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# 1 Starship weapon sets.
08-22-2012, 08:59 AM
Right i have tactical toon and im vice admeral so i have a high level tactical ship with 4 weapon slots at the front and 3 at the rear.
Currently im using dual beam banks, heavy cannons, quantum torpedos and a tricobolt device launcher as fore weapons and 2 beam arrays and transphasic mines as aft weapons.

My quesion is; what is the best weapon set i could use for maximum damage and effective dps? It seems everyone else is carving through enemys with ease, i dont have much trouble with killing eneemys it just seems like everyone else is much more powerful.

Any and all advice is welcome and id be happy to give more information if its needed to answer my query.
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08-22-2012, 09:23 AM
4 weapons in the front, 3 aft is an Escort. You're using beam based weapons which is why you're seeing so much of a difference.

Try switching to Dual Cannons or Dual Heavy Cannons x3 in the front with one quantum torpedo and 3 turrets in the back.

Make sure all energy weapons are the same energy type (Phaser, disruptor, etc) so you can field the same tactical consoles (Phaser Relay x4 for example gives a much higher bonus than Pre-Fire chamber x4).

Make sure your tactical boffs have at least CRF2 or CRF3 and or CSV2 or CSV3. Preferably two copies of either one.

These alone will show an instant jump in your dps. But to give a full evaluation, we would need to know your entire skill tree, ship type, boff layout, and weapons/items on the ship.

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08-22-2012, 10:31 AM
Thanks il give that a go, i have dedicated myself to one energy type and that has improved and i think i will go for the dual heavy cannons x3, but about the turrets, ive tryed them before and they didnt seem to have much effect due to theyre low dps, was i too hasty to replace them? As for equipment il change that to boost my weapons after ive changed them and my skill tree is going to be changed once ive eaned the Z points to buy a retraining token.
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08-22-2012, 12:48 PM
The reason you use turrets over anything else on an escort is because of the 360 degree coverage that they have. They increase your forward facing firepower and they are affected by cannon boff skills. As an escort you should be able to have the enemy in your gunsights about 80-90% of the time due to their high turn rates.

[Unrepentant] Lapo@overlapo: the problem with space STF
is that you can't properly teabag your defeated opponent

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08-23-2012, 01:20 PM
Yeah daiouvegeta2 is correct. There area couple options for skills to go with however. You can user higher cannon skills, or use attack pattern buff/debuffs. (I prefer the attack Patterns)

(Geared towards Attack Patterns)
High Yield 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1, Torp Spread 3, Attack Pattern Beta 3
Tactical Team 1, Rapid Fire 1, Scatter Volley 2

(Geared towards Cannon abilities)
High yield 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Rapid Fire 2, Scatter Volley 3
Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1 , Torp Spread 3

For your engineering and science officers you'll want to go with...

Engineering (Engineering Team, Emergency power to shields, (reverse shield polarity if possible)

Science - Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitters 2 (MUST have for STF's)

Polarize Hull helps to escape tractor beams and gives defense buff.

Hazard Emitters puts out plasma fires, stops shield neutralizers, and gives large hull heal over time.

(Tactical team 1 is also an STF must have to clear Borg boarding parties)

You'll also want a couple doff's to go with this if possible

(These are VERY useful)
Energy Weapons Officer - Reduce cooldown to cannon - Special abilities
Conn Officer - Reduce cooldown to tactical team and debuff
Nurse - Improve crew regen rate by 100%+ depending on rarity when crew is below 75% in combat
Maintenance Officer - Reduce cooldown on engineering Team and buff

More info on this in "How to spec your escort for max DPS in STF's" thread in the same forum"

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