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I have a question in regards to the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser. I am approaching Rear Admiral pretty soon, and I'd thought I ask your output on a fitting, so I can prepare when I hit Level 50. I like getting my hands dirty when it comes to either PvE or PvP (I'd mostly prefer PvPing, lol).

Anyways, um...What would be a good fit for the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser? I am more into forwarding the Aft and Rear Weapons(Of your suggested choice), also rerouting the science and engineering consoles to maximum shield integrity, and upgrade the tactical console in order to boost the performance of my Aft and Rear weapons, like they were on steroids.

Any suggestions???
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08-25-2012, 03:44 PM
I'll just say this, please don't hate me for it, but if you're looking at PvP, I would recommend against using an Oddy, and that you should just use a Sovereign. I have found that the Odessey (anything) Class Cruiser is not very good in PvP. It's fat, slow, and really can't turn to save it's life. Literally. It's an amazing ship for PvE, since it's shields refuse to go down, and when they do, it refuses to die, but in PvP, I'm sorry to say that most escorts/raptors will tear you a new one.

However, if after all this you still would like to use an Oddy Tac Cruiser, I give you props, since I personally rather like the Odessey, and here's a build I would recommend:


3 Beam Arrays MK XII [Acc] [Crth] [Crtd]
1 Torpedo Launcher [Acc] [Crth] [Crtd]

3 Beam Arrays MK XII [Acc] [Crth] [Crtd]
1 Mine Launcher/Torpedo Launcher [Acc] [Crth] [Crtd] (with mine launcher you might want to go [Crtd]x2)

I don't give specific weapon types because that is based entirely on how you want to play. So if you want to be a douche with subsystems, Phasers are your best bet. You want to kill defenses, Disruptors. Hence why I am not giving specific weapon types.

Boff Setup is also your own thing, since that is dependent on playstyle. As for Doff, since you probably want damage, I would say Purple Energy Weapons Officers, and Purple Projectile Weapons Officers.

Other Equipment:

Shield Array: Maco Shield MK XII or Borg Reg Shielding OR Aegis Shield

Deflector: Maco Deflector MK XII or Borg Deflector or Aegis Deflector OR Positron Deflector MK XII [SIF] [EM] [StL]

Engine: Maco Engine MK XII or Borg Engine MK XII or Aegis Engine OR Combat Impulse Engines MK XII [Aux](x2) [Turn](x2) OR Efficient Impulse Engines (if you can find them at a high enough mark level).

Subspace Modulator (believe me, that extra defense can save your life)
Shield battery Large
Weapon Battery Large
Red Matter Device (if you can get it)


Engineering: Build to what you want to resist. I would recommend either Neutronium Alloy or Ablative Hull Armor with Monotanium Alloy. But this part is also kind of all you. But do NOT use RCS accelerator. You are going to have to come to terms with the fact you can't turn for beans, and another armor is far more useful than a little turn.

Tactical: Build to what you have equipped. Phasers get Phaser relay, Disruptors get Disruptor induction coil, etc etc. Also remember to boost your torpedo/mine launcher with one of those consoles, it's worth it.

Science: This one is tricky, I was never really good at science consoles lol. But I would recommend you get...
Power Insulator MK XII and/or Flow Capacitor MK XII and/or Inertial Dampeners MK XII
However I would HIGHLY recommend the Borg Assimilated Module

I know there are a lot of holes and open comments in this post. But these are just recommendations and guidelines. So hopefully this helped.

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