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# 1 Recluse and weapon type
08-23-2012, 07:58 AM
From the threads I've skimmed here in the yards, I've noticed a tendency for recluse captains to load tetryon weapons (either plain or the phased) on the recluse. I was wondering if anyone has tried polaron weapons (even the tetryon-polaron combination from boldly they rode) as a complement to the power draining torps?

Yeah, I realize that this may "neuter" the console some (but it's still quite the effective fighter-booster), but I'm also half tempted to pop that console and just run with PD and Borg as my universal consoles...
Yes, I'm going here. Iconic / "hero" ships, I'm talking Galaxy/Defiant/Intrepid here you TNG-era fans, get a T6 version, then ALL the hero ships (Connie, Miranda, NX, etc.) need one too. I'm a ToS fan, and proud of it. This is a themepark, let me enjoy my ride or none of us deserve one...

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