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08-22-2012, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by jg2112 View Post
Another thing that probably isn't going to be mass produced in 10 years and if it is it's probably going to be expensive.
They said the same thing about cell phones. And computers. And iPads. And iPods. And Airplanes. And helicopters. And Television. And Trains. And internal combustion engines. And Lightbulbs. And the Telegraph. And the internet. And... need I continue?
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08-22-2012, 08:41 PM
Well let's just hope someone shows interest in the project and develops it further. As above-posted, you never know if this will become a future practical vehicle given another half-century of development.

Or maybe a couple centuries and we'd have something like this: -

There's also another hover bike here that was home-built by a helo pilot powered by a BMW engine:

He also has a website with quite detailed specs.
Hover-bike website

Homebuilt bike raised $76k USD but I'm thinking the one covered on Gizmodo did the right thing to try and get military attention on the project. Can you imagine the leapfrog progress it can get given DoD funding... lol.

Additional details on tech: -

Here is how the NACA duct in the shrouded fan design helps rotor efficiency. Notice how the airflow is sucked into the fan from outside the rotor diameter.

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08-26-2012, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara View Post
The only problem with the speeder bike with fans below the rider is how to dismount in an emergency - you'd probably become mincemeat from going into the rotors. Oops.
As far as keeping people and objects from falling into the rotor blades goes, you could probably do like is done on ventilation fans and put a wire grille over the intake opening of the duct.

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