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I'm not a fandboy of the KDF, and I don't even share the love of whinning of this specific group of players. Actually, I disagree with most of them, since I think that the KDF is really pretty enjoyable as it is. don't misunderstand me, it could be really better, but there are many advantages anyone should consider.

I've been seriously playing a KDF char in the last 15 days and I've learnt that:

- It's really easier to get a lot more dilithium than Feds. The KDF has more dailies, and they are usefull ones. There are many of them, but the most usefull are the one giving you dilithium for just killing npcs, turrets or enemy ships. You will complete that if you play only one STF a day. Yesterday, I completed my "turret killer" by playing cure ground elite, and I completed several dailies in the meantime. This STF allowed me to earn 2000 dil or so, instead of 1100. Do you want more dilithium? Go play KDF!

- It's easier to get energy credits. You can get a lot of contraband, my char is 10 days old and he has more than 100 units. I'm not marauding like crazy, just slotting marauding assignments once a day. And my doff roster is terrible, greens and whites only, so it should be a lot more interesting after several months. Which means 4M ec or more per week with a KDF character. Enjoy!

- The ships are different. No more puny cruisers or tanking ships. Raw DPS for everyone. Which means that PvE is a lot easier to achieve. Have fun!

- There are not many bad players or noobs on the KDF side. I've never seen in month a KDF character using a minigun in a STF, and I've seen a rainbow Bortasqu' once in 6 months. You won't see many tacs in cruisers either, which is the most obvious sign of noobiness ever. In KDF PvE queues, it's not rare to get twice as many fleetmarks as in PuG FED ones, and tacs are most of the time flying escorts.

- Their cruisers can use cannons.

- The KDF already has a genuine battlecruiser, named the Fleet Vor'cha. There is no need to moan for a battlecruiser, you can already get one if you play KDF. It's not unfair, it's just different. FEDs also get nice tanking ships KDFs don't have. You want to fly this beast? Get a KDF engineer!

- The KDF sets make sense. The Honor guard space one really is competitive with the borg set. It's just a lot more aggressive. The ground one also has a good pulsewave with a nice secondary attack. I'll let you find it out, it's pretty enjoyable.

- You can create a KDF toon for free.

- The KDF is in some ways a more complete and finely-worked faction than the Fed. eg: ESD looks like a cheap dirty work. Quo'nos doesn't.

So, if you want:
- A battlecruiser
- More dilithium
- More credits
- Better faction specific pugs
- A new good space set

Get a KDF char! I'm not advertising the faction because I have any interest in it, I'm just sharing my (short) experience of the faction. I used to thought it was useless before, but I changed my mind now. Don't lisetn to those complaining about the KDF. It's not just a bunch of moaners haunting the forums. It's a great faction to play, and a lot of new stuff to do.

Of course, there are some drawbacks:

- The episodes are boring and repetitive. That's definitely not an advantage or attractive at all. If you want good stories, keep a FED char somewhere. And 80% of the episodes were already playable as FED. You have to do the same missions twice. Thus, levelling a char isn't interesting at all. I guess most of us stopped playing the KDF because of this: this is boring. Really.

- The UI is red. Many things are red. It's way too aggressive and ugly, but the fans would be disappointed if it wasn't the case. More colors would be appreciated though, but I guess that if the UI gets fixed one day (dreams are allowed), it should be a lot better.

- Less ship choices. But it's definitely a completely new experience, and they are competitive with FED ones. Some are even better.

- You will wait a bit more in queues. Expect 2 more minutes to wait in some fleet actions. The KDF will teach you patience.

- Social maps have minor bug issues. But nothing big enough to complain about it.

So, don't trust those who complain about the KDF all the time on the forums. It's not as dark as they love to say it. We can have a lot of fun there, and you won't see many people raging like they do here on the forums. And once you'll have level-uped your char, you can have a lot of fun with it.

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08-23-2012, 11:01 AM
The only real reason why to play KDF is Orion Females. Anything else is icing on the cake.

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08-23-2012, 11:04 AM
This forum needs a reddit style karma system.

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# 4 Have to agree
08-23-2012, 11:07 AM
While i prefer fed side ive been playing kdf few days ant its intresting side but you certanly can earn more dilithium than the feds shame you can't transfer the dilithium, but for zen wise you could ear a fare wack in a month.

i might consider grind dilithiu in kfd and fed for me fm and gear.

see what else kdf side brings hope the story lines get better though the first few were a bit tacky in my opinion.

but the ships look better than fed too
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08-23-2012, 11:15 AM
I agree with pretty much everything you just said, having recently gone through the experience myself Except for one nitpick...

The story missions.

I do not agree that they are boring and repetitive. The KDF's unique missions are better than 75% of the Fed's missions (THOSE are boring/repetitive, in comparsion), and this is in addition to the FE's, which are great missions overall (even if they're just a skin of the Fed versions).

And this is coming from a guy who was all Fed until recently.
Was named Trek17, but still an author.

Been playing STO since Open Beta, and have never regarded anything as worse than 'meh'.
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08-23-2012, 11:24 AM
Saying the Tactical Officers Flying cruisers are noobs is idiotic Im sorry but this comes down to ship preference personally I have played my tac toon (fed) since headstart (pre-launch) in 2010 I have every reward since then on him I dont care about other classes so I fly all ships on him. That hardly makes me a noob.
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08-23-2012, 11:31 AM
Basic reasons to play KDF....

Better Ships
Better zen store consoles
More Dilithium
Better players overall
No annoyingly bright baby blue hud

However the number ONE reason to play a kdf? "But I'm a tact/tank in a cruiser, with healing spec blah blah blah" no you're not, because fed cruisers are a joke. However you can be all that in a Fleet Vor'cha and still do 7k dps. Fact. Best tanking ship in the game? Fleet Vor'cha, it has the ability to get agro, hold the agro, and you aren't taking it away in ANY fed cruiser. Fact.

I'm not a KDF fanboi either, I am just smart enough to see that KDF obviously have an advantage over Federation. Yes, Feds can still be /decent/ and even /awesome/ players. But as a whole KDF is better. I raced a friend of mine, he's a tact in an armitage I was using my kar'fi, to see who could break 10k dps first, he won. I'm not saying Feds suck, I'm simply saying, KDF has more advantages. *How did the Kar'fi do?* I never broke 9700 dps. If I'd have switched to toadie fighters I probably could have, but I prefer the advanced interceptors
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08-23-2012, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by votemittromney View Post
Saying the Tactical Officers Flying cruisers are noobs is idiotic Im sorry but this comes down to ship preference personally I have played my tac toon (fed) since headstart (pre-launch) in 2010 I have every reward since then on him I dont care about other classes so I fly all ships on him. That hardly makes me a noob.
Tacts in a cruiser do so much less dps than tacts in escorts. Don't argue with this because it's fact. You're giving up suvivability for damage in an escort yes. However, if you kill it first, it won't kill you is generally the best mentality. This being said, any tact with any build should be able to pull at least 5k dps or you're a waste of space.

I threw my tact in the Regent recently just to see how well she would do as a tact/cruiser build, keeping in mind I normally use the defiant-r, I wanted to see if a tact/cruiser build was viable. With her current setup she's doing an average of 6k dps per stf. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In her defiant she does 8k+ but that's neither here nor there. The test was just to prove that it /was/ possible to do some decent dps in a cruiser.

The test was done with some disruptor beams I had laying around when I tested a beam defiant build. 7 Mark 11 Disruptor beam arrays accx2+critd, 1 wide arc quantum, 3 rare mark 12 disruptor coils. Tact setup as TT1x2 APB1 FAW3. Running 2 conn doffs that buff tact team, borg space tholian *yeah I had a feeling i'd need it, but I'd still run over 5500 without it*, 2 Projectile doffs. You might even be able to squeeze more out if you change the FAW to APB2 or even TS3. It was just a quick test to see if a tact/cruiser was possible, I've parsed plenty that were full of suck. I will say if you're going to run a tact in a cruiser, the borg beams just aren't going to cut it, spend some money on the good stuff.
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I enjoy the KDF game play. I just got done playing him a good bit over the weekend and some this week. The interior of the ships is more combat/battle type which is good from the Fed. As it gives you a more sense of a combat vessel. I love the red look as they had it on the ships in the shows. The weapons on the Cruisers really outshines on the Feds. As you can pack cannons. Don't let me get a lock on you with the front of my ship. You will get a serious beating. KDF home is a real city on the ground. Not just a space station. Ground fighting is just as good. Want better equip a Bath'leth that you learn how to use from the start and use it in combat along with a gun of choice. My Klingon's blade has tasted many species and each one don't like it. I have yet to find one that can hold up to my blade hacking into them.

Like the others said the drawback is. Less missions so you don't get to level by just missions. So you have to do Duty Officers and explore the clusters to get you into the next level. And you don't have any planets you can patrol like you can on the Fed. Ships choices are somewhat limited and so is the outfits. So your kinda lean on options.

Yeah the KDF needs some work. But I'm getting by it and enjoy playing my KDF.

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I play kdf because i am a star trek fan and what the kdf does makes sence compared to the Feds.
The game isn't star trek on the fed side

What the kdf*is* doesn't make much sence, but that is another issue and entirely cryptics fault.

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