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# 1 Combat log parsers
10-11-2012, 11:21 AM
Hi there,

I'm new to the whole combat log parser idea and I've recently been giving it a try (Using ACT with the STO plugin).

Any suggestions on which parser program is best for STO?

Also, can anybody suggest what aspects of the logs should I be looking at in particular - I'm mostly interested in perfecting my PvE/STF performance.

I was quite pleasantly surprised to find, that in a run of infected elite, during a couple of alpha strikes, my DPS peaked at 26K (Buffed of course with APA, APO1, CRF3 & FoMM together).

For reference, I'm a tac in a fleet patrol escort.

Any tips or ideas for a log newb would be gratefully received!

Admiral Tuwud - High Commissioner, UFP Peace Corps Sigma Red

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