her a chance to work with the other staff. It has been one of my best decisions yet, and I don?t think she could be any happier.

Unlike Zoymu, Malela grew up on Alhala Prime, but after the Romulans had seized it. She is a mixed breed of Alhalan and something else. I don?t remember what. It?s not Romulan. Her parents were owners of a grocery store in the capital city of Shryzz. There she became familiar with different herbs and spices sold in the store and their various medicinal properties. She would advertise these to customers in order to gain sales, and sometimes when fighting between rebels and Romulan soldiers would get bloody, she would take them from the store and use them to heal others.

When she was a teenager, Alhala Prime briefly gained independence from the Romulan Star Empire and she used the time to apply to Starfleet Academy. She said she didn?t dare try the Imperial Science Academy since she felt the Romulans use their medical personnel as doctors of death.

After she entered the Academy, she became interested in many different other sciences, so many in fact that her mentor had to limit her subject matter lest she be held back in graduating.

Very recently Malela has started dating my best sensor technician.
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# 14 The Crew 4
08-28-2012, 02:28 PM
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Ziri Olio:

Ziri is another officer that has sort of risen through the ranks aboard the Stellar Drift. She is Bolian by ethnicity, but grew up on Earth in the city of Visalia, California. She has four other siblings, three of which are also in Starfleet.

Ziri is the youngest daughter of my long time friend, and indirect commanding officer, Admiral Zot Olio of Starfleet Intelligence. Unlike him, however, she is less of a tactician and more of a tinkerer.

She started off as a power grid specialist, assigned to me out of the Academy, and out of spacedock to help correct EPS power conduit problems caused after we fixed the graviton radiation problem on the old ship. She proved so useful, however, in optimizing power flow, and fixing other minor problems around the ship that weren?t even power grid related issues, that I decided to keep her aboard.

Lieutenant Commander Kala Lahal, who was my Chief Engineer at the time, very quickly fell in love with the girl, and appointed her second in command.

Tragically, late last year, a shuttle containing Kala my former first officer, Commander Soral, and their son disappeared while en route to Bajor. The loss hit us all very hard, and Ziri at first was hesitant to take command.

However, with some encouragement from myself, her father, and from Kala?s mother, she accepted the position of Chief Engineer. In that position she has been dedicated, hardworking, and genuinely loves her job. She is the kind of officer that would be inside a Jeffries tube with a roll of duct tape and twine just to keep the ship alive. In fact, I just had the honor of presenting Ziri with a decoration for valor for crawling into a radiation-filled compartment to repair a plasma leak after we had been hit by an isolytic charge.

Malela likes to refer to Ziri as the lifeline of the ship. Not just in that she is good with engineering, but she normally very optimistic, good-natured, and silly. Despite all of the terrible things that have happened in the past several years aboard this ship, she has become a symbol of comfort to the rest of the crew. When she isn't smiling, or singing down a corridor, someone usually comes and gets me.

Speaking of her singing, it is her biggest hobby. She was a member of the Academy Choir, and the Academy Jazz Singers when she was a cadet, and it is not uncommon to hear her singing while she is on duty. According to my engineering staff, she is particularly fond of Jeffries Tube 1 Junction 3-Bravo on Deck 12, but that could be just because the main power grid is located in that area.

She recently sang for a Malcorian diplomatic delegation, and she also sang at my wedding. Though, she tells me she likes singing opera and more classical tunes just fine, she is more fond of pop music classics of the 20th Century, and symphonic rock.

Ziri is married to a senior, command-level officer under my command, Captain Liara Bain, commanding officer of the USS Orca. The two met at the Academy in Quantum Theory 101. According to Captain Bain, she was less skilled in that subject, and Ziri offered to tutor her. The two became fast friends, and rest happened from there.

Ziri recently returned from maternity leave where she gave birth to the couple?s first child, a little girl named Xalia.
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# 15 The Crew 5
08-28-2012, 02:54 PM
Chief of Navigation: Lieutenant Commander Falor Kal:

Next to Sevak, Thol, Falor is the next longest-tenured member of my original bridge staff. He hails from the planet Betazed, and yes he drives the ship, and very competently I might add.

He also, begrudgingly, has the nickname in my household of, ?son-in-law.? Or will once he and Vaihuu get married next fall.

I jest. Falor is a very humble young man, and unlike a lot of other helm officers in Starfleet that I know of, especially ones commanding science ships with names ending in ellar Drift, he does not come from racing pilot, space jockey sort of past.

He is to be honest, a very quiet, easy-going, hum drum sort of guy, which also makes me wonder what he is doing with Vaihuu.

However, he is very intelligent and takes orders very well. In fact, sometimes too well, since he tends not to question me when I am know I am pushing the ship too far.

Since he has been keeping his romance with my daughter a secret so long, he came across to me as sort of a homebody. He would stay in his quarters most of the time, and be rather anti-social sometimes. So, in that, I don?t know much about himself, or his hobbies. He is also very happy as a senior officer and not a command-level officer. Which makes me a little sad in that he would be an easy first choice for the USS Tigershark when it comes off the line.

Chief Science Officer: Commander Araja Enree:

Araja comes to this ship by way of personal recommendation from Sevak. She is a former Omega Force officer that has recently transferred to fleet duties. She served with Sevak and others from Starfleet Intelligence, the V?Shar, the MACOs, you name it, in various joint operations. The most recent one being an incursion on Nukara Prime, in which both she and Sevak were severely injured defending a downed shuttlecraft.

Being a joined Trill, Commander Enree possesses a unique amount of knowledge, making her an excellent scientist. She has taken over for Malela at my science console.

The adjustment to space life for Araja hasn?t been easy. She is not accustomed to some of the delicious meals that Chief Isheiya prepares for us, and she is not used to the more casual way we go about our lives. I think she also disapproves of my relationship with Sevak.

However, she has not complained, and follows my orders without question.

In her off hours, she really likes metal sculpting, and contact sports. She told me recently she has found an appreciation for rugby.

Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security: Lieutenant David Rawlings III:

Last but not least is the latest arrival, Lieutenant David Rawlings. He is a recent Academy graduate, and the grandson of my first commanding officer, the late Captain David Rawlings. He is also a spitting image of the man I knew.

Though his grandfather was an engineer by trade, David was inspired by his grandfather?s accomplishments in Starfleet and joined.

I will admit to losing touch with Captain Rawlings? family since my return to the 25th Century, so I am still getting to know David. What I do know of him, however, reminds me a lot of Will Riker. He is a brilliant tactician, and very much a cowboy. Sometimes too much of a cowboy, but I have faith he will mature into a fine officer.

There are many more faces among my crew, and they are all a family to me, but these are my department heads. I look forward to many more years aboard this ship.

--End Log Entry and Saved
V. Adm. Kim Sharp
USS Stellar Drift, NCC-92883-A

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Lt. Commander
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Addressed to:
Pihla Linti
Oivi Uki Street 124
12516ET Asunto
Defera Prime
Defera System
Orellius Sector Block

Dear Linti,

It's just another day on the bridge of the U.S.S. Yeager as usual, missing you. But it seems to be different. I don't know why but I feel uneasy, as if something might happen at any time, something bad.

Something bad?, I hear you think. Was the war with the Breen not bad enough? We seem to have seen the worst of it now. It took me two years of frustration before Starfleet command agreed to send us here, but now we are here, we have helped the Deferi defeat the Breen and all is quiet again.

So what could happen, with the Starfleet Orellius task force here? I don't know, it's just a feeling. It feels unbalanced, you know that feeling?
Anyway, if something happens, the good news is we are here. It seems Starfleet wants to keep us around for an extended period of time. Which is good, I love being so near to you.

So what is going on here? I see the Admiral being busy, a coming ang going in his Ready room. The other day someone thought I was him! A Klingon, not very balanced. He shouted: "Admiral Rauno!". I turned and he saw his mistake. And he added:"All you Deferi look alike". Very charming, very balanced.

I wonder if the people here think we are all alike. I have the suspicion the Admiral doesn?t promote me to Lieutenant-Commander just because he does not want people to think a Deferi gets special treatment. But I suppose I would do the same, it?s in the interest of balance.

Speaking of balance, there is little balance here on the bridge. Starfleet does not believe in separating the different species, it?s a good thing, but not always easy.

Our First Officer, Thelan, is an Andorian. Very tough, very strict. He runs a tight ship, that?s for sure, and I think we all fear him a little. But, when you least expect it, he shows a softer side. I remember him testing me. He knew what happened to me in Starfleet Academy, remember when I refused to do the Kobayashi Maru test because I felt it was unbalanced? And I received an official disciplinary measure? He just kept going on about it, how he could not trust me because I would choose balance over orders. It was frustrating and so unfair of Thelan because I was punished for that at the Academy already. Then, one day, I confronted him. I said: ?Sir, I feel you treat me unfairly by punishing me for my problem at the Academy, I deserve a fair chance and I deserve your trust. And if you can?t give me that, you should transfer me.? He looked at me like he was going to pull my head off my body. Then he said: ?Vesku, I personally selected you to become my helmsman because I need someone who will stand up for his principles when he is treated unfairly. I see I made the right choice.? I will never forget that. I gained a lot of respect for Thelan that day.

And then there is Lieutenant Commander Eclia, our Chief Engineer. She is Bolian and I if I could choose a department to work in, it would be hers. I swear Linti, if it was not for her blue skin and the lack of a Harja I would swear she was Deferi. Such balance. There is nothing she would not do for her people, it is almost as if she works for them. I remember how there was an impending warp core breach last year after a skirmish with the Breen. The warp core was critical. It could go off any time and needed to be reset. She ordered all her people out so she could close the security hatches and do the job herself. And you know what? The whole shift refused to leave, so much do they love her. And the balance was there that day for they fixed the problem. Admiral Rauno was not pleased for he could have lost most of his engineers all at once, but he felt it was balanced to let it go. I agreed with that.

But my best friend is Lieutenant Commander Marcus, he?s a Betazoid, and our Chief Science Officer. We have the same shifts and we always have breakfast together. You know why I think he likes me? He says he can?t read my thoughts. Something about the Deferi brain being impervious to being probed. I never knew that. But I think it is comforting for him having a friend that he can?t catch in having bad thoughts about him. I wouldn?t anyway, that would not be balanced. But our bond is deeper. I never told you, but during the war with the Breen we were on an away-team together once. Just him and me, checking out a cave system for possible refugees. We received a signal that the Yeager had to leave to intercept a Breen raiding party and we would be stranded for a few hours. And just at that time it turned out there was a whole company of Breen there, hidden. They hunted us through those caves and we had to remain hidden for hours in a pit. Marcus felt great hate with the Breen and was sure they would kill us if they found us. So we stayed quiet, even when the sun went away and we were freezing. Shivering, we whispered each other our life stories to forget the cold. I remember that moment like it happened yesterday. We were rescued eventually and we were friends ever since.

There is so much more to tell, but apparently things are happening now, they are really busy at the science station. I need to go. I just wanted to say I love you. I hope you and your parents are all in good balance.

Love, Vesku

---Only minutes after this letter was sent, a subspace portal opened in the Defera System and a Borg cube appeared. The Deferi-Borg war began. The U.S.S. Yeager was one of the first Starships to engage the Borg cube. The Starship was destroyed and five hundred and fifty two crew members were assimilated, only three escaped. Vesku, and all persons mentioned in Vesku's letter (excluding Admiral Rauno) were never seen again. ---

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Senior Officers of U.S.S. Discovery (NCC-92999)
(Sovereign-class Assault Cruiser)

Commanding Officer
Human male

[See separate entry]

First Officer / Tactical Officer
Andorian shen

"Tala" is as passionate and fierce as any Klingon; Sinclair sometimes calls her "my pirate queen," to which she usually responds with a dangerous grin. She is equally adept at the tactical console or leading an away team. She will (reluctantly) play it cool when orders and/or circumstances require it, but prefers to throw herself into battle. There is a strong mutual attraction between her and Kyle, but they have so far refused to act on or even openly acknowledge it; not only is he her commanding officer, she is already part of an Andorian qavni (quad marriage). She is an accomplished watercolor artist and calligrapher.

During a visit to Andoria, Rintala introduced her captain to her bondmates. Evras (thaan) was cordial, while Dirnan (chaan) was as suspicious as he is of all non-Andorians, and Kayna (zhen) was neutral, only wishing that Tala would spend more time at home. The children were very curious and enthusiastic, but had to be reminded that "pinkskin" was not something they should call a guest (Dirnan disagreed on this point).

Chief Engineer
Human male

If one were to pick one adjective to describe Discovery's chief engineer, it would have to be "big": big man, big smiles, big heart. Though best known for his friendliness and irresistible charisma, he can be quite intimidating on the few occasions he needs to be. He and Sinclair hit it off immediately, with none of the difficulties the captain had with his last chief; his men practically worship him. Sullivan's usual reply to orders is a confident, "We'll get it done, sir." He enjoys historical holonovels, hockey (he coaches the ship's team), and playing jazz trumpet.

Sully is a family man, with a wife, two young daughters and an infant son accompanying him on board. Anyone who threatens them will see a very different side of him.

Lt. Commander LISSA ADRAY
Science Officer
Trill female

Practical yet insightful, and a good listener, Adray has helped "ground" her friend and captain on many occasions and is often the one to come up with other options when something isn't working. Her field is astrophysics, specializing in subspace phenomena; she was a sensor operator on the Osiris before being thrust into the role of acting science officer. Lissa never sought Joining, which she feels is too deep and permanent a commitment; she'd rather remain the person she is and live her own life. She cooks as a hobby, preferring its spontaneity and uncertainty to the sameness of replicated food.

Adray recently acquired an unlikely-seeming partner in the kitchen: the Vulcan chef Stonn, who she initially assumed would be as precise and unvarying as any replicator. She was surprised (and embarrassed) to discover his commitment to the philosophy of IDIC, as expressed in the art and science of cooking.

Lt. Commander OLIM VAN
Chief Medical Officer
Bolian male

Discovery's doctor is known for his excellent bedside manner and positive attitude in the worst of situations. He is a constant talker, engaging patients in a line of cheerful and sympathetic patter while diagnosing and treating their injuries; any questions or orders to subordinates are slipped smoothly into the endless stream of words, as are any necessary hyposprays, etc. The effect can be as potent and soothing as anesthezine; crew members often find themselves drifting off to sleep on a biobed or standing outside sickbay again before they quite realize they've been healed, let alone exactly when or how. If someone doesn't respond well to such treatment, he can sometimes become hurt and huffy in turn, but seems incapable of holding a grudge for long. He dabbles in botany, and talks to the plants too.

Dr. Van once talked his way out of a hostage situation in sickbay, distracting and then incapacitating the most belligerent of his captors before persuading the remaining, less fanatical members of the group to surrender.

Operations Officer
Vulcan male

Sarat is a model Vulcan: polite, inquisitive, logical. He is a very sensitive touch-telepath, with an esper rating in the top percentile for Vulcans; he habitually wears gloves while on duty to avoid inadvertant contact with fellow officers or psychometric incidents from handling equipment. A note in his file actually forbids him from coming within ten light years of the Galactic Barrier; his captain is fond of describing this as a "restraining order." He enjoys, or rather, "appreciates" strategy games of all sorts.

Mr. Sarat was instrumental in clearing his captain of a murder charge. Though initially convinced of his own guilt, but unable to explain why he did it, Sinclair began to notice inconsistencies in his memory of the event. A mind meld with Sarat established that this was a false memory implanted by the real murderer, also a telepath.

Flight Controller
Cardassian male

Jemod grew up on post-war Cardassia, determined to make something of himself. To that end, he enlisted in Starfleet, starting out as a shuttle pilot and quickly moving up to the helm of a starship. He is an expert hand-to-hand combatant; in contrast to Tala's flamboyant combat style, he favors quick, brutal takedowns. He has a keen sense of black comedy, with a sarcastic quip for almost any situation. He is often found on the holodeck, running sparring programs or hang-gliding; he is also an expert poker player.

Jemod was recently contacted by a childhood friend who had joined the True Way and attempted to recruit him also, to "stop living off Federation charity and reclaim the past glories of Cardassia." Jemod, who has a more jaded view of that glorious past, refused and was eventually forced to kill his former friend to prevent an act of terrorism - something for which he offers neither excuses nor apology.
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The U.S.S. Athena (NCC-92935), Odyssey class, approximately 2300 hours, Ready room

Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot sighed to himself as he once again began to look over the 1st Assault fleet's personnel roster. Ever since he had signed on with them as their head of recruitment, he often found himself staying up well past when his duty shift ended managing the fleets new additions. He turned his chair towards the window and began to idly think about those with whom he had served over the course of his career. His bridge crew had changed on several occasions due to promotions, reassignments, and casualties. It was at this thought that he turned back to his console and began to look through the personnel files for his current senior staff.

First officer and Chief Science officer

Commander Ibalei Valot (formally Ibalei Zera); Trill; Female

Commander Ibalei Valot was widely considered to be a likely candidate to be joined with a symbiote. But when the opprotunity arose, she turned it down, saying that she "wanted to be her own person" and instead signed up for training at Starfleet Academy. It was here that she met Bryan Mitchel Valot. Bryan was en route to class while Ibalei was going to the courtyard when the two collided. The two remained in contact through the Academy, and she even served as Bryan's First officer during the Kobayashi Maru Test. The two were separated after graduation, with Bryan being assigned to the ShiKhar class U.S.S. Nemesis, while Ibalei was assigned to the U.S.S. London. Later, after Bryan had been officially promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given command of the Nemesis, he had her reassigned to his command, where he nominated her as his first officer.
She still serves as Bryan's First officer and Chief Science officer onboard the Odyssey class battleship U.S.S. Athena. She is well respected by the crew, as she is calm, patient, and very firendly. However, she is also a very excellant tactical officer, often coming up with ideas that none of the other tactical Officers on the Athena would have even thought of. Bryan and Ibalei were recently married in a private ceremony on the Athena. This raised serious issues regarding why Bryan chose her as his First officer, but whenever he's questioned on the topic, he'll say that the two had not had any romantic relationship prior to his assignment to the Athena, and, even then, the two of them never let their relationship come before their duty to Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. The two presently have no children and don't currently have any plans for any, however they both have been quoted as saying that that could change. One of her most notable features is her eyes, which are a distinct grey color.

Chief of Engineering
Lieutenant Commander Six of Nine; Human (Borg); Female

Six of Nine was formally a Borg drone. No records of her previous life are available. Her record begins at the Vega system, where she was knocked unconscious by a phaser blast from Valot while he was assisting aboard the U.S.S. Khitomer. In the aftermath of the Vega incident, she was discovered to have been cut off from the Collective, and was no longer under their control. As soon as she was able, Six enlisted in Starfleet as an Engineer. rather than putting her through the usual training, however, she was immediately given her commission as an Ensign. It was her that requested her that requested assignment to Bryan's command. He chose her to be his chief of Engineering, a position she has held ever since.
She is currently still assigned to Bryan's command, serving as the Chief of Engineering on the U.S.S. Athena. She is very unlike most other Liberated Borg in that she is more friendly, and interacts with the crew more. A small portion of the crew is a little wary of her. However, most do seem to respect her and think that she is a good person.

Chief of Operations
Lieutenant Syfil; Vulcan; Male

Lieutenant Syfil was the most recent addition to Bryan's crew, being assigned to him while he commanded the U.S.S. Ares, a hybrid Star Cruiser type vessel. Previously, he served aboard several ships as an operations officer, including the U.S.S. Nobel, which had been previously rescued by Bryan and his crew. His was assigned to Bryan's command after the U.S.S. Nobel was brought back to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards for a refit for deep space exploration.
The Lieutenant does not interact with the crew much, and often spends his off-duty hours meditating. Those in the Ops department of the Athena, however, that he is an excellent leader for his department. They often talk to him about issues that arise that Bryan is unable to resolve, and he will aid them to the best of his ability. He is quoted as saying "It is only logical that a crew that has higher moral will always preform better and more efficiently than a crew that does not."

Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Syiseda Dinirtra; Betazoid; Female

Lieutenant Dinirtra was assigned to Bryan when he was in command of the Dakota class U.S.S. Omega at the rank of commander. As the Omega was her first assignment, she didn't expect to stay there longer than a few months before she was promoted and reassigned. As it turned out, Bryan was more than satisfied with her performance as a medical officer, not only promoting her, but also recommending that she stay under his command as the Chief medical officer.
She is still presently posted to Bryan's command and many of the crew will say nothing but positive comments on her friendly treatment of anyone who is sent to sickbay for any reason. She is warm-hearted, outgoing, and very personable. She is currently rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Mckenzie Lennis, a Human woman who serves as the second in command of engineering, but none of the other officers on the Athena will ever confirm or deny it.

Chief Tactical officer
Lieutenant Commander Kerry Avalrez; Human; Female

Kerry Avalrez was assigned to Bryan when he was assigned command of the Excalibur class U.S.S. Invincible. She had some experience serving on board U.S.S. Reliant, a Typhoon class vessel, before the ship was severely damaged on the Klingon front defending a Federation deep space outpost. In the aftermath, she was assigned to Bryan's staff when he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Shortly after her assignment, she was nominated to be the Chief Tactical officer due to her prior experience on the Reliant.
She is often regarded as slightly obsessive compulsive, as she almost never takes any time away from her duties to relax. Whenever she's off duty, she'll often be found planning, analyzing tactical data, or managing her duty rosters. On shore leave, she'll often be found fine-tuning the ship's targeting systems and making sure the weapons themselves are functioning at optimal capacity. Bryan, whenver asked about her odd devotion to duty, will simply say "Well, the ship is always running at optimal capability due in no small part to Avalrez's hard work, so I'm not going to complain." He does often tell her to take more time off, however.

Chief of Security
Lieutenant Justin Bronder; Human; Male

Justin's family has had a long history with Starfleet, tracing their history all the way back to the Columbia NX-02. Continuing with the family tradition, Justin signed up for Starfleet academy. When he graduated, he was assigned to the Dakota U.S.S. Omega as a security officer. When Bryan later received command of the Omega, Justin stayed on board, commenting that he would rather be on board a familiar ship than stay with his previous captain and move to a new one. When Bryan transferred off of the Omega, Justin this time transferred off as well. It was at this time that Bryan promoted him and gave him his current position as chief of security.
Justin is regarded as very quiet and polite, quite the opposite of some others on his security staff. However, whenever he is on an away mission, protecting the ship against intruders, or launching a boarding action on an enemy vessel, he becomes tough, vocal, and very aggressive. Justin regarded as an excellent leader, and is often complimented by the other security personnel on the Athena for his ability to get his entire team out alive, no matter the circumstances He is currently married, with a wife and two daughters living on Earth.

It was after he finished with reading the last of his senior staff when Ibalei walked in.
"Hey, sir," she smiled, walking up to his desk, "You should take a break."
"Just a minute," Bryan replied as he closed down the personnel files. "All right, what did you have in mind?"
"Well, I hear Rulian down in the bar managed to acquire a crate of Romulan Ale..."
"Sounds like a plan," he said, smiling silightly as he looked into her beautiful grey eyes, "I could really use a break."
With that, the two of them walked out of the ready room. Around four months later,They made an announcement that would change their lives, as well as the lives of their families, forever.
Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot
Commanding officer: Odyssey class U.S.S. Athena
Admiral of the 1st Assault Fleet
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WOW! I am really, really impressed! These are some great officer backstories, and for those of you who had not had a chance to flesh them out before, I hope you enjoyed doing so

I am going to unsticky this challenge as I prepare to post #27, but feel free to still contribute if you have not had a chance yet.


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