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Hey everybody,

I've finally completed my B'Tran Cluster quest chains so i have a purp, blue and a green technician. I dont have Marion yet though, dont know if i'll ever get him. This build is mostly so i can see what A2B is all about. I have done done double epts double eptw builds before (no techs) as well as a bunch of cannon builds, but this will be my first A2B.


This ship is the 3rd project ship i am working on so gear will mostly stay as is. The only thing i'd be interested in hearing about is if you think assimilated space set would be better (which i'm curious about). Everything else like weapons and ship will stay the way they are.

My main concern is the boff layout and if its any good. Like i said its my first A2B build and i'm going off of what other A2B builds i've come across. I was debating running one tt1-apb1-apb2 and then faw1 on my tac boffs, but for now i'm planning on going tt1-faw-apb2 and then tt1. Remind i do have the 3 technicians (purple+blue+green) so i dont know if that would make a difference on how i should have my tac boffs.

let me know what you guys think
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# 2
11-12-2013, 10:56 PM
Pretty much. Stick with two tac teams until you get the full three purple techs, at which point you could switch one of them to torp spread 1... or leave it as tt1 for insurance.

One change I'd recommend is to use polarize hull 1 instead of tss1 on the sci ensign. You'll have close to minimum cooldown on RSP, which turns it into the strongest and best shield heal you have, and you're unlikely to need another.
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# 3
11-12-2013, 10:59 PM
ahh cool i will make the change to PE and i will remember the other thing for when i get the rest of my purp techs. Also same thing with FAW right? no need to run double copies? also my first time running techs of this quality and i've read that they make a lot of double copies unnecessary.
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# 4
11-12-2013, 11:04 PM
Boff layout looks fine. Since all your skills will be dropped to their global, doubling up won't do you any good anyways, so you can even drop the extra TT in favor of Spread (particularly for spam clearance). For shield, probably want to go Fleet Adaptive or Adapted MACO, since the standard MACO conflicts with your Plasmonic Leech. For Engine and Deflector, most people run the Borg for the 2-piece bonus, since this kind of ship is usually chronically short of heals.

Also if you're going to be doing a lot of Voth stuff, dropping the TSS for Science Team might also be handy (blasphemy, I know). ST conflicts with TT of course, but the tradeoff is that ST doesn't care what your aux level is at, has a shorter cooldown than TSS, and most importantly will let you clear all the Voth science spam and subnucs.
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# 5
11-13-2013, 02:20 AM
About the only gear i'm willing to get at this point for this character is assimilated space set X. This was my main from like a year or so ago so i have my Maco set from when it used to drop from STFs, but its just an alt now.

Another noobish question about how to cycle my abilities. When popping A2B i want to make sure that my aux power level is fairly high right? When i pop one it will dip close to 0 so if my next A2B becomes available it wouldnt make sense to pop it at 5-10 aux power. Since the power level raise to my w/s/e is dependant on on how much power i have in aux power when i pop A2B.
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# 6
11-13-2013, 05:19 AM
There's a 2 fold benefit about Aux2batt with technicians.

First is the boff ability cooldown reduction.

Second is the power transfer benefits. This is why I'd carry 2 stacks of Aux batteries if you don't have red matter capacitor.

Now some people abuse the first while disregarding the second.

What I do is wait an extra 5 seconds after Aux2batt is available and activate it after my EPTX is off CD. This will help replenish your Aux power in order to transfer more to your weapons and shields and engines. I don't set my Aux power very high. It's normally at 45 with weapons set to full.

Now when you're in trouble and need to heal I normally hit an Aux battery, then my HE1 and TSS2 for near maximum effect, then activate EPTX and Aux2batt. Obviously you're also activating your other abilities before Aux2batt also. For me the EPTX then Aux2batt gives me a short enough time to regain power but not let the Aux2batt go too long avaliable and therefore wasted.

Also with Dual Aux2batt and EPTW1 I would drop the Quantum for another AP beam array. You should be fine with the power drain and aren't running any torp buff skill anyway.

I would run the borg deflector and engines since an Aux2batt build is light on heals with an elite fleet resilient shields ResB.

If you are looking at PvP, I would consider changing the APB to APO1. If not APB is preferred.

GL and have fun .

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# 7
11-13-2013, 05:55 AM
Yah thats a good point about swapping out that last slot to another BA. Right now my weapon power is just going from 123/125 to 125/125, but it's just a blip. It's pretty cool, never seen weapon stay capped like that.
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# 8
11-13-2013, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by stonewbie View Post
Yah thats a good point about swapping out that last slot to another BA. Right now my weapon power is just going from 123/125 to 125/125, but it's just a blip. It's pretty cool, never seen weapon stay capped like that.
Yup that's called overcapping the weapon power. The same can be done with cannons but due to cannons misfiring if you activate any other ability AND diminishing returns on distance from target it's easier to utilize beams and their wider firing arc than DHC's especially on a cruiser.
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# 9
11-13-2013, 11:52 AM
How do you escape tractor beams without polarize hull or attack pattern omega?
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# 10
11-13-2013, 12:19 PM
OP: revised build for you

check the link, a bit of explanation:

if you are not using Marion, you dont need DEM, move RSP up, and get a EPTW for the bonus dmg. if you choose to use DEM, move back to EPTW1, and do not use EPTS, but EPTA instead. altho you do not get bonus dmg from having 75 energy in every system (and it would not push you above it), but EPTA is just handy in an A2B build (if it drains you fully, and you cannot A2B, with EPTA makes the build foolproof ).

get FAW3 with APB1. I am told by smarter ppl than me, that it works, and I am not going to argue with them ^^

as far as DOFFs go. get another purple technician and you are set. FAW and APB will be on their GCD, and you have place for 2 TTs (I do suggest getting romulan tacs for maximized dps). 3 purple technicians are an overkill.
get Marion, it does give you a nice dmg bonus, and you do have a place for DEM

the rest is your choice. I prefer a warfare specialist/conn officer (latter for PVP, also it makes 2 tacteams useless, so I can slot a BO1 ) + exocomp
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